The Shallows – Official Trailer

The Shallows – Official Trailer

In the taut thriller The Shallows, Nancy (Blake Lively) is surfing alone on a secluded beach when she is attacked by a great white shark and stranded just a short distance from shore. Though she is only 200 yards from her survival, getting there proves the ultimate contest of wills. #TheShallows

In theaters Summer 2016.

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20 Responses

  1. MrWolfy43 says:

    And the “Most Stressful Viewing Experience of the Year” Award goes to…

  2. Mikial Hodges says:

    is this the story of that girl surfer with a bitten arm? However, I asked
    because my phone buffers so it is loading to play.

  3. TheShermanator92 says:

    Blake is one of the most underrated actresses in the industry. She was
    perfect in Accepted! Not to mention that Ryan Reynolds is a lucky guy…

  4. Emerald BlueYT says:

    This suck. Next!

  5. r2c123 says:


  6. Brandon Contreras says:

    The way they showed the shark at the end made me feel like this was a Jaws
    remake attempt.

  7. Waldo says:

    i thought the bird was a dog

  8. Fukklogic says:

    This actually looks like a true suspenseful thriller movie that might
    actually be good and I hope it is. Plus she is Mrs Deadpool

  9. Roziane Brando says:

    Is not 2 hours with a girl on a rock, is 2 hours with Blake Lively on a
    rock. So, worth it

  10. Taha Shujaat says:

    The real threat here is the tornado that brought the shark to her

  11. Edison says:

    Come high tide she’s screwed

  12. Shelby McMillan says:

    Castaway with a woman.

  13. David K says:

    The thumbnail is misleading.

  14. Dr Bubs says:

    0:35 WILSON 2.0

  15. Anthony Mailly says:

    The description box literally gives away the end of the moving. She makes
    it to the shore 200 yards away. Cool, don’t need to spend $10 now

  16. DewClarke says:

    Spolier Alert: The entire setting is on that one rock

  17. TamiAllTheWay says:

    Bad day to be on your period.

  18. Zen Razor says:

    Take this as inspiration they do movies on the most smallest thing now a

  19. TheVJProduction says:

    some things to take into consideration she’s got a swim suit, so of course
    she knows how to swim so she need to stop bitching and start swimming to
    the island and she blonde well toned with a tan so she probably come from
    money spending time out in paradise, so there’s definitely going to be
    search crew looking for a white girl. lastly fucking Blake lively? really,
    man Ryan really had to suck some duck for that deadpool movie and get his
    chick a scrappy movie to keep her the lime light. and that fucking island
    look like the same island that bear gryls was on. hollywood…smh

  20. Raul Ramirez says:

    that would fucking suck