The Roast of Tom Simons

The Roast of Tom Simons

Today I got Wilbur Soot, James Mariott, Tubbo & more to come and ROAST ME. This was hilarious!
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Edited by Elodie + Tommy (elodiegif on twitter)

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35 Responses

  1. OX says:

    Tubbo: “I’d consider you my best friend probably”.

    Ranboo in the audience:

  2. Yes says:

    Wilbur: “Tommy’s the kind of guy to see hair after a haircut and ask: is anyone going to eat that?”

    Also Wilbur: *“Sand tastes good when you crunch it between your teeth.”*

  3. Jade Rush says:

    James comparing Wilbur to Pinocchio is the best. That roast is so elaborate, specific and based in facts (except the hairline thing, hopefully – wouldn’t want Tommy to ask if anybody’s gonna eat that and not wait for an answer) that there is literally no competition. It just wins.

  4. Reese Q says:

    “You can tell Tommy and Wilbur are brothers, because even their editors are hand me down”

    Elodie came up to roast, ended up burning the whole place down

  5. ¿UNKNOWN? says:

    I like how all of Tommy’s roasts that he had Tubbo wrote could be applied to him. Like, I bet Tommy checks the likes/views on his Instagram story and you can’t tell me Tommy does NOT google his own name.

    (Not saying Tommy wanks to himself, obviously. I shouldn’t have to specify that this is a joke, but I don’t want people to get the wrong impression/idea.)

  6. Imageless says:

    To be honest.
    Tommy is the kind of guy to laugh at people roasting him and ask: *Is anyone gonna eat that?*

  7. Maia _09 says:

    Did anyone spot at the end in one of the frames after Jack tackles Tommy that everyone was lying on the floor in a heap as if they were dead?
    Also Jack was being restrained by Wilbur and someone else whilst Jack was screaming “the world will know what you did”
    ARG perhaps?

    • Repent Repent says:

      Repent to Jesus Christ!
      “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness,”
      ‭‭2 Timothy‬ ‭3:16‬ ‭NIV‬‬

    • SlytherinGirl says:


    • die says:

      Yeah, Argentina

    • The Supernatural house says:

      He tackled tommy, then tommy frantically said to end the vlog, everyone was dead besides for Jack, wilbur, Tommy and someone else, idk who…… I think maybe Jack snapped and killed everyone, wilbur and the other guy holding him back while Tommy ends the video, about 12:00 to 12:07

    • Nyan Yamuri says:

      “hair on the floor, a single gemstone, the last of the rhinoceros, the entire nation of eswatini, to see critism, to see his own shadow, the past tense.”
      Idk why but I felt the need to list down everything Wilbur said. And yea Jack shouting at the end something

  8. Shridharshini Anandakannan says:

    Wilbur’s the kind of guy who points at sand and ask “Is anyone gonna eat that” and not wait for an answer.

  9. Wolfwhisper says:

    I swear, Wilbur just going “Tommy’s the kind of guy to see _ and ask ‘Is anyone gonna eat that?’ and not wait for an answer.” is somehow just the funniest thing ever LMAO

  10. Camille Rumball says:

    The google slides in the background that says “raost tom” just makes this iconic and way more funny!

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