The Science of BACON!

The Science of BACON!

Bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon!
The Science of FOOD PORN:
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Written by Mitchell Moffit and Greg Brown
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20 Responses

  1. Stephen Fonnesbeck says:

    I’m willing to risk botulism to have my bacon free of nitrates. :D

  2. harrylatka1 says:

    Last time I ate bacon I was 80 pounds heavier.

  3. sizeOVERstrength says:

    I got to be honest, I don’t care for bacon…

  4. Nikki Ng says:

    Am I the only one that doesn’t really like bacon?

  5. Christina Huang says:

    am i the only one who doesnt particularly like the taste of bacon

  6. darth superman says:

    Am I the only one who doesn’t love bacon. I like it but honestly I only eat
    it when it’s on my plate. 

  7. crystal Mcdaddy says:

    I actually really hate bacon 

  8. Mad Joe says:

    So, bacon = cancer. THAT’S IT, I’ve had enough of this world!! Life’s just
    not worth living with cancer, and life’s not worth living without bacon.
    Goodbye, life!!

  9. Destiny Hamilton says:

    I only eat bacon on BLTs.

  10. Gothicscull234Gmail says:

    I kind of like bacon, but it’s just too goddamn greasy XD

  11. VanScott100 says:

    Poor pigs….

  12. aimeeilavayou says:

    Actually when I do eat bacon it is just one strip and then a whole bunch of
    other things too (like eggs, pancakes, etc) :P

  13. Eddie Gruver says:

    I hate bacon, it’s overrated. Why do people like bacon so much?! It makes
    no sense!

  14. PiggyPerfect33 says:

    Why do we get attached to memories/the past

  15. The 2.0 Bros says:

    Why do we sing better in the shower? Or the science of singing in the

  16. Gonzalo Gutierrez says:

    Rub some bacon on it!

  17. Bow Dale says:

    The Science of BACON!!!

  18. Vanilla Shark says:

    “Or did you know that it was included in the first meal ever consumed on
    the moon”

    “Our american way of life: Peace, freedom, and bacon and eggs.”

  19. Donredly says:

    Its KCal, not cal…

  20. xxJenPlaysxx MINECRAFT says:

    I actually cannot stand bacon. The smell makes me sick.