The Secrets & Easter Eggs of Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach

The Secrets & Easter Eggs of Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach

Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach is packed full of secrets and easter eggs and in this video we take a look at how to unlock each of them. From out of bounds speed running to nostalgic references to past games, this video is a full breakdown of FNAF Security Breach’s most notable secrets. So sit back, relax and let’s start exploring…

Check out FNAF Security Breach here:

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37 Responses

  1. SuperHorrorBro says:

    Slight error in this video guys. I misname Elizabeth Afton as Charlotte. Got the daughters names mixed up! Oops 😅

  2. Pepto says:

    One clarifying fact, the balloon boy world secret isn’t found by progressing, it’s found by purposefully hitting a purple squiggly glitch that appears every now and again

  3. b says:

    Despite all of its flaws and shortcomings, I still find some parts of FNAF Security Breach scary and creepy, especially in the sewers and at the daycare when the lights are out.

  4. Xianos Witherspoon says:

    To Clarify here, William’s daughter isn’t name Charlotte, it’s Elizabeth! Charlotte was the name of Henry’s daughter who died and became the puppet.

    • Xianos Witherspoon says:

      @Jammie Robinson That is the problem when posting online, can’t decipher a message how they feel since internet posts are emotionalless unless using more words put into it to express it more. I was clearly pointing it out a mistake at the time, would it be different if I didn’t use an !? Perhaps, but this post was more to the point rather than typing a paragraph.

    • Jelly ALT says:

      Oh sorry

    • Xianos Witherspoon says:

      @Kirumi Tojo I posted that before the pinned comment was made.

    • Xianos Witherspoon says:

      @Jelly ALT who says I am mad? You just reading into things that aren’t there, have a good day. <3

    • Xianos Witherspoon says:

      @Crazybananapotato don’t need them when happily married.

  5. Swaggy-G 2102 says:

    Despite this game’s many flaws, you can still tell that the team tried their best at developing this game.

  6. Super Bendy says:

    0:00 – Intro
    0:16 – The Daycare Attendant Room
    2:57 – Chica Shrine
    3:37 – Help Wanted References
    5:16 – The Sister Location Room
    6:18 – Breaking the Code
    8:14 – The Vanny Recordings
    10:34 – The Afton Family
    12:44 – Out of Bounds Speedrun
    14:21 – Monty Mini Golf
    15:06 – Princess Quest
    17:14 – The Lost Pizzeria
    18:34 – Outro

  7. Fluffy Boi 5432 says:

    I knew FNAF Security Breach is still scary, especially in the sewers and the daycare when lights are out despite all it’s flaws and shortcomings. I still find some parts scary and creepy.

  8. OH NO! says:

    Man I loved playing this game vicariously through you

  9. Kaomonicagoes says:

    Has anyone converted the legible binary numbers in Chica’s shrine? Or take note on the 7 tally marks next to her pizza box? What could they mean?

    • Lizzy Valentine says:

      Checking reddit now. will report back

    • mclijah says:

      hm… 7 for 7 children lol? isn’t that the final amount (that fans can conclude at least) of kids in the first FNAF with the original 5 animatronics and the two souls in golden freddy?

  10. Calbum says:

    Lines like “who wants candy” and “are you having fun yet” are quotes from help wanted, being one of the death screen quotes and a quote from the narrator in the title screen respectively

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