The Sad Truth About the Turmeric in Your Golden Latte

The Sad Truth About the Turmeric in Your Golden Latte

Now seems like a golden opportunity to talk about the positive health benefits of that turmeric in your morning latte.

Hosted by: Olivia Gordon

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102 Responses

  1. Dank Matter says:

    I don’t even drink stuff like those anyways

  2. Sam Hays says:

    The concept of a superfood in the first place is just so flawed, of course if on the whole you eat healthily you will be healthier but no single food item is going to be that golden ticket to perfect life on its own

    • Nayr747 says:

      superdau Life expectancy is 10 years lower in India than America and catching up quick since it hasn’t increased in the US in years. Regardless, most differences in life expectancy are from differences in childhood death rates, not living longer as adults.

    • TNT King says:

      Sam Hays vegan alert! (pathetic) vegans are comming

    • TNT King says:

      Ryan Lord A do you know that when 1340 they have low death rates of cancer because they died of plague thats what your trying to say?

    • Nayr747 says:

      TNT King Why are people that eat animals so weirdly obsessed with vegans? Literally no one said anything about veganism you crackhead.

  3. Rice loving asian says:

    Wana trade tumeric for bobs and vegana?

  4. Dylan Dunn says:

    88-400 a day? That’s a latte of coffee.

  5. Harshil Patel says:

    Yo, Indian spices REPRESENT. Love turmeric

    • Isaiah Quinby says:

      Ryan Lord A It’s only so low because the Indian medical system is bad enough that people aren’t able to get enough medical attention to get diagnosed. Meaning that in reality, it is way worse than any stats you might see. Guess what country has the lowest cancer rate, Syria. Do you know why? It has nothing to do with healthy lifestyles or diet or anything like that, same as India, it’s because nobody gets the chance to report it

    • Jay Zed says:

      Harshil Patel haha

    • Velma Velvet says:

      Love Indian food. Yum.

    • Velma Velvet says:

      @Dell12 16 This is the first time I’ve heard of a tumeric latte. The majority of people who consume tumeric probably get it in curry and not for any supposed health benefits but because it tastes good.

    • Andy Crowley Sr. says:

      And look at his face glow!

  6. Richard Powell says:

    “Anti-Antioxidant”….. Somewhere an English teacher is screaming uncontrollably.

  7. Friendofspiders says:

    It’s not an anti oxidant, it’s main effect is anti inflammatory

  8. manso306 says:

    The only actual superfood is breast milk, sourced from organically fed free-range women.

  9. dojokonojo says:

    At least we can provide excellent healthcare for rats from all our studies on effects of medicines on rats 😅

  10. Blanche Yap says:

    *I’m watching this but I’m really thinking about curry* aaaand now I’m hungry

  11. Hunk Green says:

    Thats why you put creatine instead in your lattes kids

  12. Master Therion says:

    In other words, turmeric might help a little, but it won’t help a latte.

  13. Abhishek Thapa says:

    If people could say South Asian Cuisine instead of Indian Cuisine, that’d be great.

    • ilovesparky13 says:

      Abhishek Thapa Not just South Asian, but West Asian too.

    • Abhishek Thapa says:

      ilovesparky13 oh right. Almost forgot most of West asia uses that too. I think the Persians actually brought it over to south asia.

    • Abhishek Mukherjee says:

      The genetic origin of turmeric is Indian subcontinent and some parts of SOuth east Asia

    • Andy Crowley Sr. says:

      Yes, but the world’s largest producer, consumer and exporter is India. So…

    • Abhishek Thapa says:

      Andy Crowley Sr. Yeah well with your logic Olive would be Spainish fruit. Just because it’s the biggest whatever, doesn’t mean every other country should be identified as the same thing. Exactly why everyone else thinks Brown people = Indians and everyone in South Asia except India is not okay with it.

  14. No this is Patrick says:

    Sorry even I wouldnt take that golden experience


  15. Micah Philson says:

    Someone should make a compilation of every time they’ve explained Double-Blind studies in a video.

    I know it’s important every time, what if someone who doesn’t know about that watches just this one video, but really, that’d make a fun, very long compilation!

    • Sonictunic says:

      yeah, he said that literally in the comment.

    • brandon casey says:

      Ive been watching these for a while and I JUST learned what a double blind study is lol

    • Alex Mercer says:

      That’s the best kind of study. It’s like that restaurant where people eat in complete darkness and let their taste buds decide if it’s good food.

    • Ian says:

      It’s like every time in yu-gi-oh! pot of greed was drawn and they feel the need to explain that it allows you to draw two more cards from your deck.

    • catherine birch says:

      Iv`e been reading a a pubmed article that mentioned double blind trials. Apparently circumin should be mixed with black pepper for best results.

  16. skuzlebut82 says:

    Grrrr…. come on SciShow. The term, ‘Superfood,’ was created by the industry to get people to buy their products. Superfood is not recognized by any scientific based journal, group or person. All you are doing by saying one thing is not a superfood is telling consumers that there actually ARE superfoods. There is no food that is a cure all. Nothing is a superfood. A balanced diet using nutrient rich meats, fruits, vegetables, etc, is how you can be healthy as far as your food consumption. Nothing is a, ‘superfood,’ and I beg you to stop using the term. It is a manufactured term!

    • carpo719 says:

      skuzlebut82 it’s just a word we use for definition. Some foods have more minerals and vitamins so we call them super-foods. if you want to be technical every single term we have is manufactured by somebody so we might as well usr them. :). But that said, there are some cultures who believe that Moringa provides all the necessary nutrients and vitamins. If anything that would be a SuperFood

    • Jebb B. says:

      David Tec nah, that’s still just “food”. There are better and more descriptive adjectives like nutritious, nourishing or even healthy. Super is just a marketing term that tells you nothing other than “it’s overpriced, but it’s worth it, trust us”.

    • Nefera Cronia says:

      David Tec Red Bell Peppers have even more vitamin C than oranges! 😀

    • Nohrian Octorok says:

      skuzlebut82 I think they’re using the term ironically, since they debunk it.

    • Callimo says:

      skuzlebut82 Uh, that was their point

  17. Sware says:

    PAINS is a quite clever acronym

  18. Justin Y. says:

    Not even Tonio can fix this ingredient with his stand

  19. Zeldas Champion says:

    Don’t be surprised you start seeing these things at your local Starbucks.

    • carpo719 says:

      I Am Enough stolen by the white man….. oh boy here we go again more racist BS

    • C6H12O6 Daddy says:

      I Am Enough you used almost the exact same reply as you did in a different comment. Also, it’s not being exploited; there’s nothing wrong with using turmeric or coffee and no one said that the US is the world and that white culture is the only one. By your logic, you’re exploiting foods and technology created by “the white man”.

    • roberson644 says:

      @I Am Enough Stop exploiting our internet then brown man. If you want to make a ridiculous claim then I will too.

    • james pogrebetsky says:

      I Am Enough you’re a racist bigoted MORON. stop posting this nonsense

    • DevinAK49 says:

      I Am Enough silly racist. Let’s not be a bad person eh?

  20. ilovesparky13 says:

    Turmeric is a very important part of my culture’s cuisine. That being said, Westerners seem to be the only ones calling it a “super food.” 🙄🙄😑

    • Arhan Kamath says:

      I don’t think it’s only westerners. I’ve seen many examples of Indians going overboard with their cultural benefits. It’s somewhat of an old wive’s tale, I guess

    • Sebu T says:

      Mandy B we use it often for mouth cuts / ulcers. Warm water and salt

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