The Si Stebbins Stack

The Si Stebbins Stack

Get my favorite brain food delivered to your door:



Vsauce PO Box: PO Box 33168
L.A. CA 90033


Hosted by
Michael Stevens

Edited by
Hannah Canetti

VFX by
Eric Langlay

Music by Jake Chudnow and from AudioNetwork



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62 Responses

  1. cookies dc says:

    “Today on mmm!”

  2. Jeremiah Peters says:

    I guess statistically it’s very possible but I was thinking that it’s pretty cool that I was also thinking three of diamonds 3 for the card

    • Reger Hetka says:

      Same happened to me, if you think everyone who watched guessed, it’s not that impressive, but I still found it funny.

    • neon pink says:

      +Reger Hetka I’d still call it pretty impressive, since, yes, it’s very likely that there will be people out there thinking of the same card as Micheal, but it’s pretty unlikely that it’s specifically you.

  3. Evan Stuff says:

    Is it me or is Michael starting to look like a Greek philosopher

  4. Uriah Siner says:

    Nothing will EVER beat the intro for Michael Stevens Living.

  5. karthik r says:

    Michael killing it with the intros here. MMM

  6. Anirudh Ralhan says:

    Or am I?
    * No Vsauce music *
    * Jake Chudnow has left the chat *

  7. stefan beaubut says:

    Vsauce has reached Post-Vsauce Irony.

    A parody of itself, all the while still painting its own ever-changing image

    The platonic idea of the Vsauce is no more, a new Vsauce has risen from the death of God and the ashes of the culturally oversaturating Old Vsauce

  8. I_am_ a_fetus says:

    5:38 someone put this in a Vsauce out of context video, stopping after “Well, nothing”

  9. Odhran Costello says:

    Michael Stevens – AKA the mathemagician

  10. Maniac Says says:

    -Michael is getting more and more into Memes. Wow

  11. Morden Wex says:

    Come on bruh I said ‘stop’ both times
    pay attention goddammit

    • Angel with the Phonebox [Angel Bear] says:

      Same here. And both times at about the same point as Hannah ended up saying stop.

  12. Marty Sam says:

    11:59 *SNAP!*
    That will be a fine addition to my Vsauce out of context video!

  13. Lord Jom Frogberry says:

    Even though the opening joke wasn’t fresh material, it brought a smile to my face. If anything, the fact that you’re reusing an old joke of yours (that I’ve never heard before, by the way), plus the implicit self-awareness, plus the intimate zoom and silly face you make only serve to enhance the impact of the opening joke. I absolutely love your video style. I love the deep analysis, I love the moments where you’re intimate with your audience, I love the self-aware awkward, goofy, and weird moments that define your character. And I LOVE YOUR BEARD! You looked great before, don’t get me wrong, but that is quite a luscious beard.
    TL;DR: You’re awesome.

  14. Taco Boi says:

    Michael: Im going to upload on Vsauce

    OR AM I?

  15. wafula masika Abbott-jesse love says:



  16. Alexandra Müller says:

    Today on MMM we take a look at the SSS.

  17. King Shuichii says:

    Micheal kinda looks like kratos in dad of war, or is it just me?

  18. Laurenz Edelmann says:

    Michael’s eyebrows always take on a life of their own

  19. Cowbelly’s son says:

    Why is how to basic doing maths now???

  20. Like Bot says:

    Well… that _and_ Seven was a six offendah.

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