The Rock Obama Cold Open – SNL

The Rock Obama Cold Open – SNL

After the actions of Rep. John Boehner (Taran Killam), Sen. Ted Cruz
(Bobby Moynihan) and Sen. Tom Cotton (Kyle Mooney) make him lose his cool, President Obama (Jay Pharoah) turns into The Rock Obama (Dwayne Johnson).

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18 Responses

  1. racinnut86 says:

    Watch channel: ClearanceVGRack
    They have just a few subscribers, they deserve more!

  2. googlyBear says:

    They brought it back ! Lolz

  3. Isaiah R says:

    A little Sunday LOL!

  4. Lousson2695 says:


    Looks like I missed a good show…..

  5. Shashwat Asthana says:

    t have a look on this…It is hilarious, humorous and damn funny

  6. adrian davis says:


  7. pappawheely says:

    thanks Gordon Duff for steering me this way nice to laugh havent seen
    sat night ,,,well, since I threw my set out 

  8. Spectacular Spider-Man says:


  9. Nilupuli Wijesekara says:


  10. dannybob42 says:

    not what i was hoping for, needed more Rock and less Hulk

  11. somesanity1 says:

    the fuck

  12. raggs2007 says:

    There was an article on this skit in a British newspaper today. I used to
    watch SNL but drifted away as time went on over the years. I was surprised
    at the violence represented in it almost endorsing or fantasizing on the
    use of voilent retaliation on your foes. I do not remember seeing this
    type of humor before on SNL. Sure there was physical slapstick comedy
    started by Chevy Chase for use in SNL. There was an article a year ago in
    US News about loss of viewers for SNL. It reached a high in 1979 or 1980
    with 38% when I used to watch it every week and now something like 12%. I
    can see why it has lost so much. The show is not funny and it appeals to a
    smaller and more select audience. I prefer to watch Fallon, Kimmel, or
    Ellen DeGeneres. Their skits are much better.

  13. Patrick Baio says:

    Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson hosting SNL

  14. KryptKicker5 says:

    This wasn’t funny…Bobby Moynihan’s first reaction shot was the best part
    of the whole thing.

  15. bluesurfer waves says:

    People who ask for likes are attention whores.Like if you agree

  16. UltraLiteSpeed1 says:

    This one had me laughing so hard.. My Neighbors heard me… The entire show
    was one of the better shows in a while….

  17. Kevin Howard says:

    The Rock Obama! Haha! One of the best SNL Opening skits I’ve seen in a
    long time!

  18. FantarCro says:

    He had a chance to name it BaRock Obama and he didn’t take it…