The Science of Anti-Vaccination

The Science of Anti-Vaccination

Fewer children in the United States are getting vaccinated. That’s bad news for those kids, and also for public health in general. Often, the response is to argue and debate and get angry at people who are we see as making terrible, irrational decisions. Instead of doing that, let’s use science to understand why this is happening in the first place.

Hosted by: Hank Green
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Meta-Analysis of the Safety of Vaccines:
The Internet and the Psychology of Vaccination Decisions:
Naturalness Bias:
Omission Bias and Vaccines:
Difficulty in changing minds once they’re made:
Onset Patterns of Autism:
Bad is Stronger than Good – Negativity Bias:
Parental Vaccine Decision Making:
Read more about Risk Perception:
And Explanatory Style:

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20 Responses

  1. ThePezz201 says:

    Why don’t we get a vaccine for autism?

    P.s. this is Joke

  2. JimTheEvo says:

    This is an exceptional video that more people should watch. A little
    annoyed as it cites a bunch of work that I was planning on putting in my
    own series on vaccinations. But I’d rather have sci show cover this and
    reach a fantastic number of people than grumble about originality. 

  3. MrDami123 says:

    That wasn’t objective at all.. So sad seen this. But what can you against

  4. TechPimp says:

    The US government openly admitted to experimented giving Syphilis to
    Guatemalan prisoner’s saying it was a vaccine. And all they did was say
    sorry not even a compensation. 

  5. Zoë J says:

    Why must vaccines be administered through injections? Could it not be taken
    as a pill or liquid?

  6. Leogalassi75 says:

    Great video! Ironically, in some ways the age of information is pushing us
    back into the dark ages. A lot of witch hunts going on these days…

  7. Crushingon says:

    wait that Anti-Vaccination movement… was a real thing? It wasn’t a joke?

  8. EraMitavi says:

    A good video, but it fails to address the misconception that having a child
    with autism is an inherently bad thing. It acts as though parents of
    autistic children are burdened, and part of what causes this fear of
    vaccination is the casual ableism of society.

  9. Butt Poopington says:

    This video is incredibly well thought out. Very eloquent. Interesting to
    watch. You covered all the bases.

  10. feykroTV - says:

    and now thanks to you, hundreds of thousands of people will have a good
    basis to tell that the ” vaccine causes autism ” argument is bullshit. o/
    There should be a shortest version as a TV spot to spray the message !

  11. Harrs2 says:

    *Thumbs up*

  12. richard1701able says:

    didn’t just do this, first?

  13. DayWatch says:


  14. Mistery Smithers says:

    Congrats on meeting the president, good interview, well done!

  15. Joh Embrey says:

    There is almost nothing I will judge a person for. But not vaccinating your
    child sits in number one place. I consider these people murderers. Worse
    than murderers, most murderers will only kill one person and will have a
    reason for doing so, and usually won’t be a relative. These people will put
    not only their own children’s lives at risk, but the lives of newborns, and
    those who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons or whom the vaccines
    didn’t work on. If you look at homicide statistics and the death rates for
    these terrible diseases before vaccines – the diseases were by far a bigger
    and more effective killer.

  16. 86nommad says:

    wow, this was one of the best scishow episodes so far

  17. krattah says:

    Stop forcing subtitles on us! Please!

  18. MaesterTasl says:

    While reviewing the psychology of why anti-vaxxers are so opposed to
    vaccinations and why the movement is growing is valuable, I feel we should
    investigate the arguments further. There is more than just one. To say
    that vaccines cause autism is the one that gets the most screen presence
    but it isn’t the only one (in fact it may have been taken out of context
    and then exploded in popularity as it is so absurd). The general concern
    is that vaccinations can have negative health effects in general and are
    not as safe as advertised.
    I myself made sure to get my MMR vaccine and I don’t regret it for a
    second. I stay up to date on all suggested vaccinations in my area but I
    tend to avoid the flu shot. In my own digging I found some pretty
    interesting things though. Obviously we all know vaccines are more than the
    virus in question modified/killed and injected with some water or chicken
    embryo or whatever. There are other weird and wonderful chemicals in there
    for good measure. Unfortunately one of the agents that used to be used in
    vaccinations was mercury. This is not the case anymore, however when I
    found that out it validated the concerns of anti-vaxxers to me to a degree.

    Heavy metal poisoning can reveal itself in many ways after various amounts
    of time and with varying volumes from person to person and how it entered
    your body. It can result in many symptoms of known diseases that get
    misdiagnosed as the cause of the patients ailments instead of the heavy
    metals. Nerve disorders, digestive disorders, even brain disorders. So
    now I see the connection to a point. Got a vaccination 15 years ago, got
    crones 10 years ago. As strange a correlation as that is to even consider
    it could be very real for those experiencing mis-diagnosed mercury
    So can we say that vaccines don’t cause autism? Fairly confidently I would
    say yes that is correct, they don’t. Can we say vaccines are completely
    safe? Maybe not completely but a heck of a lot safer than the diseases they
    immunize us to. Did we at one time say injecting mercury into your
    bloodstream was completely safe? Unfortunately yes we did. Was it? Is it?
    Nope. So to disregard every argument and point to the most specific
    argument that is clearly wrong any time concerns are raised is just
    evading. Is there a place where the contents of vaccines are listed? That
    may help ease concerns as long as whoever hosts/maintains these lists are
    honest and detailed in the list. I know there is a site with listed known
    side effects and % chance of experiencing the noted effects but it isn’t
    well circulated.

  19. Boss Timmy says:

    Huh, I came here to see some more opinions on the vaccination debate, but I
    really got a whole psychology lesson.

  20. mariosonickirby1 says:

    You idiots can keep getting poisoned from vaccines. Ive never gotten a
    single shot and I am rarely sick while all of my friends who do are
    constantly sick. Plus my brother when he was a baby got the measles shot
    and then he got a seizure disorder from it