The Real Reason Why Valerian Flopped At The Box Office

The Real Reason Why Valerian Flopped At The Box Office

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Things are not looking good for Luc Besson’s sci-fi epic Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. The expensive film was obliterated at the domestic box office in its opening weekend, falling in fifth place with only $17 million against a reported $180 million production budget. Considering the weight Besson’s name carries with sci-fi fans, many may be surprised to hear that his most recent outing had that much trouble finding an audience. However, there were actually quite a few warning signs that Valerian would fail. Here are the real reasons why Valerian was an intergalactic disappointment at the box office…

Little-known source material | 0:36
Story confusion | 1:16
Ho-hum reviews | 2:11
Up-and-coming actors | 2:50
Stiff competition | 3:20
Creative salvation? | 4:12

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20 Responses

  1. Looper says:

    Thanks for watching! Check us out everywhere else for more cool stuff:

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  2. Celtic Akuma says:

    Ok. I now why:
    -Use a singer as an actress.
    -Use a model as an actress.
    -Try to make a sci-fi but it looks like a young-adult film like mazerunner or hunger games.

  3. Yoda Man says:

    americans say theyre hungry for something that isnt a reboot or a sequel but when theyre offered that they dont watch it. fact is i didnt go to the theater to watch it. not because i wasnt interested but because i live in a rural area and the closest theater is 2 counties away. i will be renting possibly buying the digital release.

  4. blackfox1320 says:

    The two leads doomed this film; neither has any talent. Plus, there is something terribly off putting about having two teenage looking agents be the saviors. If two well known, established, adult actors were casted, there would be a significant difference in the quality of this project. Every time DeHaan talked I wanted to stab pencils in my ears with the stupid, tough guy voice he was trying to pull off. Simply dreadful.

  5. Kristyanna Virgona says:

    I saw it and I enjoyed it. I was 4 stars out of 5 in my book!

  6. s7yler says:

    This movie wasn’t a flop in Europe, here it’s a big success. It has great visual effects and a different kind of story.

  7. First World Facts says:

    It was a flop as soon as he cast that eyebrow model weirdo.

  8. 0rnami says:

    We say we want new, original films. We say we’re sick of the remakes. We say we’re sick of the reboots, the franchise installments, the shameless cash grabs. We claim to want something new. Something fresh. Something original. Something different. Something that has life in it. Something that takes risks, that tries things differently. Something that has creativity, energy, new ideas, something that was lovingly made. A passionate project from someone’s heart.
    We get Valerian.

    But the money talks louder.

    We pay to go see Transformers with our friends. We take our kids to see the Emoji movie. We rent The War for the Planet of the Apes on Blu-ray. We fill seats on opening day for Smurfs. We attend screenings for Despicable Me 19. We say one thing with our words and our keyboards, but our money says something completely different, and Hollywood is going to say “the money looks good, business is booming, ship out another cash grab”. And that is exactly what we’ll keep getting. We don’t want art. We don’t want entertainment. We, the masses, the hoard, want the cinematic equivalent of McDonalds, and we want it NOW.
    The least we could all do is stop pretending that it’s not true.

  9. Elektra Nachos says:

    Valerian will probably end up a cult film and have high viewership on DVD.

  10. Just Some Guy Ok says:

    Cause the trailer looked like shit and that actress only has one facial expression.

  11. zuleika camposano says:

    Cara Delevingne can’t act

  12. Kay D says:

    Why I didn’t wanna see this movie: Cara Delivigne

  13. 99signals says:

    Any movie that stars the talentless Cara Delevingne is box office poison.

  14. Claudio Rodrigues says:

    The Real Reason is : main actors are pretty kids and dont fit at all.

  15. Crescendyr says:

    Valerian failed because of the casting. Dane and Cara scream crap movie. It was dead before it ever released. I don’t know what Besson was thinking.

  16. Free Bee says:

    The lead actress is really unlikable.

  17. Azerty Azerty says:

    You are just jealous because Valerian is not a US movie…

  18. PumpkinLyd says:

    The film looked good but the two lead actors are not believable as heros in anyway. With their matchstick arms and legs I cant imagine how they could save anyone.

  19. gloryfiedrebel says:

    Plus the lead woman cannot act. Hands down the worst part of suicide squad. In the days when going to the cinema costs the best part of £20 and the film will be on sky or amazon in a few months, you have to really want to see a film. And she is a big turn off for me.

  20. Lean Gonzaga says:

    just when I saw cara delivigne was casted, I knew this film is going to flop.

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