The SCARIEST Gorilla Tag TikToks

The SCARIEST Gorilla Tag TikToks


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In this jmancurly reacts jmancurly second channel shiny roxx unboxing and fan mail reaction video, I react to the scariest gorilla tag ghosts like echo, pbbv, j3vu, and statue


I do not own any of the music, pictures, overlays/chroma key, external video clips, or sound effects used in this video. Unless I do, which I usually don’t.

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26 Responses

  1. jmancurly Reacts says:

    We hit #15 on trending for YouTube!!!! Thank you guys!!! Subscribe!!

  2. bubs da little man says:

    The scariest thing is that I’ve actually seen pbbv when the game was released and it’s truly terrifying and I was banned for a while and during my ban I saw it again and started playing a high-pitched sound and eerie music and my game froze and when I went to go join back to gorilla tag my game was uninstalled

  3. jmancurly says:

    Wow this was a great video Mr. Curly

  4. Gorilla Tag Ghosts says:

    id love for this guy to cover more ghosts like he did with pbbv, super fun to go into ghost codes and mess around until you start lagging lol

  5. Wolfz4657 says:

    I remember back when everyone had real fear of pbbv, every single person was scared to go into a code by themselves. Now that was real fear

  6. BeboVR says:

    Every time Jman uploads I’m so happy

  7. Doppii says:

    The reason ghost were so much scarier back then, is because nobody had mods so they genuinely saw them as real hackers/ghost.

  8. Katelin Lantz says:

    jman you do so good wit these vids keep it up!

  9. | Blinx | says:

    I feel like Jman has the same feelings when its dark outside and your watching something scary, best thing to do is look behind you.

    I usually hear my door being knocked on when I’m alone. I always look back even tho nothing is there.

  10. TheOfficialMan says:

    I really want this man to make his own ARG.

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