The Sims™ 4 Eco Lifestyle: Official Gameplay Trailer

The Sims™ 4 Eco Lifestyle: Official Gameplay Trailer

Discover what you can do for the world in The Sims™ 4 Eco Lifestyle Expansion Pack!* Sustainable living starts with reducing, reusing, and recycling, but it goes far beyond that. Learn more here:

Every choice you make affects your community—and their choices affect you too! From the power sources you rely on to how you design your home to the Neighborhood Action Plans you vote for, even the smallest changes can have a huge impact. Will you go green or embrace the swarms of flies?

Available June 5, 2020, on PC/Mac, Xbox One, and PlayStation®4.

Learn more about this Expansion Pack:
Preorder now for PC, Mac, and Xbox One:


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89 Responses

  1. It’s a n n a says:

    I feel like it should have been a game pack still-

    • Viktor Algotsson says:

      In Realm of Magic, they literally made two worlds. Now we’re getting an expansion with one world and no new actual “expanding” gameplay. I know the worlds keep changing and all, but I totally agree. It should be a Game Pack.

  2. M dreezy says:

    14k likes in 1 hour? Yeah there’s definitely some automation going on with that, EA too scared to let this video get nearly 50% dislikes like the announcement one.

    • Kevin García says:

      Yeah it’s very likely. With all the heat this pack is getting it wouldn’t surprise me.

  3. Wigtastic says:

    I haven’t seen any youtubers cover this today, everyone is covering paralives lmao

    • Alexander Caplenor says:

      dr103 yes

    • F S says:

      EA deserves every bit of it! Go paralives 🙂

    • Loorsey says:

      @Alexander Caplenor true that. Their like dislike ratio compared to this video is hilarious

    • Alexander Caplenor says:

      Loorsey ikr🙂

    • Becca B says:

      to be fair I don’t want to sound like a total downer or anything. It just that they are either streaming and already recorded, rendered, and uploaded a video. Yes, paralives look cool and deserve attention as much as any other game. It takes a long time to record, edit and upload a video to a platform like youtube. This video came out after the paralives video. again, it doesn’t matter what I think or how you say it. Its how the creators are taking it. and in my opinion, it is just a thing that makes our lives more interesting. it how you take it into your perspective and comprehend what’s been shown to you.

  4. TheEverlastingSilverGladeOnTheMoon says:

    This still doesn’t feel like an expansion yet…does anyone just feel this ‘empty’ feeling?? It’s been happening more with sims 4 lately and it’s honestly just sad like realm of magic was amazing on the surface but once you dug deeper it felt empty same with island living, that felt like a gamepack etc etc sims 4 just needs help and desperately

    • Felix Nachname says:

      I want Realm of Magic as an Expansion

    • carly james says:

      yo fr, and I feel like the spells in realm of magic were just kinda random.

    • Equestrian over here says:

      so true!

    • Leah Lipinski says:

      Here is so much negativity on here 🤔 if if all of you negative Nancy’s get together and make your own Sims game you can have whatever you want. 😳🙄everything’s not perfect everything’s not what you want well guess what That’s life. On a better note I cannot wait to make candles! And rock in a rocking chair while knitting thank you very much. 👏👏👏👏💜💜💜💜

    • Anna Le says:

      I completely agree with you.. i´m very happy to not be the only one feeling like this 😀 I feel like it was different with vampires & city living, but during the last time, every new pack felt empty and too expensive. And concerning eco living: If the gameplay options showed in this trailer are all the interisting ones, then I am really, really disappointed.

  5. Folktales In some tales says:

    What I want : cars, open wolrd, fairies, werewolf etc.
    What they give : *YOU CAN WOOHOO IN A TRASHCAN NOW*

    • A Ellard says:

      Exactly *face palm*

    • E.T. Phone Wrong Number says:

      Well, to be honest an open world is impossible at this point. The game just isn’t built that way. And there’s no point to cars without an open world. But otherwise, yeah, what happened to a new occult with every pack?

