The Rolling Stones – Living In A Ghost Town (Official Video)

The Rolling Stones – Living In A Ghost Town (Official Video)

The official video for Living In A Ghost Town by The Rolling Stones

Listen to Living In A Ghost Town:

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Music video by The Rolling Stones performing Living In A Ghost Town. © 2020 Promotone B.V., under exclusive licence to Universal International Music B.V.

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46 Responses

  1. Diana Mena says:

    These guys are just magic, I love them.

  2. JP VB says:

    Perfect song for the Coronavirus.
    I hope to read this in 10 years.
    Greetings from Colombia.

  3. Warribo says:

    I blows my mind that these guys have been rocking for over 50 years!

    Roll on the big 6-0 🙂

  4. Cigarjk3 says:

    A new Stones single is allways an event. They’ve still got that cool delivery and have yet again nailed the mood of millions I should think with their lyrics.

  5. Boat Axe says:

    Just when I thought they had become a nostalgia act they come out with their best song in 40 years!

  6. Glenn May says:

    The one, the mighty the greatest Rock-n-Roll band.

  7. Vessela Mitkova says:

    ☻The Majestic Rolling Stones smashed it , the damn Covid-19 !☻

  8. Chad Bourne says:

    60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s, 10’s, 20’s 🐐 BAND.

  9. lyle wicks says:

    Perfect song for the times by the most perfect band of all time.

  10. Michael G. says:

    Did anyone else find this song strangely reassuring? I did.

  11. otuzdortistanbul says:

    I was listening to “A Bigger Bang” today and thinking “what a great album even that late in their career, i hope they make another album after all this craziness is over” then i watched Rolling Stones live with Muddy Waters. Only a few hours later i see that they released a new song. Music, what a beautiful universe and feeling it is!

  12. Joe H says:

    Played once and probably stuck in my head for the remainder of the pandemic.

  13. MarkTowey1 says:

    So I heard about this new music group, the Rolling Stones, out of the East End, look out for them they might be good some day

  14. Doug Potosky says:

    This is why The Rolling Stones will always be greatest rock band ever! Just when they said Rock&Roll is Dead. And the world is Dead! These guys come along and give everyone a good kick!

    • Alan Killer Of Wonder says:

      Well rock isn’t exactly dead, its mostly just hiding

    • charles schwartz says:

      True. And not just a kick….they define what’s going on.

    • Shiloh Gen 49:10 says:

      LOL are you stupid Tompkins? Half a million views??? You think that’s a lot by Youtube standards?? Stairway to Heaven has 100 million views and guess what? Justin Bieber’s “Baby”…….2.5 billion views!!! Nowhere close….not even remotely close. Young people don’t listen to rock….well not the overwhelming majority anyway. They listen to computerised and auto-tune music.

    • HE who IS like GOD says:

      Hiding against its will!

    • Gup Jeffrey says:

      @Shiloh Gen 49:10 You’re comparing a song that’s been for sale for over 45 years to a song that’s 9 hours old?

  15. Lukinsons says:

    Milenials: elders Are boring
    Rolling Stones: What?

  16. Jim Smith says:

    I’m a ghost
    Living in a ghost town
    I’m a ghost
    Living in a ghost town

    You can look for me
    But I can’t be found
    You can search for me
    I had to go underground
    Life was so beautiful
    Then we all got locked down
    Feel a like ghost
    Living in a ghost town

    Once this place was humming
    And the air was full of drumming
    The sound of cymbals crashing
    Glasses were all smashing
    Trumpets were all screaming
    Saxophones were blaring
    Nobody was caring if it’s day or night

    I’m a ghost
    Living in a ghost town
    I’m going nowhere
    Shut up all alone

    So much time to lose
    Just staring at my phone

    Every night I am dreaming
    That you’ll come and creep in my bed
    Please let this be over
    Not stuck in a world without end

    Preachers were all preaching
    Charities beseeching
    Politicians dealing
    Thieves were happy stealing
    Widows were all weeping
    There’s no beds for us to sleep in
    Always had the feeling
    It will all come tumbling down

    I’m a ghost
    Living in a ghost town
    You can look for me
    But I can’t be found

    We’re all living in a ghost town
    Living in a ghost town
    We were so beautiful
    I was your man about town
    Living in this ghost town
    Ain’t having any fun
    If I want a party
    It’s a party of one

  17. Jon Barrett says:

    Listening to this, while I’m Waiting On A Friend…😆

  18. Bret Kindell says:

    All in there seventies and putting out classy blues rock is just unbelievable. Digging it

  19. Savas Koultourides says:

    Classic Rolling Stones, ‘when times are really hard and everything is going bad’, leave it to the Stones to create something beautiful and magical. Something that will lift the human spirit and get us up and grooving – amazing music! This is magic in what they are and always have been, “true bluesmen”. This is the true spirit of the Rolling Stones. Listen, enjoy and be amazed 🙂

  20. haikujim1 says:

    Rock and fucking roll. Ladies and Gents, the Rolling Stones

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