The Road to PS5

The Road to PS5

PS5 lead system architect Mark Cerny provides a deep dive into PS5’s system architecture and how it will shape the future of games.

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79 Responses

  1. kingxduo says:

    We’ll have quiz on this later!

  2. Pedro Oliveira says:

    Gamers: Hi
    Sony: SSD

  3. David Gonzales says:

    This guy voice is ASMR material!!!! Very relaxing hahahaha

  4. Gökcan Selem says:

    I was a gamer.

    NOW, I am an engineer.

  5. S4ltVin3g4r says:

    This will be perfect for when “life of black tiger 2” comes out

  6. Cliff Wright says:

    Guy literally sounds like a successfully designed Virtual Assistant

  7. WolfRyot says:

    Gamers: hey
    Sony: let’s talk about the ear

  8. Raghu Sharma says:

    I’m just sad this didn’t end with an epic Knack 3 trailer

  9. Aditya Mishra says:

    Showed this to my dog, now he is coding new games.

  10. carlitos05 says:

    I watched the whole thing and became a computer engineer.

  11. Wyatt Tannum says:

    This quarantine’s got me watching hour long tech conferences that I don’t even remotely comprehend

  12. Female Doggy says:

    So one thing I learned is that my games won’t take 200 hours to finish “copying” a game?

  13. Matt Gallant says:

    Drinking game idea: Everytime he says faster take a shot

  14. Games says:

    XSX: full hands on the hardware
    PS5: full classroom lecture

  15. Draiver c: says:

    The way he talks feels like some kind of ASMR

  16. Miyuru Eranda says:

    They downloaded this crowd from shutterstock, typing ‘sitting crowd silhouettes’.

  17. luc ss says:

    Who needs training to become a computing engineer when you can just watch this

  18. Mopi says:

    I came here to watch the ps5 live and came out with a degree in audio engineering

  19. Felipe Borges says:

    Teraflops war:
    Xbox series X: 12.1 tf (Goku)
    Geforce now: 12 tf (Vegeta)
    Stadia: 10.7 tf (Gohan)
    Ps5: 10.2 tf (Krilin)

  20. backfandango says:

    I feel like I just got my masters degree at Playstation University

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