The real reason Boeing’s new plane crashed twice

The real reason Boeing’s new plane crashed twice

This isn’t just a computer bug. It’s a scandal.

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Two Boeing airplanes have fallen out of the air and crashed in the past six months. On the surface, this is a technical failure. But the real story is about a company’s desire to beat their rival.

Read about Boeing’s efforts to get the 737 Max reinstated for flight here: is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what’s really driving the events in the headlines. Check out

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59 Responses

  1. Pax Webb says:

    It’s time to start sending multinational executives to jail. People need to be responsible for their decisions and the consequences of those decisions

    • PraiseTheSun20 says:

      Sending them to death*

    • Off_mah_lawn says:

      Starting with Wall Street

    • Sim Tard says:


    • Mcbeefatron says:

      Pax Webb calm down they were ACCIDENTS they happen. It was a design flaw, they have plagued air travel (and basically everything) since the beginning. The important thing is they are talking immediate actions to fix it

    • NatTheKiwi says:

      They shouldn’t be rolling dice with people’s lives in the first place. Planes are risky business. You can’t just do a sloppy job and then expect forgiveness when you act fast after people DIED T_T

  2. Killjoy26 says:

    “Hey let’s install a system that will make the plane nose down during flight and not tell anyone” brilliant idea.

    • Hal S says:

      +Ha Quang All the 737 Max pilot were trained on the new system in November after the Lion Air crash in late October. Your statements are no longer true for the Ethiopian crash last month.

    • Hal S says:

      +Tijtij There was mandatory retraining starting in early November 2018 for all 737 Max pilots. It wasnt word of mouth

    • Hal S says:

      +Auzor Boeing charged about $40K for the option which is cheap in aircraft terms. The change comes with new training and updated manuals and documentation for that added option. You cant just turn on the AoA system option for the pilots without a whole bunch of paperwork and training materials.

    • Hal S says:

      +Googlar That was only true for Lion Air. All the airlines got new manuals and training in Nov 18 and the FAA made it mandatory for all US airlines.

    • Hal S says:

      +Monas They sell lane crossing warnings, pedestrian avoidance, side airbags and other safety equipment as options for cars as well… whats your point?

  3. 230968 says:

    Even though I knew all the stuff your video contains, I watched it most intently. Congratulations for making this simple and informative video.

  4. BadGuyKryptonite says:

    Even with the “fix” I do not see how Boeing gets the travelling public to fly on this plane ever again.

    • Michelle Nino says:

      Worse has happened. For example the Airbus A320 was introduced to the public during an air show and it crash into the forest killing 3 people, 2 of which were young children. There was also much controversy surrounding the investigation as photos of the black boxes from the crash site looked different to the black boxes the investors presented causing people, including the captain of the plane to believe Airbus had intentionally sabotaged the black boxes to vindicate the pilots and ensure any flaws were hidden. Today the Airbus A320 is one of the most popular airplane used today. Though Boeing may lose a few million I hardly doubt the company will go to the point of bankruptcy. Boeing is known for fixing it’s mistakes and is one of the many reason why, along with Airbus, it’s still in business. Unlike other aircraft companies like MacDonald Douglas.

    • Will Will says:

      +Aleksandrs Skulte no he just being unbiased and showing that it’s funny how one company gets called out for in the other doesn’t

    • Aleksandrs Skulte says:

      +Will Will I’m not sure thats completely true. I think Airbus has gotten in trouble too.

    • CityFans says:

      Because it is still the safest way to travel. By far

    • daemonicpotato says:

      +Michelle Nino McDonnell Douglas also fixed design flaws, e.g. on the DC-10, but its reputation was irreparably tarnished other than in the eyes of its pilots, with whom it was immensely popular. MDD also constantly re-named and recycled the DC-9, which (with little fault on MDD’s side) had a bad safety record. They went for profit before safety and paid the price. Boeing has already lost around 5 billion in valuation, but it is not certain how it will go from here. I don’t think Boeing will go bankrupt because ultranationalist American sentiments won’t let it (they let MDD go under because there was another major American airplane manufacturer-Boeing-to buy its assets), but if it does happen, I’d call that justice. Why? Even basic knowledge of fluid mechanics will tell you that relocating the engine higher up into the wing will cause instability at high angles of attack. Disabling the software might avoid sensor-related problems, but then the plane has to contend with an increased risk of stalling until the MCAS is fixed and reactivated. Boeing DESIGNED AN INHERENTLY UNSTABLE PLANE AND TRIED TO COVER IT UP WITH SOFTWARE. Boeing was able to do this because it has become the spoiled brat of the aviation industry with MDD gone and the FAA anxious to support its competition with foreign manufacturers. They did this instead of designing an all-new plane (which may have regained market superiority for Boeing) for the sake of restoring profits “right here, right now” and on the cheap. That’s despicable no matter which way I look at it.

  5. MissNausicaa87 says:

    So many lives lost, because companies take shortcuts….just for profit. Wrong incentives, wrong outcomes.

