The Scrapping Of Internet Privacy: Something We Can All Hate Together

The Scrapping Of Internet Privacy: Something We Can All Hate Together

Stephen doesn’t recall any Americans marching in support of abolishing internet privacy. But if they did… victory!

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20 Responses

  1. MR.DC COMICS says:

    I guess clearing your browser history doesn’t matter anymore.

  2. NRobbi42 says:

    If internet privacy is universally valued, does that mean the people who voted for it should be universally hated? Cuz they were all Republicans. Just sayin’.

  3. landypaule says:

    Sell my browser history??? Sh**!! Now they know I’m a Colbert-addict…!!!

  4. Shin Laine says:

    So thats it huh, we somekinda Trumphate squad?

  5. Ashwath Ganeshan says:

    This is so late news.. it’s been happening for a decade now. The only man who fought it directly is an asylum seeking immigrant in Russia..

  6. Don't Read My Profile Picture Advanced says:

    Is there a list of which representatives voted to let this happen?

  7. Scarf Scarf says:

    I can’t wait to tell this part of history to my grandkids.

  8. Ilam Xidar says:

    resetting your browser history will not hide your connections from your provider. Use the Tor Network and/or a VPN that you trust.

  9. BladeWinters says:

    Trump Presidency: Taking away things you love 1 day at a time.

  10. Liang Wei Lim says:


  11. Gotta Go Fast says:

    Fuck republicans, almost all republicans voted for it and every democrat voted against it. 215 republicans voted for it, 15 republicans against it. 0 democrats voted for it, and 190 democrats voted against it. The law isn’t into effect yet. Trump either has to sign it into law or veto it. Hopefully he vetoes it. If not, then Trump’s a sack of shit.

  12. LunarD3A7H says:

    Actually kinda glad Stephen’s covering that. Tired of it feeling like a half-hidden issue that only PC-centric subreddits hear about.

    I mean, I’m not saying others around the internet don’t find out, but it never feels like it has coverage. Not media coverage, anyway, even talk show hosts. Conan’s in the dark age, funny as he is.

  13. Bill says:

    like ppl you got to do something, seriously i feel like i’m watching my country go to war again with ppl who didnt attack us. Wtf we have to stop this shit!! like how much of the country are you going to allow him to destroy before you do something.

  14. Maximillian Thermidor says:

    So they took advantage of the distractions of the current administration to silently pass this crap. I’m impressed, you can’t get anymore evil than this.

  15. Manraj Saini says:

    the american political system is such a shitshow

  16. Red Button TV1 says:

    search bar… can be something very private and intimate, some of the questions people input into it are sometimes so personal, that they don’t even want to ask loudly their own spouses or parents or even them selves… it is in fact a window into people’s thoughts. whatever happened to a ”you’re master of your unspoken words, but slave to your spoken ones”?

  17. EDG3 Gamer says:

    Honest question, aren’t you americans ashamed of yourselves voting this president? You really thought you could make your country great again by hate?

  18. Raphael says:

    “Consumer privacy, is something we all want to protect”

    “So we’ll sell it to the highest bidder.”

  19. letsleeping Dogslie says:

    I’m still bickering with annoying twits on the internet who swear Donald Jackass Trump is a genius because he is a billionaire business man! Never taking into consideration all the crooked deals you made along the way! The Son of a Bitch is a con artist! There’s a difference!!

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