The Side Effects of Vaccines – How High is the Risk?

The Side Effects of Vaccines – How High is the Risk?


Vaccines are one of our best tools to prevent dangerous diseases, but they come with side effects. So would it be safer not to vaccinate?

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94 Responses

  1. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell says:

    Dive into sources and further reading here:

    Vaccines and their side effects are a hard topic to cover – we know we keep saying this, but this case especially, there were a lot of things to consider. You can’t blame people for being worried, so we wanted to take their concerns seriously.

    Because it is impossible to cover everything there is to know about vaccines in a ten minute video our sources are extra extensive and explain a lot of aspects in more detail, with an extra focus on further reading.

    So if you want to dive in deeper or have more arguments at hand for your next heated discussion, here you go.

    • Rockems says:

      No it isn’t difficult, get your kids vaccinated delete your account. Simple

    • Joey Sin says:

      +Samuel Jones if the vaccines people are getting are useless then what’s the risk? They would just be like the unvaccinated then, which mean the fucking unvaccinated disease infested trash drag around the flu and make it stronger…. Get Vaccinated and eliminate the diseases completely.

    • Joey Sin says:

      +Furby On Benzodiazepines What goes too far is when parents allow their own children to walk around, vulnerable to disease and let them pass it along to everyone they come in contact with. Continuing a global pandemic because you don’t want the government looking out for your health is going to far..

    • James Bester says:

      +Samuel Jones Did you watch the video? No one is saying they are completely safe. But compare it to developing a deadly disease then it’s a pretty easy decision to make.

    • Nicole Bönning says:

      Vaccines about autism dose not exist. I know it because im autistic

  2. Selena Liu says:

    this mother’s day, send this vid to your friendly neighborhood Conspiracy Karen!!!

  3. Oliver Squid says:

    Who else is looking for anti vaxer comments?

  4. Deanith says:

    The narrator’s voice is one of my favourite voices. I mean I can let videos play in the background for hours just to listen to him talk.

    Yeah I’m weird..maybe ?‍♀️

  5. Black Man says:

    Who’s scrolling through the comments to find triggered anti-vaxxers 😛

  6. Agustín Espinoza says:

    “Feelings are often inmune to facts”
    Kurzgesagt absolutely DESTROYS antivaxxers

  7. The Baizo says:

    The dislikes must be from disappointed anti-vaxers seeking confirmation bias.

    If this video had in some way reinforced their beliefs, it would have been shared, used as evidence and touted about. But instead facts and basic logic will be ignored.

    If they read anti-vax stories, internet algorithms will only remember this and throw more of the same at them, leading to only more of the same.

    A person like that wont have their mind changed by this video, but maybe their friends and family will see it and convince them to look the truth in the eyes for their own sake.

    • Jeff Reviews says:

      Bagel Eclair Well yeah, but Anti-Vaxxers can’t make a convincing argument to save their lives. This video has facts starring at them strait in the face, and they still won’t listen (see the person commenting above).

    • Hank Nelson says:

      Interesting, I’m curious about it can I read the blog my friend?

    • Dawn Jintersmith says:

      Well, I mean yeah, of course they would have shared it if it had confirmed their beliefs. Anyone would have, it’s common sense.

    • Bagel Eclair says:

      +Jeff Reviews Yeah, I’m more speaking in hypotheticals. If they showed evidence for anti vaxxers, I doubt I’d take it seriously. Hearing one thing for your whole life, itd probably be hard for the rug to be ripped from beneath you. Then again, I guess most anti vaxxers are paranoid parents, so unless they come from paranoid parents themselves I’d hope they could change their outlook

    • Jeff Reviews says:

      Bagel Eclair I like to think my mind can be changed with enough evidence, but you’re right, it’s human nature for people to push away things they’re not comfortable with.

  8. flamix13 says:

    At the time of this comment
    at 1,900,000 views
    3,000 dislikes
    3000 kids aren’t getting vaccinated

    • Jayden Fountain says:

      Drakon Silverwing also considering antivaxxers May not have children I’d say around 4000

    • Kitfoxdragon says:

      And statistically, 750 out of each thousand will end up with huge hospital bills and six of those 3,000 kids will die. 🙁

    • Manaphy099 says:

      Anti vax households are like the Middle Ages so it is more likely that they had like 7 kids to make sure at least one survived

    • Mathew Black says:

      +Kitfoxdragon that’s what the other 3 kids are for …. Getting jobs and help paying for medical bills

  9. Dj Tzonev says:

    Sadly those who need to hear this, won’t.

    What I mean by that is, it won’t register in their brains as useful information.

  10. The Stay-at-Home Ghost says:

    Couple things: For vaccines which are capable of causing serious side-effects, there are simple genetic tests that you can perform in advance to check for the possibility of a negative reaction.

    Also, while properly handled vaccines are fine, it is very dangerous to use a spoiled or tainted vaccine. Many vaccines produced in China or the third world really ARE dangerous–not because they’re vaccines, but because they’re made in really shady labs/conditions. Check with your doctor and be sure you know where your medicine comes from.