    • kingdele01 says:

      Let’s keep a cool head! Boring didn’t address it intentionally. Also, the people who made the design decisions are probably no longer with the company. For instance their CEO & the whole top management, who made the decision concerning the aircraft, has changed a few years ago.

    • Ethan Schoen says:

      I agree with everything you said but also how many times do companies do stuff like this and nothing goes wrong? How are you supposed to know?

    • The Fidget Spinner Movie says:

      This doesn’t happen under communism.

    • Conservatards says:

      You’re right, the state wouldn’t pay out anything under communism and capitalist ‘saboteurs’ would take the blame.

      The Soviet Union had an abysmal air safety record for having some of the best aviation minds of all time.

    • TheFatDoggie Bet says:

      you should never be mad a someone for an accident

  6. Master Adit says:

    All those who died… may their soul RIP ?

  7. huuuuu says:

    Corporate greed… If you or I killed a person.. We go to jail.. They killed 100’s..why no jail.. Another corporate will again gamble with peoples lives.. If not punished.

  8. Fuel says:

    Wasting innocent lives all because of money.
    The human race is sickening.

    • Coldern Ice says:

      Im sure , the primates , will welcome you into their fold .

    • Rick Footson says:

      Story as old as time.

    • Katakuna Mo says:

      Yeah don’t be the type that reads an article about an individual committing a violent crime and then going “the human race is disgusting” no. It’s just that individual. This is just for future reference. It makes your points more valid if your claim isn’t so broad.

    • saraj00n says:

      It’s not the human race, but money. Money boosts the ego and makes people less sympathetic

  9. HitzCritz says:

    Heartbreaking to hear how Boeing had more thought on selling more planes over hundreds of lives :l

  10. Erick says:

    This video is super comprehensive, such an amazing work and great graphics, as usual.

  11. QUANTUM says:

    “Quick disable MCAS!”
    *Working on updates… 4%*

    • Anthony Brusca says:

      It’s literally two switches.

    • yuxuan qi says:

      +Anthony Brusca The problem is not turning it off, it takes 2 switch to turn it off, but you still need to use trim wheel to trim the horizontal stablizer back to normal angle so you can pull the plane back up. Trim by hand takes a lot longer than usual, and in low level flight, crew might not have enough time to do it.

  12. Important guy commenting says:

    Boeing: Ooops, sorry 300+ peple were killed my bad….

    • kingdele01 says:

      Who are the they, that you would Jail?
      – the engineers, who couldn’t foresee the problem
      – the executives, with limited technical knowledge
      – the suppliers of the failed sensors
      – the airlines who might have not maintained the sensors
      – the regulator, who couldn’t anticipate all possible issues
      – etc?

    • urwrong says:

      300 out of the hundreds of thousands that have used the plane. It’s not very dangerous at all.

    • Mathematical Ninja says:

      Tom money matters, Human lives are cheap

    • TheFatDoggie Bet says:

      no, they really dont. They didnt purposefully make the planes crash it was a computer error.

  13. Chicken Nugget says:

    As per usual, a problem doesn’t get discovered or fixed until mass death happens.

    • exsandgrounder says:

      Unfortunately it’s not always known how serious a problem is until it goes seriously wrong.

      Aviation is so safe now because of lessons learned from previous catastrophic failures, leading to improvements in design, manufacturing, servicing, communication between ground and cockpit and crew resource management.

    • Mohamad Nahas says:

      Chicken Nugget it wasn’t a problem, it was intentional oversight aswell as deception to gain market share.

    • itjustlookslikethis says:

      Like the De Havilland Comet????

    • TheFatDoggie Bet says:

      how would you want it to be discovered, and what other example can you name that has been discovered after mass death. (Not gun violence since thats not a fact but another opinion)

  14. Kojack says:

    Pilot’s fault- either jail time or you’re already dead

    Boeing’s fault- ehh…live an learn

  15. Azizmasud345 says:

    I think 737 max should be completely banned, and FAA should make a new rules stating that even a slightly updated/modified plane must go through all the testing phases

  16. isdaron says:

    This was extremely well explained. Thank you!

  17. T BZ says:

    An accelerometer with some software does not beat flawed engineering. Shameful!

    • Dylan Matheson says:

      I don’t think they’re accelerometers, I think they are air flow direction sensors on the exterior of the plane.

  18. IM V81 says:

    Corporate greed, Corrupt FAA, Lobbyists paybacks that’s how this plane was certified and rushed by the FAA.

    • kingdele01 says:

      Corrupt FAA?
      Have you ever interacted with them before?
      Do you know how many safe flight occur, worldwide, thanks to them?

      I’ve got news for you, they are not magicians. All they can do is use engineering judgement to make decisions.

  19. 00Billy says:

    single point failure. Lawyers field day.
    Software update being needed shows it was flawed by design.
    Another great brand falls.

  20. BipolarChihuahua says:

    Somebody on the design time was like:
    How about we add auto-crash?

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