The REAL Story Behind Myths You Believed As A Kid

The REAL Story Behind Myths You Believed As A Kid

top 10 mysterious superstitions and the origin behind these tales
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Opening an umbrella indoors can still be considered dangerous today but the superstition of bad luck came from the Victorian times.
Umbrellas back then were built with wood, Baleen or metal frames, making them a much more heavy and clumsy mechanism.
The bulky and sharp spokes were accurately far more dangerous as they sprung open like a large wheel of dull knives.
Originating from ancient Egypt, anything shaping a triangle, such as the pyramids were considered sacred.

This was not limited to the triangle shape a ladder makes while leaning against a wall.

Walking through the triangular gap was thought to trap the spirit of the individual within the powerful grasp of the pyramids.
In ancient Greece, analyzing ones reflection in a bowl of water was done to predict their future, Distortion in the reflection was thought to damage the soul.

When mirrors were introduced, the unfixable breaking of a mirror was thought to disrupt a “7 year alternating cycles of health and sickness”

Thus cursing the individual to 7 years of disaster and grief until the soul can heal.
The black cat myth comes from many origins but earliest sources comes from ancient Egypt. Cats were thought to bring luck as well as take luck away.

When King Charles the 1st’s lucky pet black cat died, he bemoaned that his luck left with the cat.

The very next day, he was arrested and charged with high treason causing the belief that all black cats were more unlucky than lucky.

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  1. Brenda Diaz says:

    My favorite one was umbrella indoor is bad luck

  2. Wallace Collins says:

    if thats the case, then my soul no longer exists because i had walked under
    a ladder when i was three… later on i didn’t say god bless you to my mom
    who had sneezed. so i need to go all dark souls and start killin some
    people for their souls… or something like that.

  3. Cassandra Salvador says:

    I scream when I saw the scary face girl ……….. Now I can’t sleep! :(

  4. Taylor Swift biggest fan says:

    Ahh I’m scared now my lucky number is 13

  5. im bonny the bunny says:

    step on a crack brake ur mothers back is real I did that as a game 1day
    later my mom broke her back *I’m sorry mom*

  6. Jay Comix says:

    234,107th view!!! Wow! This is the earliest I’ve been!

  7. Parker Morris says:

    My brothers lucky number is 13

  8. candycookieswurl says:

    God bless you

    then a picture of a muslim?

    and btw I’m not saying I don’t like Muslims

  9. Mario Flowers says:


  10. Micheal lovesLegos says:

    i saw a black cat one time while riding my bike about 5 minutes later i was
    hit by a car.. no joke

  11. Kittykat 90162 says:

    I cross my fingers to keep away the cheese touch -____-

  12. island paradise says:

    A black cat crossing you path signifies that the animal is going somewhere.

  13. Aspenn Cry says:

    Every Friday the thirteenth I get hurt because I become extra paranoid and
    end up hurting myself by avoiding everything XD

  14. Fishing With Adrian says:

    what about the myth that Marilyn Manson had removed a set of ribs to suck
    his own penis

  15. Gaming Ed Life says:

    Im scared now!

  16. TurtlesAreHumansToo Msp says:

    well. i opened an umbrella indoors but no bad luck. Also broke a mirror.
    and no bad luck .i got scratched by a black cat when i was 4-5 and it
    didn’t hurt xD I’m a tough cookie. I crossed my fingers before. My teachers
    friend got bird dookie on her head an she is in the hospital. I stepped on
    cracks ALOT. The end..

  17. BombBurperZ says:

    How about the ultimate one: God.

  18. Crystal Winter says:

    FUN FACT:Loki is the 13th god. He is played by Tom who is now dating Taylor
    Swift. Taylor’s lucky number is 13.

  19. Abram Tryon says:

    God bless you came from the fact that you pass germs when sneezing and
    people thought the devil got to them and made them I’ll so saying God bless
    you kept you from possession

  20. DK Kempion says:

    There is no god.