The Sinister Disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa

The Sinister Disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa

Season Premiere. What really happened to this famed Mob figure?

BuzzFeed’s hit docuseries Unsolved True Crime follows conspiracy theory enthusiast Ryan as he deep-dives into the mysteries surrounding the most notorious unsolved crimes in history, in order to convince his dubious friend Shane that sometimes, the evidence isn’t always as it seems.

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Set of various paint splatters
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Finger Print Distressed
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vintage map of the world 1831
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Vintage light bulbs
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XXXL dark concrete
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Device Used In Pizza Delivery Man Explosion
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Teamsters Union President Jimmy Hoffa
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Gold coins in a chest
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Alcatraz Island
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Antique Locks Isolated On White
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Wealthy Criminal Sitting in an Armchair Between two Bodyguards
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Take a seat
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Mafia Boss John Roselli
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Sam Giancana Arriving in Court
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My eyes have seen a lot
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Portrait of Charles Colson Pausing at Watergate Hearing
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John Mitchell Speaking into Microphone
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Portrait serious senior businessman in conference room
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Male police officers on the beat
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Suspects in Hoffa Abduction Arriving for Lineup
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Russell Bufalino
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Murder Suspect Richard Kuklinski Enter Courtroom
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Portrait of Salvatore Briguglio
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Man with hat and sunglasses with facial scar and arms folded
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Serious businessmen
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High angle view of a bridge over a river, Kennedy Center, Watergate Building, Washington DC, USA
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Full Frame Shot Of Old Books In Library
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James R. Hoffa
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Exchanging Cards
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Silhouette business people discussing in meeting room
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Disco Girl
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Silhouette of Men in Smoke
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We’re going to do great work together
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Man in despair with raised hands and bowed head
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Abandoned home in Detroit, Michigan
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Close-Up Of Vintage Car Seat
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Cremation oven
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Bloodstain Set
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Male silhouettes with hand guns and rifles
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Close-Up Of American Dollars
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Empty prison cell
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Hands of a missing kidnapped
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Portrait of Frank Fitzsimmons
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Businessman clenching fists, cropped
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Horse Icon Set
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Organic Farmer
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Sunrise at the Cowboys
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Blank Corkb

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79 Responses

  1. Jarjarvideos says:

    Well Jimmy, I wanted to Hoffa you an offa ya can’t refuse.

  2. Haider Hasan says:

    Finally ! the boys got their own channel ???

  3. Jessica Jentix says:

    Yesss! I’m so glad Unsolved has a separate channel!

  4. Mighty Mingyu says:

    YES. New Channel, new season, YESSSSS.

  5. I’m Confused says:

    Nixon was a sociopath and a narcissist if he could stoop down to the level of the Mafia it wouldn’t be a surprise ۔

  6. crsytallyss xx says:

    I was sleeping when you posted this xd

  7. Charlotte Bishop says:

    Do Dianna pleasseee

  8. Charlotte Bishop says:

    Theory it wasn’t a box of salmon it was a box of Heffor ….. also I’m scared for you Ryan…..

  9. k a y l e e says:

    “so they both—”
    “rock solid!”
    “almost too rock solid..”

    so, what, are we not doing ‘phrasing’ anymore..? are we just going to let that sit there??

  10. Bill Slocum says:

    Passenger roll call: Chuckie O’Brien, Frank “The Irishman” Sheeran, Richard “Iceman” Kuklinski, Salvatore Briguglio, a crate of salmon: That’s a big Mercury Marquis. How did Hoffa squeeze in?

  11. Sigurd T S says:

    Don’t make this a youtube red series

  12. Amanda says:

    im so glad they got their own channel

  13. Amitha Alex says:

    When Ryan said “secondary location” I couldn’t help but laugh. Damn you J.J Bittenbinder.

  14. Kestal Gylbegajj says:

    Love that they listened to us and brought the old style of editing back for this episode. For some reason I enjoy it so much than the reenactments. Hope they keep it like this for the rest of the season

  15. Em B says:

    So glad this has its own channel!

  16. Angela Johnson says:

    I want the wheezes ????

  17. Isabella Cruz says:


  18. Ghost Ball says:

    These people have the most Italian sounding names I’ve ever heard in my life

  19. Spider Woman says:

    I’m all for it’s own channel but the cures words are what give it character. Don’t bleep it.

  20. Macy L. says:

    I can finally like and subscribe lol

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