The Real Reasons We Don’t Hear From Johnny Knoxville Anymore

The Real Reasons We Don’t Hear From Johnny Knoxville Anymore

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Johnny Knoxville burst onto the showbiz scene in 2000 as the de facto host of MTV’s Jackass, a strange, hysterically funny reality show that became a surprise smash hit and launched Knoxville to stardom. He followed it up with three hit Jackass movies and acting roles in several other films. And then Knoxville…pretty much up and vanished. Why? Here’s a look at the real reasons we don’t hear from Johnny Knoxville anymore…

He’s not much of an actor | 0:29
Wounded warrior | 1:17
A Jackass no more | 2:18
Ryan Dunn’s death | 2:49
Smaller projects | 3:35
Not the tabloid type | 4:10

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20 Responses

  1. Looper says:

    What project do you want to see Johnny Knoxville take on next?

  2. Grandtheflazlow39 says:

    Once again, great video Looper :)

  3. Roy keane says:

    Dukes of hazard was a great movie, who the fuck cares about critics. I take
    the average veiwers opinion over a critic

  4. lunchb0x1986 says:

    BTW bad grandpa was made with heaps of the Jackass crew involved.

  5. The place for Me to post stuff says:

    What are you talking about? The ringer is hilarious.

  6. Gavin x says:

    wait did he said last stand was a flop???? fucking love that movie

  7. Soul Chief says:

    I’m not even going to watch this,
    the man has been getting hit in the balls for 15 years…
    leave him be.

  8. Ugly Casanova says:

    I will always hate Amy Schuler (however you spell it) and her stupid face
    for her comments about Ryan during the Roast Of Charlie Sheen. Fuck you

  9. CultureCrash says:

    My penis hurts just thinking about his penis hurting

  10. Gabriel Torres says:

    I thought he did pretty good in walking tall with the rock.. ?

  11. Elcris4 says:

    The Ringer is an amazing movie!

  12. Nyikili says:

    Johnny has earned some timed for himself and family but any movie he is in
    I will watch

  13. Mark Schmidt says:

    If people actually watched “The Ringer” instead of judging because people
    find it “offensive” on the surface, they’d actually realize it’s a good
    movie that promotes equality and understanding for special needs people.

  14. AngryJT says:

    AAAH fuck I didn’t know about his dick breaking. Ow.

  15. Bobby Fett says:

    what do you mean “we don’t hear from johnny knoxville anymore?” bad grandpa
    was only three years ago, and since then he starred in ninja turtles and a
    movie with jackie chan. plus he’s done guest appearances on radio shows and
    late night talk shows too… we definitely hear from him

  16. Dave Cruddy says:

    I cant stop thinking about a broken penis.

  17. my name says:

    kinda sad he has to use a cathader every day just cus a stunt went wrong

  18. David Murphy says:

    The Ringer was hilarious

  19. Alana Corbella says:

    johnny has taken some massive hits for laughs and he deserves to do
    whatever the fuck he wants.

  20. Rayman ray says:

    This guy is a fucking living legend, end of