The RAREST username in Minecraft…

The RAREST username in Minecraft…

We explore what is the rarest username in Minecraft…

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28 Responses

  1. Adwertise says:

    Technically every username has an equal rarity, because you can get only one of each

    • dr [DATA EXPUNGED] says:

      And notchs user name still drops an apple i think

    • Iwastesting says:

      Rare and unique aren’t the same everyones name is unique if there’s only one of it’s kind but that doesn’t make it rare since it was easy to get A username like “Bye” is better than a Username like “MagesticPony8495” but if you rather have that second username then great I guess

    • Evralo Dee says:

      No other name with an effect , what about Grumm and dinnerbone lol

    • Maciej Lehr says:

      @Iwastesting You sure rare is the right word here? Rarity means infrequentcy, anti-oftenness, and every nickname could be said have the same chance to be found. Though technically the usernames of those who don’t play MC anymore are the rarest

    • Sulfur X says:

      That’s still not how probability works.

  2. SlowSorrow says:

    Deadmau’s skin had the special ears…

  3. JackTYM says:

    it actually is still in the game, at least as of Dream’s video with him. When killed, an apple separate from his loot is dropped

  4. KaiChi says:

    Fun fact, Notch still drops an apple, the line of code that did so was never removed. Examples of this are shown in the dream vs notch speedrun they did a few months back.

    • Hoe Zhi Wan says:

      @Tate Simonson Little more context may help. They agree to several rules so that they can keep the hunt interesting. And Dream will even pay them if they successfully kill him. Also, they play several times until they get a good run.

      All of those seem reasonable. I am not really a fan of Dream but fr people literally hating Dream for stupid reasons

    • Tate Simonson says:

      @Hoe Zhi Wan Cheating isn’t a stupid reason and he deserves everything coming his way

    • Hoe Zhi Wan says:

      @Tate Simonson Bro I literally just said the cheating wasn’t intentional. Everyone including the moderators forgave him.

    • Tate Simonson says:

      @Hoe Zhi Wan I love how your opinion is just so much better, I didn’t realize how holy and smart you are. I think he’s obviously a cheater, his records were never reinstated because they were bs so the mods of almost all speed run websites disagree with you

    • Hoe Zhi Wan says:

      @Tate Simonson I love your sarcastic tone. I love how you didn’t do any research before commenting.

      There was even a video made by Karl Jobst about how it was a mistake. The records obviously was never reinstated.

      But you literally just looking for fake reasons to be mad at him. You could even use the fact that his fanbase is toxic to make your case and I would agree with you.

      But noooo, you want to use your uninformed ass to make your unreasonable hate.

  5. DaddySauce父 says:

    “Ayo Notch I need an apple”

    “Just get it over with 😑”

  6. Bob Miller says:

    I might make a data pack that depending on someone’s username, when they are killed by a player, they will drop a item based on the username

  7. OSH says:

    DeadMaus. He had a special skin which you could only have with his username. It wasn’t a basic skin because it had protruding mouse ears. I’d say that’s a pretty solid pick.

  8. Toast Man says:

    Actually i think the notch apple thing is still in the game, i remember watching a short where they talked about it and showed dream and notch playing mc when dream killed notch he dropped a apple

  9. 0kamar says:

    I remember one guy had a special skin that gave him massive mouse ears that was attached to his username so that might be a close 2nd?

  10. ZippY says:

    “The rarest username is the one of the creator of the game”
    Well yeah that’d make since

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