The Sisters Cast Use Star Wars Action Figures to Convince You to See Their Movie Instead

The Sisters Cast Use Star Wars Action Figures to Convince You to See Their Movie Instead

Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Ike Barinholtz, Maya Rudolph, Rachel Dratch and Paula Pell are Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ worst nightmare.
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The Sisters Cast Use Star Wars Action Figures to Convince You to See Their Movie Instead

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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20 Responses

  1. jackbel10 says:

    Oh god.
    They’re all going to wake up to a bunch of death threats.

  2. Keanu Rattray says:

    moment of silence for every film in the box office that isn’t called Star

  3. xxLove96 says:

    Cue all the butt hurt Star Wars fans lol this was hilarious. Amy is so me
    haha definitely watching sisters this weekend!

  4. Claire Sarson says:

    “I don’t care about Star Wars, and I never f*cking did!” Truer words have
    never been spoken.

  5. Martell Ortiz says:

    I love all these fuckers . All of them! 

  6. Elizabeth Espinoza says:

    “I don’t care about Star Wars and I never did!!” Thank you Amy for speaking
    my truth!

  7. mest5621 says:

    I”ve never seen a Star Wars movie and don’t plan on starting either

  8. ramsy51 says:

    This is a reason to love Amy Poehler.

  9. Tucker Karnes says:

    Paula Pell is a genius

  10. Beatriz Sganzerla says:

    Amy Poehler is the best!! Love her

  11. Ana Laura Bagne says:

    God, I miss these girls on SNL

  12. OMJason says:

    Bless you, Amy Poehler.

  13. Tal Moore says:

    Tina’s sexy matador look makes me feel funny in my pants.

  14. Dango Ruiz says:

    Not a big fan of any of these act/ors/tresses but this made me laugh.

  15. crush537 says:

    The last good star wars movie was in 77. I probably enjoyed this little
    skit more than I will the new movie when I finally get around to watching
    it in 10 years.

    I’m still trying to forget the last 3 piles of crap that people keep
    telling me I should like.

  16. Marc Aquino says:

    Yeah, anyone who gets offended with this or “agrees” with what’s going on
    here doesn’t have a sense of humor….

  17. Justin Tran says:

    you know they all know that their movie is only going to make $100 the
    opening week because the only people that watched it are the cast members

  18. Steb says:

    Their movie would go on to bomb hard af because no one cares about any
    movie other than star wars rn.

  19. May Flower says:

    When that women stuck the black storm trooper down her paints I was dying
    laughing. But you have to admit it got really inappropriate fast but it was
    still hilarious # Sisters

  20. Psychosmurf43 says:

    Han Solo is killed by his son, Kylo Ren. Luke Skywalker has like 30 seconds
    of screentime.
    Oh, right