The Samsung Galaxy S10 Model!

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Model!

Galaxy S10 is coming up soon – Hands-on with exactly what to expect.

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92 Responses

  1. Marques Brownlee says:

    C’mon YouTube processing, I believe in you…

    • Grey Lawson says:

      glitch gamer I don’t need Type C on a phone, fingerprint scanners came out in 2014 and I’m perfectly fine switching to FaceID, on top of that the screen has a pixel density that is super high so that’s fine for me. In addition to that, Apple’s processors annihilate the competition and the years of software support your get make the phones worth it in the long run.

    • baju kul says:

      +xXNathalieXx you’re everywhere

    • TrueAmog says:

      Sound is synced right…awesome video anyways

    • R 34 says:

      Marques Brownlee markass brownlee

  2. Felix K. says:

    It’s a Lotch 😀 “Loch” being the german word for “hole” 😀 please go with it!

  3. Flaviu says:

    They need to make the S10 Lite around 650-700$ to have a succes .

    • Surmestic says:

      exactly, and the normal S10 should be $750 – $800 meanwhile the S10+ should be below $999

    • Martin Mendoza says:

      They can’t do that because Galaxy A9 Pro costs almost 600. S model’s price can’t be in that neighborhood.

    • EnthusiasTech says:

      +SUPER USER I thought that’s why they would make a Lite model, to make it just a wee bit affordable. If they don’t, I will be sorely disappointed but oh well.

    • MistrzBartekGames says:

      I dont know where you live but in Europe 6 months after release you could buy brand new s9 for around 600$

    • Lovre Lj says:

      +Surmestic s9 and s9+ were below 999$ i think s10 lite will be oround 500-600$

  4. 1 Dave says:

    ooooh boi, my favourite tech youtuber Mark Ass Brownie

  5. Marlon King says:

    I don’t like phones going over 1000, not worth it. I do however think ultra wide camera is a good edition. So 3 cams is the perfect choice. And they need to put that on both their small and big options as not everyone wants a bulky phone.
    Thanks for the vid man


    I’m going to wait for the flagship, $8,500 Galaxy Note 37.

  7. Adversary says:

    Used to upgrade my phone every year or every other year. Now with these ridiculous prices, not considering either option anymore.

  8. RICH Photography says:

    Apple makes a $1000 phone…people lose their minds!

    Samsung makes a $1000 phone…everyone says “yeah that’s kinda normal”

    • SuperNovaHeights says:

      Akbar Omar They always run better and have better features

    • FayezTehDavid says:

      iPhone makes a phone with 6 years old technology for 750$ yeah that’s normal and they said that its new

    • Revird Kcalb says:

      +Akbar Omar Doesn’t matter how many “features” aka gimmicks a phone has, a 1000 dollars for a phone is just not right. If it was for me, I would like for them to remove some of those “features”, which most of us won’t use or notice anyway, if it means reducing the price.

    • videoguy640 says:

      tbf we don’t know the actual prices yet. Wat MKBHD told us is a guess. And its a pretty big jump from last year’s prices so we’ll have to wait and see.

  9. The Semite says:

    It’s a sad thing when the best feature of the phone is the headphone jack.

  10. IvanGoldBit says:

    I dont like the camera layout I’ll stay with my note 9

  11. Mohd. Ayaan says:

    Only like for headphone jack.

  12. Enter A Life says:

    I’m done with Samsung. I think my Note8 will be the last flagship phone I have before going “budget”
    I do not want to support these prices when we get so little new each time. No sir.
    They are pushing out the normal person who doesn’t want to go into debt for a phone.

  13. Haja says:

    Prices are getting out of hand. 5 Cameras per phone are also ridiculous.

  14. Sophia I МАŠTURBÃTЕ WА!TСН VIDЕ0! says:

    ooooh boi, my favourite tech youtuber Mark Ass Brownie

  15. Sophia I МАŠTURBÃTЕ WА!TСН VIDЕ0! says:

    I have so much respect for Samsung to still keep the headphone jack

  16. Taikamuna says:

    As a person who never uses the front camera, I’m wondering if it’s possible for a smartphone company to make a phone that doesn’t have a front camera. It’s really distracting to have a black dot in your screen that you will never even use

  17. Taikamuna says:

    A budget phone for me would be $180

  18. Ravelord Nito says:

    I’d rather have a notch. At least then it’s centered. This hole punch would just piss me off

  19. F-14A Tomcat Tobar says:

    People never complained about apple being too expensive but Samsung? Really? Yet again flagships are costing so much that we have to sell body parts for.
    Also Also
    New technology is coming to this phone like on display finger print scanner, better camera, 855 snapdragon/Exynos 9820, Front camera feature, bigger battery compare to previous models of each variety, and faster charging than what already exist for Samsung.
    And if I’m correct these are the prices:
    $600-$700 S10e/lite
    $700-800 Regular S10
    $850-$950 S10+

    This is similar or yet cheaper than what apple is selling, even if you think I’m wrong at least I got my point across.

    • Jerome Alday says:

      “People never complained about apple being too expensive”. Is there by chance that you live in a cave? Are isolated away from society for a very long time? OR JUST AN OUTRIGHT IDIOT. A lot of people hate Apple for their prices.

    • Cameron Grant says:

      +Jerome Alday I’m pretty sure there was a question mark behind the first sentence….meaning he was being sarcastic ????

  20. Alexander Duarte says:

    $1100? Okay, at this point we can stop pretending we NEED them. They NEED us… no cellphone should be over $500 if you think about it. I have a Note 8, I love it, minus a small burn-in issue. Also, photos kinda suck compared to Mate 20 pro, google pixel 3, and so many others..I think I’ll wait for the Google Pixel 4.
    Great review video! Much love!

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