The Rise and Fall of Islam’s Golden Age

The Rise and Fall of Islam’s Golden Age


Short Summary: While Muslim countries are now criticized over education and expression, the Golden Age of Islam wasn’t. So what was this prosperous period?

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Learn More:
Britannica: Abbasid Dynasty

The New Yorker: Invaders

PBS: Timeline of Islam

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20 Responses

  1. Wild Tribes Clash says:

    Do a video on sharia law’s violation of human rights

    This is my 60th petition

  2. haider says:

    How powerful is Goku ?

  3. ThePieguy321's channel says:

    What are Sharia laws violations of human rights?

  4. Faizaan Datoo says:

    I love how there are already dislikes, but the video is longer than the
    time that the video was up.

  5. Alexander edge says:

    Muslims butt hurt comments in coming but it’s true Islam used to be secular

  6. Malik Adnan says:

    Just came to see the hate we get….

  7. Wesly Martinez says:

    When people tolerate other religions and follow knowledge of the world

  8. Sanātana Dharma says:

    Pakistan’s Human Rights Violation Against Minorities
    101st Petition

  9. Liam Davis says:

    A lot of people like to pretend that Muslims have always been regressive
    because it justifies prejudice against them, when that’s not remotely the

  10. Danz Nadz says:

    Every extreme right-wing person here: “Oh, a video about Islam? Let’s click
    dislike and write something about how all muslims are this and that without
    even watching the video.”

  11. Randomstuffs261 says:

    The only place that’s gotten worse since the medieval era, wonder why

  12. Wafi Nawafi says:

    How powerful was Iraq under Saddam Hussein?

  13. Faizah AlKatheri says:

    Muslim countries are backwards because of the absence of Islam.

  14. StuckDucks says:

    I hope one day Islamic countries can secure a more secular lifestyle,
    bringing back the interfaith tolerance within the region and thus benefit

  15. Stefan Travis says:

    Youtube rule #1: The smarter the video, the dumber the comments.

  16. Edward Snowden says:


  17. sammni says:

    So Muslims 700 years ago were more developed and tolerant than many Muslims

  18. Goat Spittle says:

    Wow I’m so glad I learned this in school…

  19. noahmpinto14 says:

    How powerful is harambe

  20. Green Raver (M u s i c) says:

    watch 1001 inventions and the library of secrets