The Shield say goodbye to Dean Ambrose after Raw goes off the air: Raw Exclusive, April 8, 2019

The Shield say goodbye to Dean Ambrose after Raw goes off the air: Raw Exclusive, April 8, 2019

In this moment you did not see on TV, Universal Champion Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns bid farewell to their Shield brother, Dean Ambrose.


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69 Responses

  1. D. Coleman says:

    The only thing I can compare this to is when Kurt left for TNA. He’s gonna tear it up if he goes to AEW

    • Paris King Bless says:

      If he did, WWE wouldn’t want him back

    • Hal Jordan says:

      +Paris King Bless That’s a sack of lies. As long as Seth and Roman are their they’ll want to bring him back. It’s Dean that doesn’t want to be there.

  2. Venom says:

    Dean was one of my favorites but now he is leaving 🙁


  3. Music Via says:

    I hate wwe
    Wwe didn’t give Dean’s last wrestlemania moment

  4. Kanan Liira says:

    Thank you Dean! All the crazy things you’ve done over the years, the fans won’t soon forget!

  5. maddy madhesh says:

    Rollins… Brain of the shield
    Roman.. back bone of the shield
    Ambrose.. heart of the shield

  6. Sindhu S says:

    “Two Indie schmucks and a football player”- The Shield

  7. Adrian K says:

    Thankyou Dean
    Thankyou Brother
    Thankyou Shield
    See you in the future, not longer…

  8. Bikramjit Das says:

    ?we wl miss u dean..
    My fav trio
    The undefeatable SHIELD ♥️?

  9. RAYYAN 05 says:

    Hearing the sheild song brings back so many memories ?

  10. Ash Shield says:

    Damn the sound of the crowd when dean came??

  11. Hitesh Sharma says:

    Roses are red
    Sky is blue
    I love you

  12. Manny Padilla says:

    Hopefully dean ambrose will come back sooner or later

    Sierra, hotel, India, echo, Lima, delta SHIELD

    • Unlimited Power Within 247365 says:

      U already know he is 2021 who the hell…OMG OMG.thats..that’s Dean Ambrose. HE’S Back. OMG. The lunatic Fringe has returned.

    • Ethan Van Heerden says:

      +Unlimited Power Within 247365 that’s Michael Cole I don’t know if I wrote his name right

    • jonski vasaquez says:

      Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo

    • Abdullah Jawed says:

      +jonski vasaquez heheheh Lima Mike Alpha Oscar

    • Hal Jordan says:

      +Unlimited Power Within 247365 ugh the fact that you basically said word for word what that idiot Michael Cole is literally going to say if Dean does come back makes me want to wretch

  13. Maor Ohana says:

    Heel Rollins once said in 2014:
    *” What if Dean Ambrose had simply walked away when he had the opportunity? “*
    This sentence has so much meaning to the situation Dean in right now.

  14. Benjamin Kelln says:

    That should have been on the show instead of Lashley putting him through a table.

  15. Robert Lewis II says:

    I question how the WWE writers still have jobs. They legit are the reasons why Ambrose left.

  16. hashtag NIC says:

    This is how many people want Dean back

  17. ATiK GREEN says:

    The Last Reunion…The Shield Always Best Tag Team…???

  18. Shri Balaji says:

    We miss you Dean Ambrose
    And The Shield . Very sad moment ????
    Love you Guys

  19. Michael Bernardi says:

    2009: Jeff hardy this is not goodbye for ever

    2019: Dean

  20. Tarczownik Mordoru :D says:

    Two biggest mistakes made by WWE
    1 Ending the streak of the Undertaker
    2 Let Dean go from WWE

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