The Science of Screaming, And What Was the Biggest Dinosaur?

The Science of Screaming, And What Was the Biggest Dinosaur?

Scientists dissect the human scream for the first time, and also re-think what was thought to be the biggest dinosaur in the world.

Hosted by: Hank Green
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20 Responses

  1. Emmanuel Bourmault says:

    +1 for SciShow for using normal metric units instead of the retarded units
    that only the US uses!

  2. alfie miralle says:


    A quick question. I asked this same question on there Tumblr, but they
    never answered. Are cockroachs realy indestructible? I’ve been told that
    they would survive a nuclear war. I never believed that they could. I
    always thought that they were exaggerating.

  3. thevisionary2007 says:

    A lot of science is about replicating results. Except when it comes to the
    Higgs Boson. For that, just one ballpark positive result out of a trillion
    or so tries is enough. 0.000000000001% success rate one time from the
    biggest and most expensive thing ever made by people. Call that
    satisfaction, cause I don’t.

    But science is aaallllllllll about that replication of results. Why did no
    scientist call for replication when Hank just pointed out the importance of
    it? Emotions. It was all about what the scientific community wanted over
    what they got.

    Personally, I will call CERN a bunch of lying frauds until they get 2 HB
    results that are greater than 98.9% rather than this 97% and six months of
    deciding that its close enough crap.

    Replicate results, CERN, or give the world its money back! 

  4. mc0IvKAy2i says:

    “normal human speech varies in loudness between 4-5 herz”

    what does this even mean hank? did you even finish highschool ffs…

  5. equilibriaify says:

    So if they’re going to subject dreadnaughtus to this new method of
    estimating it’s mass are they doing the same for every other dinosaur?
    who’s to say that the other contenders wont suddenly lose 10+ tonnes from
    their original mass

  6. TdyYrLove says:

    I would like to see a vid on the science of laughing.

  7. fossil boy says:

    Wat about the 42 metres argentinosaurus

  8. Daniel Maughan says:

    What about a ‘happy’ scream? Like a girl seeing her favorite band? What
    part of the brain reacts to that? It’s still a scream but it’s not a

  9. Dan Cell says:

    Are Humans Smart?

  10. SoSGtr says:

    I’m curious as to how the researchers measured loudness in Hertz. Maybe I
    am not informed enough, but generally perceived volume and SPL’s are
    measured in decibels. Hertz is for frequency.

  11. HyperKnuckles01 says:

    Hey, can anyone answer me this question. I’ve been trying to figure this
    out. Is there any chemical or toxic waste material that freezes on contact
    with lots of water???? Anyone who could answer would be appreciated and in
    as much detail As Possible.

  12. DarkJewel 67 says:

    Isn’t the argentinasaurus the biggest dinosaur as it weighed 80-110 metric
    tons and reached outstanding lengths! I’m not sure, reply if you know
    anything more about the biggest drink. -DarkJewel67

  13. Scott Boyd says:

    QQ: When things, like wheels, rotate quicker and quicker why does the
    rotation seem to reverse?

  14. Nate Baldauf says:

    I read dreadnoughtus as dread donuts

  15. MiloPearson says:

    I miss the office he used to do the news in :(

  16. Kassidar says:

    I was quite offended at the Adam Sandler joke.
    You shouldn’t go reminding people those movies exist

  17. Devon Smith says:

    Question: why does tin foil/aluminum foil cause shocks when in contact with
    a dental filling?

  18. Nissan Karki says:

    How can a neck that large even be supported?

  19. QuoiEstAmanda says:

    Not all screams are in distress. Children scream quite a lot for joy and
    excitement. What do those screams mean to us? If you’re near a playground
    and hear these screams I wouldn’t think it would activate your fear
    response, maybe some of it does have to do with context? A random scream
    after being exposed to talking would scare you just like a jump scare in a
    movie or game.