The Sims™ 4 Eco Lifestyle: Official Reveal Trailer

The Sims™ 4 Eco Lifestyle: Official Reveal Trailer

Play to change and make a difference in The Sims™ 4 Eco Lifestyle Expansion Pack!*

Move into a community of fellow collaborative makers to help your new neighbors decide on a Community Space Project, reduce your eco footprint, and watch your neighborhood transform. Ready for your Sims to impact their world?

Available June 5, 2020, on PC/Mac, Xbox One, and PlayStation®4.

Learn more about this Expansion Pack:

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101 Responses

  1. The Sims says:

    Welcome to Evergreen Harbor! 🏘️ Join your fellow collaborative makers and sustainability activists in The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle, coming to PC, Mac, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on June 5, 2020!

    • MischievousMischief says:

      @Nymph Aura Say it louder!!!

    • Katie Wolf says:

      Makeup or Breakup Blog it was voted on for a stuff pack. Not a $40, $10 short of half of $100 expansion pack. If this was a game pack or even a stuff pack, everyone wouldn’t mind it. I get some people want it but I’ve seen around 10 out of 300 comments that are positive. A lot of loyal fans to this franchise are very disappointed and over EA doing this over and over.

    • Olya says:

      This is such a failure 😪

    • Marbled Fashion says:

      Katie Games we’re not being dramatic! Do you know how much money we’ve wasted on this game? And for what? It’s not even worth our coin at this point… especially during these times. The owner of this game is greedy and arrogant. He has $22.b net worth. So would it hurt him to raise the prices down a bit- no it wouldn’t. So yeah we’re being “dramatic” it’s not just about the pack, but it’s about the fact that we wasted our money on the dumbest expensive things ever, only to be treated like trash. #StanParalives.

    • coinínbán says:

      this isnt a game anymore, this is like poorly made pandering in hopes of consumers paying up…. WONT PLAY THE SIMS 4, EVER.

  2. rebecca jones says:

    I feel like EA are just focusing all their packs around being Eco friendly to make people more aware which is great and all but shouldn’t they be making things that us simmers actually want!? In my opinion, they should have made maybe one big expansion pack centred around being environmentally friendly where they had everything from this pack, island living, tiny living and more and then making more packs on things we actually want. That way, all us simmers would be getting what we want whilst they are also raising awareness. What they have done with these latest packs feels really lazy and un-needed. JUST MY OPINION.

    • Courtney Lee says:

      No I conpletly agree. I can see your side and EA’s side. If people like for example like myself who haven’t got Tiny Living or Island Living as I just dont like the look of them as I’m not a beach person, I think they’ve made another pack similar but not the same if they notice their numbers down more than up.

      At the same time I agree with you because how many times are they going to just do the same things just in different form. I’d like to see an organic way of living so theh already have recycling in this pack, cleaning the litter on Island Living but like growing your own food like wheat, corn, etc having your own cow for milk. Chickens. Even having a vegan option maybe?!

    • Olive Walsh says:

      You voiced your opinion rlly well and respectfully, unlike others, but we did vote for this eco category back at the time of laundry day, so they put a spin on the category the community wanted and transformed it into a really cool seeming pack! Is it quite expansion, we’ll see, but it could be very cool! 🙂

    • tara lamlam17 says:

      rebecca jones

    • Samantha Fisher says:

      rebecca jones yeah it kinda feels like a laundry day expansion pack, which would have been fine if it was ALL included in one pack

    • Dylan McWilliam says:

      I don’t how many times ive had to say it

  3. Wiktoria Aleksandrowicz says:

    Everyone: I want a farm!
    Ea: We have got a farm at home.
    Farm at home:

  4. BassKa Rawrr says:

    I love the irony here. Because this is one big garbage.

  5. Jasemine_Hyena says:

    Litteraly nobody asked for this. Nobody wanted this. This could’ve been a game pack like Tiny Living and it would’ve been much better and more well-received. But dedicating an entire expansion pack to something nobody asked for? Come on guys….

    • First Name Last Name says:

      @Alina Fedenova I agree. If you enjoyed playing TS1, TS2 and TS3 then go back to playing them. I personally loved TS2 and played it again but soon got bored and it’s weird glitches. So I’m playing TS4 again and not looked back like you said it’s smooth as butter on the PC.

    • Jizelle Rivera says:

      I actually voted for this so speak for yourself and both others

    • tara lamlam17 says:


    • Nontando Patrick says:

      For god sakes this is what i hate about the sims community , if you dont want it dont get it simple as. People voted for this pack in 2017. You dont have to be so negative.

    • Gabriele Basso says:


  6. Cleor Emmar Rickay says:

    This concept with “Save the Neighbourhood’ has been seen MULTIPLE times with packs like Island Living and StrangerVille. Why are Maxis/EA so obsessed with one time gameplay? Theres no replay ability. Just like Island Living and Strangerville, your gonna do it once and thats it. Not worth $40+

  7. NumNumMunchies says:

    This should have been a stuff pack. This doesn’t look fun.

