We decided it was time to find a new pet! Now how do we find one that Grayson isn’t allergic to?…


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A BIG thanks to our friend Brian for helping us meet these amazing animals!
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27 Responses

  1. Woodland elf says:

    My name is Tatiana
    Don’t worry, I care about you

  2. Life Shadow says:

    The Tortoise is so cute safe and then you can give it to your children maybe or to a family member who you trust (I have hope in ¿Ruben?)

  3. It's Lu says:

    Ok I definitely can’t be your future wife

  4. Nina Stevanovic says:

    20:20 but what the heck is that toy in the backround???

  5. Daisy Pilkington says:

    The possum 100% it was so cute and just like a dog

  6. Nina Stevanovic says:

    Choose Jericho ya’ll would be so cute with him I’m imagining those adorable snap stories??

  7. Andrée-Anne Lalonde says:

    U neeeeeeeed that freaking toad like DID U SEE THOSE CUTE LITTLE HOPS OMG

  8. you’re cancelled. says:

    The Best choice would be the giant toad! Jericho would be the best because y’all seemed to like him a lot! Get him!!

  9. Ella June Wilke says:

    This is how many people wanna date Grayson but also wanna have a fuzzy pet…at the same time

  10. Blipperm Blippern says:

    If your having a bad day, your sooooo Beautiful!?

  11. Luna Cassier says:

    Jericho sylvester or ruben, like ruben the most tho

  12. Shannon Macaskill says:

    I cried when i saw the goat I love them so much??❤❤♥️?and the possum was precious?

  13. ashlyn Cahoon says:

    I think Ruben suits y’all the most. Much love??

  14. Sarah Hammoud says:

    Slyvester cause he is the only furry pet u could have that grey is not allergic to??

  15. Black Raven says:

    I think they are all amazing but Sylvester really suits them ?

  16. Beli B. says:


    gray; „like a third brother“

    nolan; „am i a joke to you?“

  17. Mikayla Noelle says:

    You should totally get a miniature poodle!!! They do not shed or have dander so they are perfect for people with allergies!! Plus they are super cute!

  18. blueberrymuffintart 78 says:

    I think they should choose Dutch or Ruben. Who agrees?? ?

  19. Eeman Sajad says:

    Grayson: “like a third brother”
    Nolan: ‘am I a joke to you?’

  20. Dolan Twins Official says:


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