The Smallest House In The World

The Smallest House In The World

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Wild by KV
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71 Responses

  1. Miss W says:

    I love that the police officers protect the turtles!!!

  2. Sam Peck says:

    Is the watch for people with gambling addictions?

  3. Minh Hồ Gia says:

    how about we put the burger in the cheese and then we put that burger inside the cheese of the burger

  4. AVIAN GAMING says:

    2:46 what if you win ?

  5. APW says:

    That sea turtle thing MADE MY DAY

  6. G2H3LL says:

    0:37 It’s that spider dude from Monsters Inc.

  7. Peanut butter jelly says:

    I wouldn’t but that watch as it’s already been of a hairy hand…

  8. Somali pirate who's actually somali says:

    I don’t know if that chair is alive but. . .


  9. 6969 subscribers with no videos challenge says:

    I took too many doses of these today, now i know what an addiction feels like

  10. 6969 subscribers with no videos challenge says:

    1:00 that looks so satisfying!

  11. Dlol Face says:

    Professor X new ride

  12. Conor Merrill says:

    That house looks sweet, how much rent?

  13. Conor Merrill says:

    That wheelchair makes the guy look like some sort of super Villain!

  14. Wolf Khain says:

    that wheelchair was so badass….

  15. Hein Fourie says:

    You make the title the smallest house but show other videos stupid

  16. Viva Frei says:

    What is this, a house for single-cell amoeba? It needs to be at least… Three times bigger!

  17. Shawtyimapartytilldasundown says:

    I still can’t afford the house.

  18. Trouble says:

    That burger one is about to be on every single Snapchat story

  19. Jake Jacoby says:

    *It could probably house bacteria and tiny organisms, but that’s BOUT EET.*

  20. Kanchan S says:


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