  6. HerHollyness says:

    Is that it? So the reveal trailer showed everything then? I was assuming this ‘gameplay trailer’ would reveal that there was more to the pack than originally met the eye, but no. That literally is it.
    What makes this worth $40? What GAMEPLAY does it add?
    You can eat bugs? Ew, plus we already can with Outdoor Retreat.
    You can recycle stuff and make new things? OK, but why? I don’t imagine the furniture the Sims can make are going to be high quality, even at the top level of the ‘upcycling’ skill (that’s if they even add a new skill – they might not have put that much thought into it).
    You can vote on what to do with a community lot? OK, but seems pointless when normally we can just design and build whatever we want on community lots. That’s like they’re removing functionality if anything.
    You can ‘reduce your eco footprint’ by buying solar panels and wind turbines? Doesn’t add gameplay – just retroactively makes the ‘Off the Grid’ lot trait added ages ago now work properly at last.
    You can grow gardens in a vertical 2×1 stack instead of a 2×2 plot on the ground? OK, but again why?
    I honestly can’t think of any new gameplay that is actually being added by this pack. It’s another one, like Island Living, that people will buy because it looks shiny and then very quickly realise, “This is boring. You can’t actually do anything.”
    Someone please enlighten me – what new GAMEPLAY is there? I’m not interested in replies about ‘cleaning up the world’ or ‘new animations’. Those aren’t gameplay. Those aren’t new things that extend the life of the game and keep you interested in it. So tell me, what does it add?

  7. CandyCandy says:

    “Weird flex, I know” y’all heard that too right? Aight…imma head out ✌🏾

    • S C says:

      They didn’t even use it correctly. If it was a sim or person is talking about being an advocate for anything, how is that a flex?

      Me: “I am an advocate for help the children society”

      EA: “Weird flex, but okay…”

    • CandyCandy says:

      S C I said the exact same thing in another comment. The context is way off. Definitely giving me 40+ year old trying to fit in with the youth vibes and using slangs inappropriately. Cringe…

    • Chance says:

      @CandyCandy girl have you met maggie? let’s go chill with her cause don’t nobody got time for this bs💀

    • Annie Nguyen says:

      So forced I almost gagged. It’s trying so hard it seems like they’re making fun of us

    • Misticl124 says:

      I was looking for this comment like honestly what where they thinking

  8. atakwan says:

    the weird part is; when you state your opinions people call you “hater”? sorry this pack can’t take 40 dollars from me. be realistic.

    • Hana Lavižati says:

      I actually do think it’s kind of a cool ideaand I like the pack so far, but yeah maybe it’s not worth 40 dollars. If I still like it I will buy it when it goes on sale half of few months later.

    • Danielle Darling says:

      Weird part is; the community voted for this pack about a year or so ago. So if the community is gonna complain about something the community voted for, who’s at fault here?

    • Bárbara Verly says:

      160 in my country………….

    • Melli Vanelli says:

      Okay, who cares? Then just don’t buy it

    • KlearChristal says:

      @Danielle Darling The community voted for a eco theme stuff/game pack…not a full on expansion. As a stuff pack it’s fine, but as a expansion? It’s not much to work on and comes across as shallow in the content department.

      It’s like spreading tablespoon of jelly on bread vs spreading a tablespoon of jelly on a football field size loaf. Inevitably, it’s going to feel souless because the concept topic wasn’t meant to be stretched into something so big.

  9. Cynical Amber says:

    So who else already met Maggie after coming here? 😂

  10. Michael C. says:

    I feel like they are talking to us like we’re 2 years old

    • Zana Music says:

      Nguyen Dan older teens and full grown adults play the sims. These kids don’t know about the sims 😂😂

    • シUna says:

      @Savage Cabbage same lmao

    • Father Louis Williams Suga Adams Jr. the 3rd says:

      I started playing the sims 2 when I was 5 (oops) and now I’m an adult I feel like theyre talking to 5 year old me, lol why is the narration like that?

    • Howling_Comet! says:

      Why are they voice dubbing the Sims?? The most unique part of the game is the Simlish!

