THE RIDE OR DIE TAG + Makeup Look!

THE RIDE OR DIE TAG + Makeup Look!

Hey guys! Todays video is the infamous RIDE OR DIE TAG!
+ of course I wanted to do a tutorial with my fav products so I pulled a Kathleenlights and did a makeup look using everything! Thank you to Jaclyn Hill for tagging me in this! Love you baby! Hope you all enjoy the video!

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I TAG (I would have tagged more but they already did it haha)
Jeffree Star
Laura Lee
Christen Dominique
Jackie Aina
Lauren Curtis
Mykie (Glam and Gore)
Jamie Page Beauty

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Sad Money

See you in my next video 😀
Love you all so much – MannyMua

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20 Responses

  1. Karla Campa says:

    But like why isn’t Manny my bestfriend?

  2. Katie Louise says:

    If you’re reading this then you’re beautiful and you deserve to be happy
    and loved :)

  3. Jo Wayte says:

    *presses like before watching thinking “this is gonna cost me” ???

  4. Kristin Streams says:

    You know you love manny when you’re watching his new video instead of
    taking your Sunday nap ?????

  5. Brianna Elyssa says:

    Original mannyacs already knew he was gonna use peekaboo neutral, beaches
    and cream, and bella lashes <3

  6. Erica The KittyKitKat says:

    Manny…you had mentiond something about your age. how old are you? you
    look like your about 22 or at a questionable guess 24. I am now confused
    because if youre older this will be a mind blowing discovery.

  7. Ambar LoRusso says:

    Manny; loved the combination from mint plus orange tones; thank you for
    sharing :)!

  8. parrotlet power says:

    Does the Laura mercier powder have flashback at all

  9. Irma Naranjo says:

    aww so much throwback og manny with the bella lashes and the nyx peekaboo
    neutral! #ogmannyac ??

  10. Elise Fintland says:

    Can you just not be gay for a sec please. You’re so hot I wanna die ???

  11. sharpei331 says:

    I am soooo glad I am not the only one who has a spot on my cheek area that
    doesn’t take color!!!!

  12. Sonia Navarro says:

    MANNY! what black eyeliner do you use?! you never say ?

  13. Rachel Kim says:

    idk why ppl find the need to compliment manny by comparing him to women??
    like he’s attractive yes but there’s no reason to say “he’s prettier than
    most women” like why do ppl find the need to show support for someone,
    especially gay guys by putting down women i. do. not. under. stand.

  14. Kassandra Acosta says:

    Yassssssss bitten is my shit! Gotta love werewolves

  15. Ely Lamadrid says:

    Amo cuandohablas en español Manny! ❤️

  16. Rabia Asif says:

    I lost my shizzz at 18:29 LMFAOOO I LOVE YOU DO MUCH but I barely ever
    comment but know I watch ALL your videos dad ?

  17. Brittni Frickey says:

    Omg your animated intro with the moon and your name! I died!!!!!!!!!

  18. kpcu says:

    You didnt tell us your ride or die eye liner

  19. Ro Stan says:

    I would love for you to show off your ride or die makeup to some gangsters
    who that phrase came from and see what happens to you, prob get blasted on
    you sack of garbage.

  20. Maren 5D says:

    damn jeffrees eyeshadow pans are ginormous!!!