The Sinister Reason Weed is Illegal

The Sinister Reason Weed is Illegal

Surprise: Nixon had zero chill.

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20 Responses

  1. Oscar - Barry Peanut says:

    I love the low key shade thrown at vine

    (at the start)

  2. Vincent Sayer says:

    Is CollegeHumour claiming black people are arrested more by the police for
    possessing weed than whites because they’re black? Right, because it’s
    obviously police racism (!)

  3. Taryn Goodge says:

    Marijuana needs to be treated just the same as alcohol and cigarettes are.
    You can consume it when you’re above a certain age, it’s taxed to
    Timbuktu and back, treated like cigarettes indoors and like alcohol
    outdoors, and you can’t be under the influence while driving or at work.
    (There are some areas where states need to chime in- whether smoking
    outdoors is legal or allowed in restaurants, etc.) Even in Colorado where
    recreational use is legal, you can still be fired for taking it, you can
    still be required to pass a drug test to be hired, etc. Treat it like
    alcohol and cigarettes, tax the crap out of it and put that tax money into
    public infrastructure, education, whatever each city/county/state needs.

  4. Hank says:

    Next thing you know, this commie will ruin propane and propane accessories.

  5. Leinad “leinadlink” link says:

    Marijuana can still be dangerous. Like with alcohol, don’t smoke and drive.

  6. 1ucasvb says:

    Adam is the best thing about CH. This was so well made.

  7. mouwersor says:

    Lsd and shrooms are even safer (for mentally stable adults).

  8. VIIflegias says:

    let me guess: the reasons are money and propaganda/marketing ( same thing
    really ).
    called it.

    i’m starting to spot a pattern with how weird bullshit gets to be ‘common
    knowledge’ or ‘normal’.

  9. Wetdragonfly says:

    Well surely it’s not good for your lungs.

  10. P-Duck says:

    DARE scared me so bad as a kid. I was hardcore anti-drug until I got woke
    af at age 26.

    Yeah, they’re brainwashing kids, it works, and it’s scary.

  11. RABBID RABBIT says:

    Wait if marijuana is legalized won’t the price of it drop and won’t the
    drug smuggling lower by like half of a percent

  12. Kieran Mahon says:

    Marijuana…they banned it because it was connected to VIOLENCE? Come on…
    even the squarest person alive knows it just makes you super lazy, hungry,
    and…well, stoned.

  13. SuperNinjadude47 says:

    i just clicked on this video and im lighting up a joint rn

  14. Mackigan says:

    wasn’t the paper companies the ones that wanted marijuana out of the way
    because it was cheaper and more ecological to make paper with it ?

  15. Zer0 says:

    AdamRuinsEverything, please make an episode on why wikipedia IS a reliable
    source, despite what our stupid college professors say…

  16. Gypsy Squid says:

    Funny enough, same propaganda was used against opium with asians. Raping
    white women is the LAST thing on anyone’s mind while on opium.

  17. Captain Obvious says:

    Studies show that 100% of people who smoke weed have and will die.

  18. mcc1789 says:

    Of course, other Nixon administration officials said the quote was bogus.

  19. Bill Davis says:

    I remember DARE from Elementary school. Man, that was a bi-weekly 45
    minutes of straight boring government sponsored propaganda.

  20. VictoriaAMS says:

    Weed isn’t bad actually… It’s a plant too, all weed does is make you high