The Real Donald Trump

The Real Donald Trump

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19 Responses

  1. Erik Fecher (NWNJOA) says:

    Jeb supporters, go home, you’re drunk. Besides people can change opinions.
    You aren’t stuck with your first opinion for life…

  2. Yousef Goldman says:

    +justelvin Agree. Trump is awesome.

  3. nader saremi says:

    This video actually made me like trump a little bit more.

  4. Heath Walker says:

    Thanks for helping Bernie Sanders win !! I thought from day 1 that Trump
    was an operative to help Hillary win. Trump is a great actor and has
    exposed what the GOP base is all about. It is because of establishment
    politics on both sides that Bernie will win.

  5. Richard Dominick says:

    nice try jeb… now away…

  6. John Hooper says:

    Jeb! You’re wasting your time. NOBODY WANT’S YOU. I live with the negative
    effects of illegal Mexican immigration without the insulation you enjoy.
    You don’t get it as you wax sentimental about the “act of love”. Fine. But
    you want to be the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES who cares about some 3rd
    world guy wanting to break our laws for his “act of love” I’m quite sure
    just about EVERY poor person in the world would want to show the same love
    by coming here. Trump understands that we want to leader to put US citizens

  7. Fireman17 says:

    Bush stop living in the past! We are voting for change cause that is what
    want not another Bush in official #Trump2016

  8. Evan Reynolds says:

    nice try ¡Jeb!

  9. bdk316 says:

    Jeb just doesnt get it… many want Trump in the race only to expose the
    progressive right… LIKE BUSH! Trump is doing that and we welcome it. Jeb
    can have his minions put up all the vids they want won’t change the fact
    that we know who he is and if anything he is Hillary-lite!

    If Jeb gets the nomination 2016 voter turnout will be lower than it was in

  10. Tactical Persuader says:

    Strangely I don’t give a damn, Trump 2016!

  11. Dan G says:


  12. Jan Kocbek says:

    Continue to make ‘conservative choices’ Jeb… Trump conserves good things
    and practices and just evolves. He’s the true conservative while you’ve
    been duped.

  13. ConstanceCox says:

    Fuck Jeb Bush.

  14. Andrew McGivern says:

    Nice try, Jeb – even your attack ads are low energy. This vid is
    horrendously done. Is his entire staff this inept? Jeb “Act of Love” Bush,
    and his incompetent campaign, is truly out of touch.

  15. Scott Stormer says:

    Jeb, you are terrible too so it’s weird to see us on the same side
    somewhere. But seriously, Trump is the worst.

  16. cbrabb says:

    OK, Jeb, then what about your history of being ‘Pro-Life’. What about
    Terry… the poor lady you allowed to starve to death?! You fucking
    hypocrite. What about the people you did not allow (arrests) to help save
    Terry? Hmm… you’re good at pointing out someone else’s flaws, and past
    connections to demons like Hillary… So let’s go ahead and see about you.
    Was your grandpa a skull and bones member, like your daddy and your brother
    G.W.? Was he also a great help to Margret Sanger in the beginnings of what
    became Planned Parenthood? Did your grandpa not also visit personally with
    Adolf Hitler, and help him with many issues? Wasn’t one of those issues
    your family lust for death through various eugenics programs, and wars, and
    torture chambers? Hmm… someone needs to come clean and deal with these,
    and many other issues – like how you used to be the bully in school – WAY
    before we allow you to become president… but then again, your masters and
    handlers will cover up for you, and your hundreds of millions of $ will pay
    for the Public Relations firms to cover for you and confuse voters with

    Yeah – Trump isn’t perfect either. But his skeletons are nothing compared
    to yours. You’re a vicious warmonger and liar.

  17. Michael Mannen says:

    go trump

  18. ERM MEH GERD says:

    jeb is a little shity turd… and rightfully so.

  19. OreoDog says:

    I don’t like either but really? Jeb’s campaign against Trump is to show how
    Trump compromises with the Democratic Party? God forbid this country
    compromises on anything! Jeb’s head must have been up his ass when he
    sponsored this pathetic slander.