The Saleen S7 Is the Craziest Supercar Nobody Knows About

The Saleen S7 Is the Craziest Supercar Nobody Knows About



The Saleen S7 is the craziest supercar we don’t know about. Today I’m going in depth on the Saleen S7, and I’m taking you on a tour of the S7 — and showing you all the quirks and features of the Saleen S7.

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68 Responses

  1. Doug DeMuro says:

    So… who wants to contribute to a GoFundMe for an upside-down loop racetrack we can build in the desert?

  2. Doctor Skipwith says:

    You’ve never been blue-balled before if you haven’t watched a Doug DeMuro car review with no driving segment OR Doug Score.

  3. brianz426 says:

    Thanks for the info on the turn signal and wiper stalks. Now I can tell everyone that my Ford Focus has the turn signal and wiper stalks from the Ford GT and Saleen S7. ?

    • Siddharth Kapadia says:

      my truck has the same power window switch

    • MathsYknow says:

      There’ll also be a bunch of bus drivers out there bragging about having the tail lights from a supercar. “When you come up behind me at night you’ll think I’m a really slow Lamborghini with a diesel conversion!”

    • David Stevenson says:

      Just like my 2.5 Jetta 5cyl is basically a Lambo 5.2 v10

    • thanos mousios says:

      Like my Rover 45 here in the UK has the same climate control with the lamborghini murcielago and the pagani zonda ???

  4. LORD ROY says:

    I already knew this car from gran turismo 4

  5. MyBoringLife says:

    5:37 Doug that’s obviously made for when you’re driving upside down

  6. / MarkGh says:

    Of course I know the car. It’s the one used in the movie “Bruce Almighty”.

  7. Maurice湯 茂 林 says:

    Show me these people who don’t know about the saleen s7

    • Horsedick.MPEG says:

      I guarantee that over 90% of the world’s population has never seen or heard of this vehicle lol..

      Go walk into a grocery store and ask people “Have you ever heard of the Saleen S7”.

    • 农民 says:

      I’m one of these peasant you’re referring to

    • Amunium says:

      +Horsedick.MPEG – Sure, but go in a grocery store and ask if they’ve ever heard of the Ferrari 550 or the Porsche 924 and you’ll get the same answer. Most people don’t know any supercars outside the top 20 most currently popular. That doesn’t mean the other 99% are obscure.

    • A Olson says:

      +Horsedick.MPEG Show them an actual picture, and they’ll say “yes, I’ve seen that car before.”

  8. Jack Vande Polder says:

    Hey doug, speaking of the SSC Ultimate Aero…

  9. Aaron King says:

    I remember seeing these race at Mid Ohio in the American Le Mans days, awesome cars.

    • Mike Smith says:

      I remember these when they first competed in the American Lemans as well. They blew the competition off the track and was competing above its class. BTW AMLS was the best racing, NASCAR had became annoying.

  10. Nick Hiniker says:

    The suede lined trunk lids are clearly because they designed it so when you are driving on the roof of your tunnel, your items are cushioned on a blanket of suede.

    • Conscious Robot says:

      Looks like you copy/pasted this comment wtf

    • Nick Hiniker says:

      Conscious Robot well I apologize if someone had a similar idea. I didn’t read through every comment before writing my own. I can assure you that nothing was copy and pasted.

  11. Jacob Schmitt says:

    So if your S7 broke, and you didn’t know who could fix it, but then you found a guy and had it repaired, would you say you’d found a saline solution? ?

  12. Storm King says:

    If you are a casual car enthusiast you definitely know of the S7.

  13. Al Bundy says:

    A Walmart battery in a 425,000 dollar supercar.

    • Colby Martin says:

      Anas Takiyudin exactly.

    • Todd W says:

      With a hack job install no less.

    • matt sullivan says:

      and the plastic boat battery box with no tie down is a great touch too…along with the bulkhead hole with no grommet… I like that they made it more convenient to charge but at least do it right! With an install point that high above center of gravity in a carbon fiber trunk with no grip, hard mount a lightweight battery at the very least (and a grommet to avoid chafing wires)!

    • Lethaone says:

      I mean, if you wanna stretch it, the original Koenigsegg CC8S used the 4.6 Modular that was in the Crown Vic…

      granted it was much more modified but still, you can say the Koenigsegg has a cop motor

    • Shant K says:

      typical american car

  14. CR0SSEYED JESUS says:

    All this horsepower, and no room to gallop..?

  15. I I says:

    NoBoDy kNoWs AbOuT?! EXCUSE ME DOUG?

    • Majikk Skates says:

      Everyone’s poster car was a Lamborghini or Ferrari
      The S7 was mine so I agree with you

    • BlaccJaccBassist says:

      +Majikk Skates Holy crap dude I remember having a S7 poster back in the day too! Got it at a reading or book fair in elementary

    • Steve J. says:

      This and the F40 were the first two I ever knew about. Anyone who doesn’t know about the S7 needs to turn in their enthusiast card and go Prius shopping.

  16. Y4123 says:

    18:49 probably because it’s another Ford part, my 1998 Ford Escort Zx2 has the U and L power lock button

  17. KitMellow says:

    Doug can fit into small cars made for small Japanese people.

    But he can’t fit into a wide and long supercar made by Americans for Americans lol

    • Jason Bouphasavanh says:

      I’d say it’s full bullshit, they won’t let him drive it, remember its only sub 100 made…. and probably less than 60 are alive… Doug man i thought ure a humble guy…

    • vince2761 says:

      Jason Bouphasavanh but you do know he drove a koenigsegg that was worth like 10 million? And he has driven waaaay more expensive cars from this dealership.

    • Texas Car Nerd says:

      I’ve ridden in Rob Ferretis S7 back when he had it. It’s very small inside. Have to be skinny, under 6ft and requires race shoes to drive.

    • droptima 2013 says:

      It’s just a shitty saleen lol might be fast but its not that good

  18. Ma O Bria says:

    Did you count both sides of gills or just one side and double it?
    (I know the answer already ☺️)

  19. Local Fruitcake says:

    Literally no one:
    JDM fanboys: that NSX in the back at 3:45 is sooo much better the the Saleem S7…

  20. Ali Naji says:

    You can find Saleen S7 in
    Midnight club 2
    Midnight club 3
    Midnight club L.A
    Gran Turismo 3
    Gran Turismo 4
    Burnout 2
    The Crew
    The Crew 2

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