The Sims™ 4 Realm of Magic: Official Trailer

The Sims™ 4 Realm of Magic: Official Trailer

Explore a supernatural world and master the art of wizardy in The Sims 4: Realm of Magic!*

Available September 10, 2019 on PC and Mac.

Learn more about this Game Pack:


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56 Responses

  1. chocoholicase says:

    I’ve waited for this day for so long, and it’s finally here, and my credit card is ready.

  2. Wandering and Wondering says:

    I love it. I can finally live my witchy dreams in the sims

  3. ShinyShilla says:

    If this is a Makin Magic like expansion, MAN I WOULD BE SO SIM!DEAD BY HAPPINESS

  4. Alexandra Herbold says:

    Welp, it’s time to surrender now and make peace with Jim Pickens before he destroys us all.

  5. Mrs. Style says:

    You dont need more pack
    CAOS Music start
    Also me: omg i need this?

    Thanks for the likes❤

    • Kenzie says:

      I literally told my friends yesterdayvafter I bought an expansion that 50% off that I wasn’t buying anything else for the sims. I must stay strong but we’ll see.

    • Lauren T says:

      @Kenzie girl thats never a promise! By next week you’ll have another pack I know by experience ?

    • Katy Reyna says:

      That’s true I stared with only one and for what I know now is that I have 3 and still planning to buy more ?

    • Mr. Unhappy says:

      @Katy Reyna I have every expension and i need to have this one because it looks amazing ?

  6. Cujo says:

    The real magic is watching $900 disappear from you wallet to buy the full game.

  7. Gacha Pig says:

    Me and my friend: I think witches n stuff in the sims would be cool!
    EA drone spying on the neighbors: Hehehehehe

  8. MikiZet 98 says:

    Finally now I’ll be able to make ahs: coven witches ???

  9. SEAsnake says:

    Can we please stop complaining about university?? We’ve known this was coming since June. Let’s just all try to be positive and excited for once.

    • livilove C says:

      @Aleksander Anan I’m pretty sure people would not want a open world again, the color wheel is what I want back. I just don’t think that University would work good in Sims 4, people get bored of new packs really easily actually ?. The majority of people who play the Sims have not requested University, instead we’re still fighting for our color wheel in CAS and Build Mode.

    • Aleksander Anan says:

      @livilove C – The main packs ARE seasons, university and pets. The fact they’ve been added so late doesn’t mean they aren’t, it just means EA is bad at releasing them in order people want them…
      – Considering the amount of people you say are “complaining” that this trailer isn’t a trailer to university, what gave you the idea univesity isn’t wanted by majority? Because, SURPRISE, it is and it’s pretty obvious, too…

    • Aleksander Anan says:

      @GTAEditor 36 I mean, sure. But in order to make the game, they need money. And I’m not buying for any of this. Neither are most people who wanted university. And then they can’t make any more games. So imagine, making university would make it WAY better for EA.

    • Jamazoid says:

      When it comes out, then we will stop complaining. Until then, we will complain.

    • Godcolovred Sovl says:

      SEAsnake no, I’ve been wanting university and I’ll complain til we get it ? and there isn’t even fairies or genies, they’re def magical creatures. But I guess we should be grateful for the bare minimum right? ? I mean it’s NOT like we’re spending hundreds of dollars to play these games. ?

  10. RiftTheWeird Guy says:

    No one:
    Comments: All hail Jim Pickens, our magical overlord.

  11. Martin Georgiev says:

    Sims 1:
    Making Magic
    Sims 2:
    Sims 3:
    Sims 4 Realms of Magic
    Harry Potter is Pleased
    (Thank you sims team for making my Harry Potter dreams in the Sims 4 true)

  12. Jaylen Wells says:

    The blonde guy reminds me of Michael Langdon from AHS (American Horror Story)??

  13. Ishita singh says:

    For everyone wondering, the music Is
    K. Flay – Blood in the cut ( YOUR WELCOME SWEETIE! Xxx)
    Also, excited for this since it comes out the day after my birthday! ?✨

  14. Star ! says:

    Damn we have mermaids,Aliens,Vampires,now witches and warlocks,But what about the werewolfs for october or maybe some new creatures idek…

  15. Luna says:

    What have yous done, why are yous giving such power to Kevin. Jim will destroy the world…the end is nigh

  16. Lacey Lee says:

    As if Jim Pickens didn’t have enough of a convoluted timeline

  17. Zuzana Suchá says:

    I’ll finally have an excuse for all the Harry Potter custom content I have!!

  18. Hunter Lawrence says:

    They released a trailer for a pack about wizards and all anyone’s talking about is Jim Pickens XD!

  19. DWargs says:

    Oh Wow, It’s a good thing that I”m finally happy with my Emma Watson Sim, because I’m about to change her name to Hermione Granger.

  20. Alana Brown says:

    I love how the main character is based off Sabrina Spellman and they used the simlish version of the song used in The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina trailer ?

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