The Saddest Kitten You’ve Ever Seen

The Saddest Kitten You’ve Ever Seen

Turns out, cats don’t need eyes to have a good time. 🙂

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20 Responses

  1. hdb80 says:

    I would have never guessed he was blind at the end!

  2. Silverstream says:

    Stares at thumbnail… GASPS SILENTLY, lets deep breath out. Omg, why is
    this here? Looks away, tears in my eyes, then clicks video reluctantly,
    needing to see what happens to the poor thing

  3. Hazen Stribling says:

    the 18 people who disliked this are heartless

  4. Rebekah Spradlin says:

    I didn’t even think this was a cat when I scrolled past the thumbnail. It
    looked like a little desert mouse or something.

  5. Ravenwolf 124 says:

    Name him Jayblaze. it a combination of jayfeather from warriors who is
    blind and lionblaze who is an orange tabby from warrior as well.

  6. Andrea Di Giannantonio says:

    To be honest, after a lonely birthday, It made my night to see that there
    are still amazing people like him

  7. rcshaggy 7 says:

    I shall call him Illi the Demon Hunter kitty.

    Hope he/she survives.

  8. AWESOME THE KID says:

    A good name Huh?…


    and those are just a few suggestions…

  9. Damien Mansfield says:

    what happened to the poor cats eyes? ?

  10. Moe Lester says:

    maybe he can see somehow but we just don’t know it ??

  11. Aaron Keith says:

    Ironically he’ll probably be the one to find Waldo

  12. T Sama says:

    Rename him Daredevil!!! or even Matt Murdock

  13. Adam Smith says:

    Am i the only one who feel more empathy for animals then humans?

  14. shinypokeAce says:

    Wait, did he just assume it’s gender? 1:13

  15. Awaken the Evil says:

    TOTAL MISSED OPPORTUNITY! Should’ve named him Daredevil!

  16. Yair says:

    Name him Glenn

  17. Thunder Maker says:

    Such a beautiful little guy. I wish so badly that his sight could be

  18. Ysmael Dauz says:

    So what your saying he is the Daredevil of Kittens

  19. ChaoticKaylee says:

    I want him so bad, so precious. ?

  20. LizziePlayz MC says:

    I want to adopt him 🙁 but I cant