The Simple Solution to Traffic

The Simple Solution to Traffic

The way we can make traffic disappear.
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20 Responses

  1. Movie Munchies says:

    200 likes in under 50 seconds? Y’all haven’t even watched the video yet LOL

  2. Marques Brownlee says:

    Love this. Can’t wait til 2030 when every car on the road has autopilot

  3. Hedgpig says:

    I’m getting a premonition of the future… something something “right to

  4. samramdebest says:

    to everybody complaining about that they like driving and thus are opposed
    to the ban, I have a solution:
    1) do the ban anyway
    2) replace the windows with displays
    3) hook up the regular controls the a driving simulation.
    4) play that driving simulation game while the self driving car takes you
    from A to B

  5. Daniel Lee says:

    just exterminate humanity. No more problems.

  6. Livid Imp says:

    I support the death penalty for tailgaters and people driving slow in the
    fast lane.

  7. Zane Peterson says:

    This is why the government should give everyone a Ferrari. Faster
    acceleration = less traffic.
    Less traffic = getting to work/school faster.
    Getting to work/school faster = a more productive society.
    A more productive society = Maybe enough revenue to pay off all those

  8. Hynes Paul says:

    This video is brought to you in association with *TESLA*…XD

  9. Jeffery Liggett says:

    Ban humans from the internet.

  10. Dinonid123 says:

    Teach this in schools, now.

  11. Grass says:

    if they ban manual driving cars life would be 100%less fun.

  12. Doug Landrum says:

    a simpler solution would be to not issue dl to women and foriegners lol

  13. tifforo1 says:


    Don’t be the dick who enters an intersection that they won’t be able to
    clear by the time the light turns for people going the other direction to
    get through. I know it can be challenging to predict this while also
    accelerating quickly, but if the light at the next intersection past the
    one you’re about to enter is red, and there are already enough cars ahead
    of you to fill the space between the intersections, DON’T ENTER IT.

  14. Mr Schrödinger - I am the one who games. says:

    Don’t force me to use an auto driving car! I REFUSE to use a computer for
    my job because I prefer the freedom of manually entering spreadsheets with
    500+ items and nine columns per item, four of which include calculations.
    Stop the tyranny of being made to use electronic databases instead of my
    own system which involves several filing cabinets with cross-referenced
    entries in alphabetical order. I don’t care if it makes my company slow,
    inefficient and error-prone, I will not bow down to the computer overlords!

    And this is what it sounds like when the obviously better option is being
    rejected because ‘the old way is best’ (which it definitely is not). Shed a
    tear for the knocker-uppers, the lamplighter and the chimney sweep, for
    their jobs no longer exist.

  15. Sarah Szabo says:

    I totally support banning humans from driving on the road, but only as soon
    as autonomous driving reaches a certain trustworthiness.

  16. Ugly Weirdo says:

    Yet to read comments. I bet they are fun. Great vid.

  17. ito123456789 says:

    Just ban women from driving and problem solved. No need to thank me.

  18. cory Sensei says:

    Haven’t watched the video yet I hope you say trains.

  19. MehdiNPartDeux says:

    There is a magical place where people do drive lie this ( 4:12 )…it’s
    called India.

  20. SirWaffleOfSyrup says:

    What abut ban humans from the road but have tracks where people can race
    across all experience levels? Both fun and safe!