The Science of DOGS

The Science of DOGS

Man and woman’s best friend!
CATS vs DOGS debate:
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Written by: Rachel Salt, Gregory Brown and Mitchell Moffit

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20 Responses

  1. Jose Jerson Naval, Jr. says:

    Subscribed, I like videos like this, quick and informative.

  2. Sir Gamer the first says:

    Please make a video on why we get pins and needles?!

  3. Alex Dixion says:

    Please do a video on the science of “feels” in anime

  4. CuteNails says:

    I have a phobia of dogs. How am I supposed to be friends with them? :(

  5. P.M. Laberge says:


  6. Sara Sahara says:

    I have a Labrador name Princess :)

  7. maya bm says:

    Guys have you tought about doing the science of sleepwalking?

  8. Dinosaur Nerd P says:

    When children are short, and everyone they know is tall, will they be tall

  9. Kaitlynx3 says:

    Aww dogs are so friendly cute and smart omg i want one ?

  10. Sian Henshaw says:

    What’s the science behind why we hug and why hugging feels so nice?

  11. evanwarsify says:

    This channel is awesome

  12. Ma. Lorena Yuson says:

    Is Time Machine possible?

  13. Green apple ss says:

    Dogs are the Best bro !! Faithful and loyal, i love my dog, he is my friend
    and part of my family. Cats yeaah there funny but i prefer dogs .. Dog
    lover ?


    +Gmsrebukethetempter may​ Yahawah ba ha sham Yahawashi shami palalka
    ,lachama ha lachama tawab …shalam

  15. Lisa D (Direwolftress) says:

    House training is causing more stress than potty training did. It may be
    diaper time . lol

  16. Cindy Oteri says:

    The science of dogs

    The newest video from AsapSCIENCE is for dog lovers.
    That is, for everyone!

  17. 7iluvanimals says:

    Cats and dogs are both awesome. 

  18. Parker Davis says:

    Just a question for the ASAP Science guys, I was curious if you know why
    people enjoy sleeping with their hands beneath their heads. Thanks for your

  19. Beverly Chin says:

    Dogs = Best in the world

  20. U1timate Dr4g0n says:

    What would be the most likely apocalypse in present times