The shooting range where you fire over a busy road

The shooting range where you fire over a busy road

The Brünnlisau shooting range in Switzerland has its targets on the other side of a major road. And it’s safe. Here’s how and why. Thanks to everyone at the Schiessanlage Brünnlisau!

Camera: Alicja Pahl
Producer: Sebastian Capeda at Viven
Editor: Michelle Martin

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55 Responses

  1. Tom Scott says:

    This video has a correction: the subtitles should say “Schusswaffen [firearms]” not “Schutzwaffen [defensive weapons]”. My transcriber and translator was German, but not Swiss German, so it’s an understandable mistake! There’s unfortunately no way to fix that in-video, but hopefully it still makes sense.

    • Rico says:

      @Michael Marx it actually is „high german“

    • James Halliday says:

      *rips up Tom Scott subscription card and throws into the wind*

    • Seal Of Apoorval says:

      Ah yes, Swuisse German, what even regular Germans can’t understand let alone trying to transcribe the whole ordeal

    • Ridonculous Adventures says:

      I am fluent in English and Swiss German + High German, hit me up if you need anything done. I am actually a freelance translator on the side 🙂

    • kolleghessig says:

      well, the Swiss German excuse doesn’t really make sense – Schutzwaffen isn’t really a thing even in German, while Schusswaffen definitely exist(s) – but eh, doesn’t really matter anyways, great video 🙂
      10/10 Neutrality

  2. DoS - Domain of Science says:

    I’m not surprised they’ve had no incidents. Rule following runs deep in Swiss culture.

  3. N.R. Jenzen-Jones says:

    You struck a commendably even-handed tone, as ever, Tom. Well done.

    • Snowball Effect says:

      @jay soto they’ve fought vehemently to prevent closing the gunshow loophole, which is how a lot of firearms are legally sold to illicit weapons’ dealers and have impeded attempts for waiting periods and mental health being part of background checks. The ease of access to a weapon also leads to increased suicide rates. The NRA used to actually advocate for gun owners, but they’re now only manufacturer lobbyists. They’ll drum up fear when dems are in power, causing weapon and ammo sales to skyrocket. Then during repub terms, they consolidate power and ensure manufacturers are protected from potential lawsuits. They’ve been very good at their job, until recently when it turns out the ceo was siphoning money off the top for himself.
      Culture is never a monolith, but it’s clearly different how we venerate firearms compared to anywhere else in the world. There are literally more weapons than people, with nearly 400,000 of them unregistered (that is more than most countries have total). We literally value access to firearms are a more important right than access to food, water, housing and definitely healthcare. Obviously not everyone thinks this is the right way to do things, but clearly not enough people think differently enough to change any of this.
      There is clear evidence that access to a firearm increases successful suicide rates, which is the majority of gun deaths in the US. Instead of coming anywhere near trying to address this problem, instead the NRA got the CDC banned from even studying gun violence as a morbidity factor.

    • Snowball Effect says:

      @Василий Сардина I’m not sure what you’re talking about. Why is this relevant? They were able to acquire the weapons regardless of the retail ban, which is virtually unenforceable on straw purchases. A lot of regulations are state-based, as well. There’s a huge number of weapons circulating in the US that are completely untracked having been sold privately.

    • Joe Brown says:

      @jay soto  Very true on both counts. They should be seen as a tool not a symbol. And I wish someone would answer your question and elaborate on how the NRA’s lobbying on behalf of gun makers specifically, results in more deaths. I assume maybe they meant that the fear mongering and politicisation degrade gun owning culture and prevent sensible action being taken (by government or otherwise).

    • DIEGhostfish says:

      @Snowball Effect Gunshow loophole isn’t a thing, and the secondhand market both at shows and outside them would if anything be a drain on manufacturers who want to sell new guns.

    • TheChaotix14 says:

      @Василий Сардина I mean the country like the video stated has a lot more guns per capita than most EU countries, so there’s a much higher chance of that murder being committed with a gun instead of a knife, bludgeoning tool, hands or any other tools you might consider. The more interesting statistic is that despite having a load of guns in the country homicide rates are actually among the lowest in the civilized world(sitting at only 10% of the US’s homicides per capita). So it might suggest that private gun ownership doesn’t need to cause high violence/murder rates, but the rules, regulations and culture about gun ownership in Switzerland are only part of that puzzle.

