The smartest and funniest game ever made

The smartest and funniest game ever made

The Stanley Parable is one of the funniest and smartest games ever created
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36 Responses

  1. Leonhart says:

    my gosh, that intro was fantastic; was about that time I started watching you on the regular… reminds me, “war has changed”

  2. Oliver Pearce says:

    “I want the bucket ending!”
    Little did Jack know, there was indeed a bucket ending and he could indeed take a bucket past the door that says no buckets past this point.

  3. shadic313 says:

    I’m a little disappointed he skipped through so quickly, the heft of him just disappearing and begging to not go have it so much heart wrenching stuff. I genuinely almost teared up when you found him repeating the end is never the end

    • Alshareef says:

      cope harder

    • antonio ඞ says:

      To me the skip eventually got to a point where either the narrator died from natural causes or by taking their own life from heartbreak. Truely a tragic ending

    • Shane M. says:

      I’ve sat through it, after each skip the new dialogue just starts looping after a minute or two its no different if you stay or skip it all

    • Kallias says:

      God I’m with you. I felt so bad. I wanted to hear what he was saying when he came back after the first silence. I wonder if another ending would have happened there 🤣

    • Legendary Silver says:

      I felt the same way, like, that ending was not making me feel good at all

  4. 우유와꿀 says:

    Almost started crying when he said “8 years ago”
    I seriously can’t believe I’ve been watching and growing along with Sean for almost a decade 😭

  5. glitchxmars says:

    I absolutely love the horror of existing LONG after everything has decayed and been broken and the future looks unrecognizable, in the sense that nothing has survived. The chills i got at the part where the narrator “the end is never the end is never the end etc.”? FANTASTIC. The horrible bat screeches? HELL YEA. The decayed and eventually completely demolished room that leads to a world that looks like it’s been through the Scorch?? FUCK YEAAAA LETS GOOOOO

  6. Slendermonkey7 says:

    I would just like to point out this game’s incredible attention to detail:

    The smoke detector went off cuz it reached the end if it’s lifetime of 8-10 years. Wow

    • Bryant Fontenot says:

      If I had a smoke detector that told me about that if I knew he existed earlier in life I would have lost a little bit of my sanity over how absolutely nostalgic adrenaline going through my brain.

    • Slendermonkey7 says:

      @Noam Keren omg yeah. That was the best

    • an 8th dimentional being says:

      @🤠🐎 thats because unlike a smoke alarm your phone is a complex computer that needs to be pulling power near constantly to keep running normally. a smoke alarm on the other hand just needs enough power to keep some simple particulate sensors and a light going, so a 9-volt battery is more than enough for several years of operation. the battery in your phone is a lithium ion rechargable battery, so it loses charge even when not being actively used.

    • Ankur Mahto says:

      recently dealt with that issue for the first time and had no clue what was going on, so when it showed up in the game, my brain instantly recognised. ‘oh yh, dead alarm’

    • Noam Keren says:

      @Slendermonkey7 ye I used to watch tons of youtubers from my mom’s phone, talking about like the old ssundee and jelly vids from like 7 years ago

  7. Alexander Hamilton says:

    This game, along with The Beginner’s Guide, will forever be some of my all-time favorite games. I’m so glad we’re back again and it’s absolutely insane to think that it’s been eight years since last time. Time really does fly, man.

  8. Elise touch says:

    You know when Jack makes a return to one of his old games then all the nostalgia that was years ago comes back and makes it 10 times better. We all should appreciate that Jack is bringing Bach the childhood we once had when growing up watching his videos.

  9. Kyle Goeller says:

    I feel proud to say that I am a JACKSEPTICEYE veteran, I started watching when he was that small epic child. You’ve come so far Sean, you should be proud of what you’ve accomplished.

  10. Nites Dawn says:

    Oh boy, I can’t wait until he finds a bucket! I’m certain there must be one in this game it’s what we’ve been waiting for for years! It’s such a revolutionary and amazing idea to have a bucket! I’m certain, given enough time and patience. We will find a bucket somewhere, it could be anywhere really! We just have to find it.

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