    • Sébastien Berger says:

      it’s sad, if I was living in china I would have been an antivax and I would not trust the government.

    • Jacob Carvalho says:

      They’re not dangerous. They are simply more dangerous. At most 5 times as likely to cause serious side effects which is not a lot considering how safe first world vaccines are. Not to mention any and all drugs used in the US are subject to the FDA who have the highest standards in the world. So your not getting any of those slightly worse batches from other countries. Barely .0005% of vaccinations will be harmful even when made in third world countries. They are made with an over 100 year old medical technique after all and even the poorest country has more than enough skilled doctors and equipment to make them safely.

    • Wander With Purpose says:

      +Jacob Carvalho lol the FDA does not have the highest standards in the world. European countries have far higher standards.

    • Jacob Carvalho says:

      +Wander With Purpose For food and medicine? Nope FDA is “king” there and often not in a good way. For vehicles, waste disposal and pollution reduction for EU has the best and most strict agencies though.

    • Ayman Ayad says:

      Imo India and Egypt still have really high quality medicinal and the UAE have a really high quality medical production, just dont buy the cheap stuff imo

  11. Colin says:

    “Vaccines cause autism, trust me I know.” – person working at Denny’s who thinks they know more than biomedical engineers

    • Jayden Fountain says:

      -genders studies prof

    • Jayden Fountain says:

      Angela Nguyen listen, it’s time to call cps, what they are doing is child abuse. They are trying to kill you.

    • Angela Nguyen says:

      +Jayden Fountain no idea if you joking or not but im vacinated and have to get revacinates actually cause it didnt work the first time or something? But I was talking about like Im sick and the doctors are like rest and my parents are like get up and do some chores, it will help circulating your blood and you wont be sick anymore type of thing.

    • Rumford Chimpenstein says:

      you can trust the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program statistics though, those injuries are investigated and real

    • WhereAml says:

      +Angela Nguyen lets say that after a certain number of years your immune system starts to loosely “forget” about the disease so take the second dose (know as ‘booster’ shots) as a lil reminder to your immune system. These are usually amount less than the initial dose, and so the chance of side effects are even lower

  12. Emer OBrien says:

    Such a good video because I am one of the few that cannot get the mmr vaccine because of an allergy. Thank you guys!!

    Ps. Love your channel ❤️

  13. Gazelle Tanglao says:

    Kurzgesagt: uses clickbate

    Antivaxxer: finally someone has done their research, antivaxxers is confused

    Kurzgesagt: shows basic information a person with common sense will know

    Antivaxxer: has hurt itself in it’s confusion

    • hippyjason says:

      ​+Alexander Willis Citation for your CDC claims needed. Provide link, or your rant is going to be forever labeled as BULLSHIT.

    • Gazelle Tanglao says:

      +Alexander Willis sorry your children got the bad side effects but if you don’t give a link, im saying it’s bs, sorry

    • Detective Biscuit says:

      Alexander Willis I call bs

    • Sea Gall says:

      Alexander Willis LoL, big pharma loses money from doing this. I claim your post bull crap. Yes, while they haves pulled in billions over the years, statistics say that the USA alone has spent trillions on vaccines. People are honestly so stupid. Good thing that your children haven’t survived the measles, so your disgusting genetics don’t have to be passed down.

    • Panda - Panda says:

      I am glad Kurzgesagt made it’s thumbnail seem like it is supporting anti-vaxxers since it would draw in the audience and then rebut them, at least trying to get through their feelings wall.

  14. Ghlbtsk [Sam Z] says:

    Antivaxxers: I’m gonna pretend I didn’t see that

  15. smgamermat77 - Aku says:

    Three thousand anti-vaxers got clickbaited. We did it bois.

  16. Elle Cook says:

    TIL – 3.1k antivax idiots unsubbed to this awesome channel.

    “Feelings are often immune to facts”
    Apply essential oils to burned area.

  17. PhantomStrider says:

    The sad part is, even when Kurzgesagt covers this with pages and pages of sources, this still isn’t enough to convince many anti-vaxxers. That being said, I really hope to be proven wrong on that in the future.

    • Drake Rose says:

      This is called confirmation biased. Anti-vaxxers will know that any evidence that is contrary to their own beliefs will make them feel personally attacked for their belief. This allows the anti-vaxxer to become more clenched to their false belief. They only will accept “evidence” that backs up their own agenda. Really sad honestly. It honestly may never be enough to convince them.

    • Loxodon Locuturus says:

      I think you assume too much. There are probably some anti-vaxxers who will be persuaded by the evidence presented by the sources. You probably shouldn’t be making snarky Youtube comments to put your fellow humans down.

  18. Half the time Every time says:

    I absolutely love that this channel uses a reverse clickbait style

  19. Asher Demmin says:

    Anti-vax mom: *scrolling through recommendations*
    Anti-vax mom: *sees video*
    Anti vax mom: evidence! *Shares the video on Facebook without watching*

  20. Porter Hales says:

    I’m legit allergic to vaccines. So thanks to the rest of yall for keeping us out of the cross fire.

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