The Simple Secret of Runway Digits

The Simple Secret of Runway Digits

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+ Dr. Charlie Freeman: Department Chair and Distinguished Teaching Professor at SUNY Geneseo
+ Doug Moss: Owner of AeroPacific Consulting
+ John H. Mott: Advanced Aviation Analytics Institute for Research at Purdue University
+ Office of the Secretary General: International Civil Aviation Organization
+ Derek Muller:

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40 Responses

  1. CGP Grey says:

    Nice to be back : )

    There will be a full director’s commentary tomorrow, but for now there’s a deleted scene to tide you over:

  2. Syy says:

    Grey has finally reached Phase 3 of his Cinematic Universe, where every video is constantly crossing over and cameoing with each other, and it is incredible.

  3. Dobra Espacial says:

    This video is PURE GOLD. Thanks, Grey.

  4. briansmobile1 says:

    I love aviation. And I love CGP Grey videos. AND I love tangents that come back together. And I LOVE physics! I giggled like a kid through this whole video!

  5. Tim McCaughey says:

    “In the world of Quantum, words mean nothing.” Is the most accurate colloquial take on quantum theory possible.

  6. Sonia’s Way says:

    “There’s only math, that we’re not going to do”
    As a math major, what a relatable statement

  7. Mark Rober says:

    The coriolis effect sneaking back was a twist I was not prepared for

  8. Val Blome says:

    Great stuff! I’m a pilot and flight instructor, so I knew a lot of this content. I even considered skipping this one because of that, but I looked at the length of the video and thought, “I have to find out where he takes this…” I am 100% glad to have watched this. I learned a lot. I had no idea Canada named runways after true north. I also knew that magnetic north moved, but I’d never bothered to learn the physics of why. I will absolutely recommend this video to my students. (Also… Winds are named backwards, but there’s an advantage to it! The runway is named the direction it goes, and wind is named from the direction it came from. Because you always want to takeoff and land with a headwind, this opposing system means the runway numbers roughly match the wind numbers. If a pilot checks the weather and knows wind is 300 degrees, then they know to land on runway 30 (or whichever runway is the closest to the wind number.) It’s great – no critical thinking required – which is exactly what you want in the busy airport environment.)

  9. jetkill97 says:

    As a civil engineer who specifically works on airports, this video has made my day. 100% true. A lot of interesting science went on to figure out the font sizing for the runways XD

  10. Eye In The Sky says:

    As a real world pilot, I didn’t think that what was a five minute discussion in flight school could be turned into nearly 20. Well done.

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