The Return of Eugenia Cooney

The Return of Eugenia Cooney

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“IDK” by Bruce Wiegner
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Videos Featured:

To Eugenia Cooney – Karuna Satori ASMR

How someone with an eating disorder feels – EnvyMaliceMIkki

Lets talk Eugenia Cooney – JohnWiebe

Phil Defranco

Eugenia Cooney is Saved. – Yoel Rekts

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29 Responses

  1. shane says:

    This video means so much to me. Thank you Eugenia for letting us in. I love you so much. :’) <3 go send her some love

  2. McKenzie Vereaux says:

    This mean ppl should stfu cause they’re the ones with no life. I’m glad she’s OK now I don’t even know her but I love her

    Is that Satori tho?
    Also I missed you Shane ❤️

  3. JessBakesAlot j says:

    1. Cried my eyes out.
    2. SO proud of Eugenia for every thing!!!
    3. I fkn love Shane with my whole heart. HBD Dad!!!!
    4. I’m so happy he used Bruce’s song!!!! Was so fitting!

  4. Hannah Hanks says:

    you’re an amazing person, Shane. We love you Eugenia, and are so happy you have found healing in your journey. ❤️

  5. Annabello4 says:

    I’ve never had an ed so i dont really know what are triggers but i’ve tried to structure the video roughly. The times will be full minutes but the actual scenes only start like 10 seconds before or after. I’ve also read that many people have gotten weight-loss ads on the video so please be careful with that.

    0:00 – 8:00 : Old videos, shane talking about the video, about his concern on Eugenia

    8:00 – 16:00 : shane talking to an expert about what to expect, what to avoid etc. (He takes medication in the beginning of the scene)

    16:00 – 19:00 : shane’s joking around with ryland, addresses his former job on a news/gossip? channel where they talked about Eugenia

    19:00 – 22:00 : on his way to e’s house, taking his medication, watching old videos of her where she does her makeup, dabs off the grease, old photos of her show in the end

    22:40 ish : they greet each other at her house. E’s pretty, kind, and bubbly as always. she’s glowing.

    24:00 – 33:00 : (funny) House tour (very disney-, doll-house- like) (25:33 old photos of her, around 27:15 theres like a 10/15 second old clip where a fan says something to her that’s meant as a compliment but is very hurtful , goes on till like 27:55 , shows some of her reaction)

    30:50 – 32:00: e talks about fake and real friends, mentions of bullying, negligence, death, internet bullies (after that they goo to a door with like a very strange lock, i cant describe it, it’s like a wooden beam in front of the door, the whole house tour they have this joke going on that the house is super sketchy. It’s all just joking around but maybe it could trigger some people)

    33:00 : talk on the patio about how the change was for Eugenia

    35:00 : real interview with e in her room, she tells her story (mentions of SPOILER: eating disorder (detailed & graphic description of the professional is blended in from around 36:00 – 36:40), bullying, rehab (graphic, from like 40:30 until 43:30 ), at like 43:40, for like 30 seconds, the professional talks about how her patients hate gaining weight & that they ask her how they can love themselves like that- she gives the advice to be nicer to your body), shane’s eating disorder, how hard it is to HAVE to eat all the time, typical day before treatment, short blend in of descriptions of anorexia nervosa & bulimia nervosa, refeeding syndrome: mental illness, heart attack, heart monitors, tube feeding (very shortly), how people treat affected ones)

    Eugenia seems very well put together, lovely as always, you can see it’s hard for her to talk about it though.

    51:00 ish: mood lightens significantly, Eugenia says she would like to get more into make-up, fashion, s tries out makeup

    55:00: they pretend to make a video so shane can see how she normally makes one, little melancholic, shane tells her that he’s proud of her, blends in old videos , some hateful stuff, eugenia cring, mentions of therapy

    57:50 ish: e has some positive words, shane leaves, blend in of national eating disorder help line phone number

    last minute or so: and i oop (watch this!)

    all in all, the video has a very positive undertone, they seem comfortable around each other, they joke a lot, so it is definitely worthwile to watch!
    Take care guys! Also thank you so much for this, shane! i followed eugenia for some time and to see her like that now makes me unbelievably happy! love you two and im so proud of you!

  6. Coral Reyes says:

    MOM Karuna Satori! Wasn’t expecting to see you here.

  7. Egg with 20000 subscribers says:

    He protecc
    He attacc
    But most importantly
    Shane is bacc

  8. ziri williams says:

    can we get a documentary about shane? it went from posting everyday to twice a year ?
    lol jk❤️❤️love the vid!

  9. Adranique Merriwether says:

    For anybody wondering what’s the name of the song at around 18:01, the name is You Got Issues by spring gang ft. Amaranthine. You’re welcome ❤️

  10. Briana Ramirez says:

    Eugenia you have one of the most positive and nicest personalities ever! Sending lots of love gorgeous <3

  11. Tatum Soto says:

    Shane Dawson, you are THE most respectful person. You came at this topic with so much compassion and sensitivity as it should be. You are beyond amazing.

  12. xcasx says:

    please keep informing people about mental illnesses.
    the ones that have been mistreated because of lack of knowledge

  13. Casey Short says:

    Can’t wait for the inevitable response video from Onision where he takes credit for Eugenia’s recovery ?

  14. Amerie Zarzuela says:

    “they just expect you to come back and..”
    “do a mukbang”
    SHANE IS JUST- ?? happy birthday bb<3

  15. Sapphire Animations says:

    so proud of Eugenia ? this video was amazing shane, you did a good job. Love you both 🙂

  16. Rachel Smith says:

    She is so gorgeous, and kind. we are all so proud of you, much love❤️

  17. Danny Wade Music says:

    SHANE SHOULD HAVE HIS OWN SHOW ON NETLFIX. i would binge watch every episode.

  18. let's get this bread says:

    i’m crying. i waited so long for this.
    she’s the BEST person in this world. thats that on that.
    also, let’s give her some fun video ideas that are not related to her ED !

  19. Kellie Bendezu says:

    Everyone: “I know Shane’s video is going to be about [blank]”

    Shane: Ha you thought

  20. shɑne Giveaway says:

    Done ☑️ ??wᴀɴɴᴀ_sᴇ¢ɾᴇt??? ɢo_ᴛo_ᴍʏ_ᴄhᴀɴɴᴇʟ…❤❤❤284

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