  8. Green Buzz says:

    Really wished we had options toward a life simulator not just EAs money grab option.

  9. Lee Seliga says:

    As I was watching this all I could think was “don’t we already basically have this in City Living?” “don’t we already have this in Seasons?” “isn’t this in Island Living?” It feels like you just took bits and pieces from all of the other packs you already had, compiled it into one place, and are trying to sell it as it’s own pack. Honestly? I buy all of these packs myself but I would be surprised in myself if I bought this pack, unless it was discounted 75% one day or something

    • Katelyn says:

      I agree with you!! It’s the same thing every time. I haven’t bought any packs for almost a year. I would only get this and the other stuff I haven’t bought if it was 75% off or close to free. I thought the same thing you did while watching this. Isn’t this already in ___ pack? Why didn’t they put it in ____ pack? I hope they change this around soon!

    • infinitely immortal says:


    • RoxyLuffer says:

      ACTUALLY: What they seem to have done is taken things that you guys voted for in the 2017 vote and put them into OTHER things. THIS is the parent, and those are the offspring, if you will. There’s likely more things they haven’t shown us so stop nitpicking.

    • Lee Seliga says:

      RoxyLuffer the trailer is what shows the highlights though, so whatever else they may have obviously wasn’t important enough for them to want to showcase. And I will continue to nitpick, I love this game, I paid $60 for it when it first came out and I continue to buy most of the packs they release as soon as they release them. I’m not willing to buy a pack full of the “offspring” details that I already own for $40

  10. Svea Allan says:

    This looks like a homeless simulator. The clothes and hairstyles aren’t appealing at all, and thats what I’d be buying for because the gameplay looks like it takes 1 sim week and then its just another greener san myshuno. No thanks.

  11. Charlie Lauenborg says:

    Eco living game pack or stuff pack I could understand, but an entire expansion..?
    I am a little concerned about how this could provide enough content for the price tag.

  12. X O says:

    Ok at this point EA needs to definitely hire some new content creators cause these people keep coming up with the same boring stuff 🤦‍♀️. I need storyline, goofiness, surprises, CREATIVITY, FUN, and actual content that’ll add to my game.

  13. Julzzz says:

    can’t wait for my sim to be sad about air quality for 6 hours

  14. Aηgεレßεαm19 says:

    They LOVE to recycle animations, don’t they 🙃

  15. chrizellio says:

    I feel bad for all the hate they’re getting. But tough. The audience needs something else. Sims 4 just hasn’t been it for a lot of us. I haven’t played in weeks. I feel if I do something once, I’ve done it all. There’s no repayable gameplay. There’s no curiosity and excitement like with the sims 3. Sims 5 needs to come out or something has to change, otherwise I’m afraid the sims is gonna lose more loyal players than they already have. And don’t even get me started on the over pricing. It makes me angry and sad honestly. I’ve seen better mod packs that are free.

    • Aldey Wahyu Putra says:

      Don’t feel bad, remember that they rip us off with $70 base game, and their parent company is EA.

    • Rose S says:

      @sakuraluvssasukexxx The sims 4 is a lot better for building and decorating. But they don’t have the same furniture swatches.

    • Bárbara P says:

      I agree with you, The Sims 3 is by far my favourite game because there was so much to do, i really just use The Sims 4 to build stuff because it looks prettier and it’s better for building.
      I bought The Sims 4 (Base Game) the other day and Tiny Living and honestly i don’t think i will buy any Ep,Gp or Sp any time soon because all together is expensive af, and having just a few is just boring as hell.

    • lili jean says:

      chrizellio i haven’t played in months and i loved this game

  16. A K says:

    remember when eco stuff, laundry and junk yard were little small details among other big features in sims 3 ambitions.

  17. Grace Cupp says:

    Everyone that keeps saying, “This was voted for, take or leave it.” Shut the Hell up. Yeah, it was voted to be a STUFF PACK. It really do be lookin like a Homeless simulator 😭😂

    • Kyla Leia says:

      Grace Cupp 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Grace Cupp says:

      @Wolfstar Nelson Honesty, they should’ve done a re-vote since Strangerville and Island Living came out since they have a lot of the same concepts. I didn’t personally vote for it, but I see a lot of people that probably did get angry over it

    • Cleor Emmar Rickay says:

      Wolfstar Nelson that just makes it worse. If this was their initial plan, they should’ve put Laundry Day in this and released it earlier. This shows that they literally take apart features for cash grab. Tiny living could’ve easily been put into this too. 🙄

    • Ugo Uchendu says:


  18. Gum Girl says:

    Just give us high schools, farming and bunk beds already.

  19. Ka Hei PUN says:

    I was actually expecting The Sims 4: My First Quarantine Stuff

  20. I Want Die says:

    Funny how this pack is about being eco-friendly: lots of stuff is *recycled’ from other packs.

    I’ll leave now.

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