The Rush

The Rush

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Somewhere, on a remote terran colony…

Thanks to Blizzard for making the Starcraft universe we know and love.

Starring Ellary Porterfield and Nico David
VFX by Playfight VFX
Music by Igor Nemirovsky
Sound by Kevin Senzaki
Cinematography by Jon Salmon
Produced by Ashim Ahuja
Directed by Matthew Arnold and Freddie Wong
Special thanks to Paul Provost

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20 Responses

  1. XV9Genesis says:

    been so long since i watched your videos :D

  2. Elizabeth quiroly says:

    oh my good it¨s wonderful

  3. Cvaz Game says:

    happy end

  4. Brick Tamland says:

    zerg are such dicks

  5. helpapleh says:

    Fucking rush hunters!

  6. ricepattypott 1999 says:


  7. NaJHaikezeh says:


  8. Charlie Van Liew says:

    Hard to watch (even a fictitious) child be ripped apart after you have
    become a father.

    I just couldn’t enjoy this. Well done on the technical side though.

  9. Patrick Davison says:

    Rush? Pshhh… This was clearly a timing attack.

  10. Sakis Voulgaridis says:

    Wonderful ! I want more !

  11. TheNikesoccer98 says:

    Why didn’t the mom stay with the child this does not make sense

  12. Feon1x 1 says:

    Guys, come on! How could you have made so that the kid got killed by that
    monster thing? That was horrible to watch…

  13. georgi stoilov says:

    starcraft!!! still watching broodwar!!

  14. Blue Sheep Gaming Ultra says:

    isn’t that Ki from VGHS?

  15. Stevenryan Hicks says:

    the kid killing part was bad but amazing

  16. Adnan Hamzić says:

    I love movies with happy endings

  17. Flyingweenerdog says:

    Please continue this story!

  18. Maddinhpws says:

    So every fckn House started to go into the air, or at least capsuled
    started to fly away. Only they just had a big tin can with holes, that
    every Zerg would just overrun, to hide in?

  19. SODEMO2007 says:

    Yeah well, that’s what ya get for moving to a colony where the governor
    doesn’t know how to wall the fucken ramp.

  20. TheBrownray1991 says:

    You need to make a full length feature film of this.