    • Scandal Fanatic says:

      A lot of Simmers who filmed reaction videos talked bout how confusing the trailer was and how they didn’t understand a lot about the pack. I think this was done in response to that.

  11. Nina Vinterová says:

    The marketing division failed.
    This trailer is awkward. Sounds like a school project.

    • S C says:

      Clean up the community project and the gardening project. Back in the 7/8th grade was my absolute favorite project. I love getting my hand dirty. And using poop to help plant stuff. It was the best project ever, I didn’t despise the tedious clean up work one bit😐 😶

    • Zenigundam says:

      Do you have any pics, Nina? I’m on a quest for a gf. I won’t fail like you like the marketing division failed Sims fans.

    • The Howler says:

      Sounds like a Troom Troom video to me

    • T Wvea says:

      The only thing I liked were the build objects….

  12. AmberV says:

    “I go to university and the whole town falls in love with trash?”

    *can we date trash in this pack?*

  13. Ayşenur Ekinci says:

    no one:
    literally no one:
    EA: We love some home-grown ultra-organic fresh farm-to-table fizzy juice

  14. midnightwatch12 says:

    Me: “the more I learn about eco lifestyle, the more interested I become. It actually sounds interesting.”
    *sees this* me: “… ehhh.. nvm.”

    • Georgia Theocharidou says:

      Exactly! I was looking forward to the gameplay trailer waiting to see something new (like how did the world get polluted), but there was nothing. I hope they just did a bad job with the trailers.

    • Mel Z says:

      Georgia Theocharidou have you played this game? No more lore no in depth traits that actually matter, no consequences and no story progression. Thank God for the mods fixing this diy recycling project of a game

    • Pop Quiz says:

      They should have shown the part where the other sims worlds got effected then people wouldn’t be so pissed.

    • A G L A Y A says:

      Exactly omg

    • Georgia Theocharidou says:

      @Mel Z Well you ‘re right, but the information they were giving on Twitter seemed promising.

  15. Furqan Yousaf says:

    Harvesting crunchy insects for a crunchy alternative for meat. WTF

  16. LM JN says:

    This may actually be the first time I don’t buy a Sims pack…EA, you’ve let us down again and I don’t think you’ll ever actually listen to your gamers, SMH 🤦🏾‍♀️

    • Equestrian over here says:

      i mean there are the votings about the stuff pack (yk, laundry day, knitting thingi)
      but mostly they don’t really care…

  17. enoughtomatosoup says:

    Simmers: hey, can we have more traits for our sims and dinamic relationships?
    Sims team: *EAT BUGS*

  18. Sanity! At The Library says:

    I’mma just stop being disappointed and sulking over this pack and just skip over it. It just sucks bc I bought every Sims pack since 2008 and bc I was waiting so long for a new expansion. I guess this means I should just stop expecting so much from subpar game.

    • littlecoconutinc says:

      I’m in the same boat. This is the first EP I’m not buying. I was hoping this trailer might change my mind but now I want to play even less…

    • Equestrian over here says:

      you bought my first pet stuff?
      (also, you‘re so right)

  19. Meru Meru says:

    The Sims fans: Please give us bunk beds and storytelling. We’re begging u

    EA: So here’s an expansion pack where you eat cockroaches as a cRuNChy aLtERnaTIvE tO mEAt

    • Father Louis Williams Suga Adams Jr. the 3rd says:


    • Witchy Woman says:

      At least we finally get ladders in base game

    • Eric Rosa Santana says:

      Yeah but let’s skip the part where sims fans are asking for storytelling… the sims is a franchise that clearly YOU tell the story from where it ended, not them.

    • Stacy Winchester says:

      @Eric Rosa Santana That’s what people are asking for dumbass. We want the tools to tell a story.

    • Eric Rosa Santana says:

      Stacy Winchester All The Sims base games always have the tools to tell a story. (And no reason to call me dumbass)

  20. Madison Taylor says:

    The Sims Team:
    Maggie: Weird Flex but Okay

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