  4. James says:

    In the UK there are plenty of military rifle ranges with areas for people below the targets to raise and lower them for ‘patching up’ the holes between shoots. It’s safe for the same reason: there’s a bank between you and the shooters, but it’s still quite unnerving watching bullets flying literally about a metre above your head.

    • Honest Lyre'ed says:

      same setup w/ most USMC ranges… we don’t allow anyone down below the targets who’s over 6’6″ if that gives you any idea how close it is

    • Pat G says:

      This last being exactly the reason to use human operated targets – it gets you used to the sound of close proximity bullets.

    • Dan Didnot says:

      I was patching on a range like that a ricochet burned my beret just above my cap badge . Everyone who saw threw me on the ground and wouldn’t let me stand up. They thought I was a gonna .

    • Hiding in the hills says:

      @Nick H Once had life livened up a bit (50+years ago) when a .303 at 50 yards hit a nail head in one of the target frames (not mine), ricocheted into the concrete floor, off the back wall and out again just where my mate and I had been standing moments earlier ready to haul, mark and patch.

    • GOF6666 says:

      Trench warfare sim

  5. marinesciencedude says:

    “This range is genuinely 100% safe otherwise it could never have been built”

    • Aryan Pashtun says:

      @Robert Swann You’d be surprised what a projectile traveling the speed of sound can do unpredictably.

    • Aryan Pashtun says:

      @DFVaun I don’t know if you realize this but even small little rocks are capable of cracking car windows.

    • Lightning Penguin says:

      @Aryan Pashtun Usually the rocks are thrown backwards, and then the car crashes into them at full speed.

      The bullet is going to act much like a rock, and be crashed into.

      Yes, it’ll break the windshield, but that’s it. Like it does to rocks, the windshield will protect against bullets.

      It’s just bad luck when you have to replace it. I guess another question is whether or not the bullets deformed egde is as jagged as a rock’s.

    • TheDeadOfNight37 says:

      @Aryan Pashtun a .308 weighs 108 grams. You need a force of about 9.48×10^7 N/m^2 to break a car window. Good luck with that

    • P90 says:

      Imagine underestimating a gun

  6. Daniel Guerriero says:

    Guy has no idea he’s shooting the nicest built semi auto sport rifle ever.

  7. jay klein says:

    As someone who has been shooting for over 40 years, that’s damn good shooting for someone who has never shot before. Especially considering the distance and use of iron sights! Good shooting Tom!

    • jay klein says:

      @No-Life Noah CIA and SAS trained.

    • Syndate says:

      @Sourcerer Seven In the video about ads, bbc and vloggers, Tom admits to playing a character, called Tom Scott. Add that up with his “beginner luck” at shooting, him having a lot of knowledge and his travel ability makes me paranoid that one that I’m onto something, and I will probably get a visit from “Tom Scott”.

    • Maverick44 says:

      @agustin venegas Shooting prone does help as the rifle is supported very well by the ground. It still takes skill to shoot well though.

    • soulsearchingsun83 says:

      That’s just normal accuracy for someone who doesn’t drink caffeinated drinks…

      … just kidding 😉

    • Jim Pad says:

      Tom has shooting experience.

  8. tsavorit52 says:

    The funny thing is: it is totally not unusual to shoot over roads in switzerland 😉 There are so many shooting ranges, (no wonder, if every memeber of the army has to shoot his gun at least once a year+many rifle clubs) and of corse some are over a road…. Where would you get an open space with 300m in length elsewhere 😀

  9. DiplexHeated says:

    Imagine riding past in a double-decker bus, haha

  10. Lince Assassino says:

    I used to love Tom’s old videos being a computer science and linguistics nerd myself, and years ago I was conflicted with all the seemingly random subjects for his new videos. But it really grew on me, and it’s great seeing him adventuring and showing a lot of interesting stuff from around the world in bite sized quality videos.

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