the smartest person ever

the smartest person ever

hey it’s me gabe (@gabesweats) from tiktok! in this video, i go over the smartest person ever.
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51 Responses

  1. Dassy says:

    this is a 300 iq moment

  2. Jlb says:

    I feel like a lot of people don’t know that the IQ is defined by the average test result, which is set to be EXACTLY 100.
    This get’s updated every few years so the average IQ will ALWAYS be exactly at 100.

  3. Florian Popescu says:

    “He is estimated to have had an IQ of over 275.”

    Among Us YouTubers: *Hold my 3000 IQ strategy.*

  4. Guy In A Room says:

    Some back story: his parents were both high level academics and agreed to try and make their child a genius before it was born, James sidis was certainly smart to begin with but his parents challenged him since the very beginning his whole life was dedicated to learning mostly math and language, he’s the result of natural talent and the dedication to spend his whole life learning more about maths made for him by his parents, he didn’t really care all that much about maths, more the validation he’d get for doing good. He never had a child hood or any social life really just learning from various experts, his parents and people he’s being bragged to by his parents. As an adult he was still very child like and socially completely inexperienced.

    It’s actually a very sad story at least they got the smartest kid in the world amirite? Ha ha… 😞

    • Psycho says:

      @PotatoPizza also I’m pretty sure that iq isn’t based around your smarts, but the quantity of your understanding of reason and problem solving.

    • Eric Espinal says:

      Is it natural talent if he’s forced to learn and shit

    • Anthony the Great says:

      I was about to comment on how lonely it would be having such a high IQ but that makes the situation a lot sadder

    • Why you mad bro'? says:

      @Boris Cuduco Because such a thing is stupid, plain and simple. They decided for him the moment he was born, and in the end he had no ambitions, had no one to relate to and was treated as a trophy by his parents to brag about. It is good to have a smart and brilliant child but not to the point where you basically ruin everything else and make them a living robot.

    • Jewel Fox Gaming says:

      Sounds like my parents

      Didn’t care for my life

      They just needed some tool to brag about and once it gets old they discard it

  5. Boomerman69 says:

    I think that Nickoli, Albert, and Leonardo are considered super smart is because of their accomplishments to move science forward and are information on those topics in science

    • MINECRAFT basics says:

      @I FOUND HIS JAMS l O l

    • Poops Pee pee says:

      @Otzaryah Hawkins cap, Nikola, Albert Einstein, and Da Vinci both did trial and error. Did some logical explanations. Researched. And invented and change science.

    • Pasquale Simonelli says:

      @MINECRAFT basics I (kind of) agree with that but I can think of at list a couple of things that classify him as a psychopath more convincingly XD. Still I’m not convinced he really was

    • Blaugrana lover says:

      Exactly. It’s call and all to remember languages and understand complex ideas, though if you can’t add or innovate anything then your super high IQ isn’t all that special.

    • Scheme Union says:

      Nikola is the smartest because he found the code to the universe aka “gods fingerprint “ the 3,6,9 theory if you wanna look it up. But that other dude is smart to, imagine if they worked together that would be crazy

  6. chelsea mooc says:

    now that’s what we call a worthy prodigy…
    all them asian parents be like: why you not smart like willam? william already have degree lah

  7. Risky says:

    Harvard university at 11 years old.. that is NUTS

  8. A monke says:

    The answer i would say : we don’t know as mark rober has said “we don’t know since it could be anyone in the world” and those people could have not had those opportunities and story never told

  9. E says:

    “The answer will surprise you”

    You think we’ve never randomly looked him up lol

  10. Isaiah Balahadia says:

    Plot twist: man is really a 30 year old man in a child’s body who got reincarnated into another universe which would explain how he could read the New York Times as an infant

    • I FOUND HIS JAMS says:

      Total isekai plot line but no his parents just forced him to study since he was like born apparently

    • Isaiah Balahadia says:

      @I FOUND HIS JAMS makes sense. They probably played like 20 different languages at the same time when he was a couple months old so his baby brain could learn it when it’s the easiest to learn

    • bj the amazing says:

      @Isaiah Balahadia I don’t know if this is a joke but that’s not how learning works. Not even at the age of 2.

    • HaHa says:

      @bj the amazing it’s probably a joke lol

    • Isaiah Balahadia says:

      @bj the amazing then how do babies learn how to speak a language without being taught? 🤔 just saying that whatever allows them to learn things easier as a baby could’ve explain how he learned how to read as a baby 😂

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