The Real Ashley Madison

The Real Ashley Madison

The real Ashley Madison wants you to start a new love affair with the Atlanta Hawks.

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19 Responses

  1. Atlanta says:


  2. Kelvin Arnold says:

    lmao Harry The Hawk you a mess

  3. dapluva1 says:

    Harry is such a pimp?

  4. Terrence Walker says:

    Go Hawks!

  5. raphi809 says:

    the media people for the hawks have been killing it lately lol

  6. Colin Krumblez says:

    Go Hawks yeah !

  7. BrittishAnger says:

    Best advertising team in all of the NBA….#true2ATL…..

  8. Speedy says:


  9. Duck meister says:

    What a fantastic idea. However, I am dying to know what song is playing in
    the background. Is it just an in-house instrumental, or if its an actual
    song, what is the song? Thanks.

  10. Kingamer22 , says:

    i hate kyle korver,hes a white bitch

  11. NemRaps says:

    *dials number*

  12. Katrina Albaciete says:

    Sam and Nia you found the real Ashly Madison !

  13. nick says:

    Hawks always have the best media ideas

  14. Amie Bohannon says:

    This is so tasteless. How sad 🙁 sports is about integrity and
    sportsmanship to overcome insurmountable odds, this is a sad representation
    of basketball and the team.

    • Ryan Simmons says:

      +Amie Bohannon It’s more likely a joke. Is that you in the pic? If it is
      you’re cute 🙂 I don’t mean this is a bad way.

  15. 1zombie4v says:

    I just blew my wadd

  16. Alien Hive says:

    They want us to go on a date with a eagle 0:14

  17. Coldhard Truth says:


  18. Ishmail Dinkins says:

    what was that ???