The Rivian Electric Amazon Delivery Van Is Highly Innovative and Incredibly Cool

The Rivian Electric Amazon Delivery Van Is Highly Innovative and Incredibly Cool


Rivian EDV review! Today I’m reviewing the Rivian Electric Delivery Van, which is an electric van that Rivian makes for Amazon. The Rivian electric Amazon van might just be the coolest van ever made — and today I’m going to review it. I’ll show you all the quirks and features of the Rivian Amazon van, and I’ll show you all the cool innovations of this special van.


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44 Responses

  1. Henrik says:

    The self opening doors not only save a couple of tenths of seconds, I would imagine that its probably also very annoying to manually open 2 doors for every single package you deliver. Probably a huge relief to have them!

  2. ProphetSatirical says:

    As a former FedEx employee, I find it hilarious that such a huge chunk of the video is just standard features of a typical delivery truck, but Doug still manages to keep it interesting for those who wouldn’t be familiar. The changes this thing does have are crazy though.

    • Spacefren says:

      @Telogor because Amazon knows that their drivers don’t have time to stop to use the restroom or it will mess up their delivery quotas. Amazon drivers pee in a bottle in the back of the van. I know this for a fact.

    • Telogor says:

      @Spacefren Watch, yes and no. Listen, no. The driver monitoring is done through a specialized dashcam system called Netradyne, and it uploads clips when it detects infractions. It doesn’t have microphones at all, and there’s no live monitoring. There’s some debate as to whether the Rivian EDV has additional cameras in the interior. However, an overview by a driver said the spot where a camera was supposed to be in the cargo area doesn’t have anything installed.

    • goldenjimbo007 says:

      Absolutely beyond question the biggest innovation of this van compared to the P1200 I drove at FedEx was the self opening and closing bulkhead door. Saves huge time over the course of the day!

    • Spacefren says:

      For some reason Doug forgot to show us the quirks and features on how Amazon can watch and listen to everything their drivers do. Bet there is some serious Spy technology in that van.

    • David Ambrozi says:

      @Dontgiveuptheship very nice and informative reply! Cheers

  3. StalePhish says:

    Despite never being a delivery driver, I was so excited to see this video! I love the giant grab handles for the rear step. The HVAC vent only for the driver seat makes a lot of sense, because they’ll often be driving around with the passenger side door open, so most of the HVAC effort would be puffing right out the open door.

  4. Tim E says:

    Saw a delivery driver with one of these about a month ago. I struck up a conversation with him and he showed me around! His favorite feature was the divider door thing closing automatically when he walked about 15 feet away.

  5. Empire State says:

    Awesome! I would also love if Rivian made a smaller-sized delivery van (similar to an auto rickshaw, kei truck, or even tricycle with a cargo compartment) for densely populated areas. Last-mile delivery has always been a tough challenge, but innovations among EVs have definitely made the problem a lot easier!

    • Michael McCondochie says:

      Check out the Arcimoto Deliverator. It’s a 3 wheeled, electric, last mile delivery vehicle

    • Empire State says:

      @Evan Galinsky It’s still a full-sized van with a slightly narrower footprint. I’d definitely like to see that in the US, but I was thinking more of three-wheeled, slow-speed vehicles that’ll only travel a few miles at most and primarily serve more densely populated areas. Cargo bikes have become a lot more popular, and an auto-rickshaw or kei-truck style van would be a great complement to these larger vans, especially considering these vans aren’t always full.

    • Evan Galinsky says:

      He literally mentions at the end of the video they make a smaller version of this van for urban areas and Europe.

    • Gyimil Rutherford says:

      That would be awesome. But in the US and Canada, most last mile deliveries that would use a smaller vehicle, like for food, are owned by the driver. So that size vehicle is unappealing due to cost. Many delivery folks in NY, BOS, DC, SF, LA and other cities are getting e-bikes for that.

    • benjamin Conley says:

      I agree, what about a electric dolly built-in slot of the van?

  6. Financialstorm7 says:

    The designer of this van is a genius. All of those little changes like opening the storage room door Automatically, and the chair being higher so you don’t have to stand up to get out of the chair, will save a little bit of energy for the drivers as well. I’m sure it will be a huge quality of life improvement for the workers.

    • acoga says:

      @James Kiewicz They should be a bit harder on tires because the batteries add weight, but if they do aggressive regen to slow the van, it’ll save tremendously on brake pads. I have an EV and I only use the brake pads in an emergency stop.

    • awfulpwn says:

      @Nathan May not be so safe if you get in an accident

    • Lukas G says:

      @OneManShow I’m not, this was back in 2020 but I never had any problems as long as I stayed above the quota for the day

    • Travis B says:

      @ThreeLions because they’re inconceivably expensive to replace. Land Rover has them they’re like $1,800 I could only imagine how much that big windshield would cost.

    • OneManShow says:

      @Lukas G bro, why you lying? The scanner tracks the work you are doing, and the breaks are scheduled.

  7. Chesten VanPelt says:

    I work at a delivery station (in the warehouse not a driver) and our site is making massive upgrades to the parking lot to accommodate these. also I have worked a little with getting drivers set off before heading out, some still use panel vans or smaller box trucks, meaning they have to get out and open the back to get in, this will be super nice for them , so long as they don’t limit AC times or heater settings while out on delivery (Amazon told drivers not to keep the vans running with the AC on to not waste gas during stops)

    • Desu VR says:

      So long as these vans are getting charged up every night that hopefully shouldn’t be an issue, especially with how much extra range they have, unless Amazon is worried about electricity prices too.

    • p¡nned by Doug DeMuro says:

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  8. JM says:

    I deliver for Amazon, and we haven’t gotten these yet at our station, cool to finally see an in depth look at it. Curious to see how range, reliability, and serviceability will be.

    • HD JR says:

      @JM yeah true, I’m questioning the longevity of the cargo door opening and closing 1000+ times per week and for now only seasoned drivers with the best safety scores have been using the Rivian vans.

    • JM says:

      @HD JR Good to know! Hopefully range stays good during hot summers and cold winters. Also hope they hold up well over time because many delivery drivers aren’t known for driving gentle 😅

    • HD JR says:

      @irvingdls I do around 65 to 70 miles a day round-trip with around 65% battery left.

    • HD JR says:

      @JM they’re great, all the tiny conveniences really help in saving time. Only problems I’ve had so far are software issues, such as sometimes having to unlock manually with the key fob and sometimes navigation lag which can be fixed with a software update. They’re pretty quick for their size even when fully loaded. Right now I’m getting 450+ packages 180+ stops and finishing my route around the same time as when I drove a smaller van with less packages and stops. It’s definitely a big improvement.

    • TFawkesable says:

      Good luck this December man! Thank you for your service.

  9. Tom Ritucci says:

    24:11 the special backup alarm is called a broadband backup alarm. That frequently is OSHA approved to warn people at risk of getting run over, but doesn’t travel as far to bother people who aren’t at risk. Glad they went with this.

    • Telogor says:

      Personally, I can’t stand the noise it makes. I’d much prefer a normal beeping alarm.

    • Kaitlyn L says:

      It also makes it easier to hear where it’s coming from when you’re in range, due to the same factor (degrading in a known way with distance). Better all round!

  10. Shea Brown says:

    I can confidently say that Amazon has the leg up over Walmart yet again. The Canoo car does not seem but a FRACTION of the utility of these purpose built vans. It will be extremely interesting to see how this dynamic plays out over the coming years, especially with Amazon’s intention to not share their nice new van yet.

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