The Samsung S22 Ultra is secretly AMAZING.

The Samsung S22 Ultra is secretly AMAZING.

Hands on with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, including a quick Camera Test, specs, features, price and more. Battery Test and Full camera comparison Review coming very soon! 😁

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38 Responses

  1. Vegas Hyruler says:

    Using the corner to carve trenches into cardboard is the one feature I’ve been waiting for in a flagship smartphone. Samsung have really outdone themselves this time! 😉

  2. Bastian Michel says:

    Autofps makes really sense. I was waiting for it long time. I usally film in 60p. But lowlight conditions crushes the quality. Then I switch back to 30p. Which is annoying, because next time I forget to put it back on 60p. For others this might be stupid, for me it would be helpful.

  3. Phone Repair Guru says:

    Not sure I’m a fan of the new look, great video though 🙂

  4. James Birbeck says:

    I like the sustainability part. Would be good to see more reviews include sustainability and impact on the environment going forward

  5. Vikram Rao says:

    Thanks dude, the biggest reason for me to wait another year or so to change phones is that with the latest update my note 10 plus looks and feels exactly like the s22. Throw a new case on my phone and it will feel new for me.

  6. MMA Crossfire says:

    As an iPhone user, I always liked the Note Series. It looks like 22 Ultra could be the one for me to tag with the 13 Pro Max and get the best of both worlds. But why did they cheap out at 8 GB? Hopefully there is a 12 or 16 GB option

    • DangerZero says:

      @Sky Emperor  it is like a page file on windows(been in use for years and enabled by default) if you RAM fills up then it moves some not used amounts of RAM to that to retrieve later. Not as good as mote RAM but you aren’t actually using the storage as RAM but RAM storage

    • skunkeye bandit says:

      @Danish Khan lol your funny

    • adasmit says:

      @Danish Khan I agree and I know it from experience.

    • Sky Emperor says:

      @Vinis Bertalan Tech YouTubers while explaining specs: “emmc” “ufs”
      Bruh just show me the read write speed I will decide what is good myself. Especially because they have such loose standards. A gen4 SSD can have both 4000MB/s and 8000MB/s. Saying that something has gen4 SSD could mean literally anything. Same is true for mobile storage.

    • Vinis Bertalan says:

      @Sky Emperor i agree with you, especially after the ‘Phone upgrade shouldn’t be a downgrade’ mocking video.. Not to mention that, if you read and write the storage at the same time, that just insanely decrease the performance, because sequential read/write is always way more faster like random read/write.

  7. Anandu says:

    Waiting for indepth review and the comparison with snapdragon chip varient 🔥❤️

  8. Rahul Shekhawat says:

    His video quality and content are amazing. I used to see mkbhd and unbox therapy for techy things but when i saw this channel i fell in love with the content that doesn’t waste our time and arun’s accent also ❤️

    • ♜Pinned. by*** Mrwhosetheboss says:

      Thanks for watching 💞
      Dont forget to hit the subscribe button WhatsApp±¹³²⁰²⁹⁷⁸⁵⁶⁷✅

  9. Sahidur Rahman Khan says:

    I just love Arun’s regularity & promptness towards his content. He always makes sure that we get the best tech content at the right time. Thumbs up for the marvellous content that we get from him. 👍🏼

  10. Marcoroni Gootz says:

    I’ve been a fan of Samsung phones for a long time and have owned a lot of them but honestly, my S21 Ultra still feels premium. This S22 Ultra does not wow me, will be keeping mine for another year and seeing what the next generation has to offer.

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