The Rematch: GPD “Basketball Cop” brings HUGE backup as promised to street basketball game.

The Rematch: GPD “Basketball Cop” brings HUGE backup as promised to street basketball game.

You’ve all seen the video that started this all:

Now, watch what happens when Gainesville Police Officer Bobby White AKA “Basketball Cop” makes good on his promise to return with backup for a rematch.


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20 Responses

  1. Wattdwg17 says:

    Great Job Officer White, we need more great police officers like you.
    Please be safe and keep connecting to the community as you have shown here.

  2. JKSoles says:


  3. Jay Mac says:

    wack police photo op….shoot them same kids next week

  4. Doug Hanchard says:

    Yes Sir! +1

  5. Sahib S says:

    WOW! This is amazing.

  6. Kakashi Hatake says:

    “I made 700m as a youngster, you know how I did that? Being 7ft tall”

  7. nonabliss says:

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Officer Bobby White! and the
    entire Gainesville Police Dept.! Watching how you dealt with those young
    men warmed my heart to no end! I can’t stop crying! Thank you so much!
    and kudos to Shaq too!

  8. swapsplat says:

    “you can grow up to be whatever you want to be. i grew up in a neighborhood
    just like this.”

    Yeah, but you also grew up to 7 damn feet tall!

    still, great video, great role model. Shaq’s the man.

  9. Randy Ewing says:

    Awesome all the way around!!!

  10. Carlos Sullivan says:

    I did not tear up a bit

  11. YSL says:

    #HoopsNotCrime… I like it

  12. Brady Harmon says:

    not trying to get emotional or anything but this shit made me tear up..

  13. viernes de minecraft says:

    wuo i love

  14. Sean LaMountain says:

    Holy crap you’re shaneil oqueal!

  15. Huzaifa TJ says:

    Love this shoutout Compton

  16. Zionist Gamer says:

    these cops got some sick handles

  17. Marc Ferry says:

    This is good

  18. ibandon says:

    Imagine if that were Kanye he would’ve taken the ball and slam dunk on the
    little kids

  19. PoliticalSatire org says:

    Respect ?. Also Fuck Trump Bernie Sanders 2016! .

  20. Ignacio Nieto says:

    I once met Shaq’s nephew at a camp: His name is Evan