The Ridiculous 6 – Main Trailer – Netflix [HD]

The Ridiculous 6 – Main Trailer – Netflix [HD]

When his long-lost outlaw father returns, Tommy “White Knife” Stockburn goes on an adventure-filled journey across the Old West with his five brothers. Ridiculous 6 premieres on Netflix December 11.

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20 Responses

  1. YourMoms WetDream says:

    Not sure why he gets all the hate for but im definitely going to check this

  2. Baldy Nohairs says:

    Eww, another stupid Sandler movie… I’m not gonna watch the trailer and
    claim to not bother seeing it… but I will anyway because it’s a Sandler

  3. Jack Wood says:

    Not an Adam Sandler fan, but geez the supporting cast is great! Maybe it
    won’t be so sucky after all.

  4. Kousaburo says:

    A Million Ways to Die in the West looks funnier than this and that’s saying
    something! #BoycottTheRidiculous6

  5. FoxesGao says:

    I already hate it

  6. Joshua Littlejohn says:

    It looks dumb, but it’s a Netflix movie so i’ll watch it…the only thing
    i’ll waste is my time, if it turns out to be stupid

  7. Flazé Da says:

    Pass the fucking bleach.

  8. Masketta Man says:


  9. sameysane says:

    The title of the movie says it all!

  10. Only Kind of Media says:

    Kill me

  11. PlagaXTifi says:

    What the hell is this shit? I’ll watch Bone Tomahawk instead.

  12. BanterBrigade says:

    The first truly shitty netflix production. Hopefully not the first of many.

  13. Epic Vape says:

    It’s hard to watch celebrities trying to still stay relevant when their
    time is obviously over. Sure he is going to make his money but the sad
    thing is. Everyone behind his back is laughing and calling him a washed up
    loser and a failure. Adam, please do your best to try and hold onto what’s
    left of your dignity and just go away from films and entertainment in

  14. Jack.The.Drunk says:

    Everyone is so butt hurt. Fucking shut up and watch it..

  15. Andrew Firnbach says:

    I think I may now have brain cancer

  16. | Captain | says:

    i really like the cinematography but this is a bad trailer lol

  17. Your Dad says:

    Trailer looks..Eh but it looks better then fantastic four and pixels atleast
    And im still gonna watch it tho

  18. Greg Poblete says:

    Taylor Lautner is my favorite comedic actor – said nobody

  19. Brandon Kunkel says:

    everybody hates on adam and i still really like his movies i think he’s
    still a funny guy so everyone can go shut the fuck up. you’re taking away
    what he believes in you cruel bastards

  20. Tony Stark says:

    hell yea. looks great