The Snail Is Revealed! Who’s Behind The Mask? | Season 5 Ep. 1 | THE MASKED SINGER

The Snail Is Revealed! Who’s Behind The Mask? | Season 5 Ep. 1 | THE MASKED SINGER

Check out who is under the Snail mask!

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Hosted by Nick Cannon, with guest host Niecy Nash and panelists Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke, “The Masked Singer” is a top-secret singing competition in which celebrities face off against one another while shrouded from head to toe in an elaborate costumes, concealing their identities. With each performance, the host, panelists, audience, viewers and even the other contestants are left guessing who the singer is behind the mask. The singers may attempt to throw off the crowd, but keen observers might pick up on tiny clues buried throughout the show. Each week, a singer is eliminated — and then reveals his or her true identity.

You Won’t Believe Who’s Getting Revealed Tonight! | Season 5 Ep. 1 | THE MASKED SINGER


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86 Responses

  1. Roblox_funneh_flams_.03 says:

    Sorry whoever voted should be in jail for keeping racoon

    • SamuraiDoggo says:

      I think the Racoon could be an old heavy metal artist.

    • Steve Faulkner says:

      Oh shut up with mocking Raccoon 🦝. Yea we get he was horrible. But look at the shocking unmasking. To be honest I had no idea who the Snail 🐌 was. I don’t think anyone would have expected to be Kermit The Frog 🐸. It’s got to be the best reveal I’ve ever seen too. People obviously 🙄 know who Raccoon 🦝 is. It’s obviously 🙄 Danny Trejo. Don’t diss him. I love Danny. He was on Rick And Morty too so I knew I recognized his voice. We all know he isn’t gonna make far too so don’t diss him. But nobody would have expected Kermit The Frog 🐸 do the show. Plus the other contestants we saw I think I know who they could be. Russian Dolls not Doll, is so Hanson obviously 🙄. The Seashell I believe has to be Tamara Mowry because if Adrian Bailon did the show, why not her too? And Robopine, I’m having debate about but I’m thinking it’s Tyrese because of the voice. But obviously he was lying 🤥 about the age. That’s my take on the show

    • Cassidy Stuidiot says:

      At this point I give up on the show

    • frog guts says:

      @Ram Ram busta rhyme was robbed, rappers never make it far in this show

    • シCookiedile says:

      This was even worst than zebra tbh

  2. Faith Harris says:


  3. jjvancen says:

    The Most lendgendary person on this show, can’t believe he got eliminated

    • Crazy Cockatoo says:

      We talkin about a show famous for kicking off legendary singers who won more awards then the younger ones yet all the young singers win. I mean Shaka got booted over the freaking White Tiger? The show is both a insult and a joke to those who would mop the floor with them if they truly took the competition seriously. But then again it’s apparently the Masked performer show now and sometimes Masked Popularity talent be damned

    • Morgan Fern says:

      @Ida Brumbelow he won an Oscar for Best Short film animated in 1986. I did not know this either. I had to look it up on google. I thought it was in the earlier 2000’s. I did not realize it was in the 80’s. I was not even born yet. But hey, at least he won that. I still wish we could have gotten to see more of him in this season. Hopefully more of the Muppets do the show in the future.

    • Ida Brumbelow says:

      @Morgan Fern he didn’t win or wasn’t even nominated for that, he actually presented that award. I don’t even remember Kermit actually having a short film.

    • Winter The amazing wolf says:

      @jjvancen it was you from group a season 4 group proformence

    • Morgan Fern says:

      @Ida Brumbelow if you google What award Kermit the frog won, there will be answers at the top of the page will say he won the award. I looked it up this morning.

  4. Willie Lloyd says:

    I am shocked that Kermit would do this show

  5. Captain Wonder Woman says:

    Kermit the frog, no way!!!!!! Our first muppet character on the masked singer btw.

  6. Sebastian The Gundam and Pretty Cure Fan 2006 says:


  7. Crede Collins says:

    I did not see that coming
    Imagine if Kermit actually went on to win season 5 lmao

  8. m wheaton says:

    He was robbed, Raccoon should have definitely gone home.

  9. A Human Deal With It says:

    You’re really telling me Kermit went home over the Raccoon?!

  10. Corey Naylor says:

    I am a HUGE fan of The Muppets ever since I was little. I guessed him as a joke at first. When I saw his hands pop out. I lost it!

  11. Lime Productionz says:

    Should’ve stayed another round, however I think no one actually would’ve guessed the person, probably the most surprising person in the shows history

  12. Ryan Doles says:

    I’m telling ya, the first to go home doesn’t always deserve to go first

  13. Hope Mc Gowan says:

    This is the most funniest reveal in Masked Singer history in the back of my mind I was thinking Kermit the Frog I was thinking of Kermit in the back of my mind I have to say this is the most shocking and most famous reveal in masked singer history! but remember Danny Trejo is the raccoon

  14. Matt Gifford says:

    he is by far the most famous person to ever be on masked singer and im still speechless. And though I know why he was eliminated they probably could only afford him for one episode but even so Raccoon should’ve gotten out

  15. Thomas Casillo says:

    I legit did not see this coming. High Ho Kermit.

  16. David Stumpf says:

    This was the most unexpected unmasking in Masked Singer history.

  17. Mariah Zamora says:

    THIS. MADE. MASKED. SINGER. HISTORY. I would have never guessed in a million years that Muppets could be on the Masked Singer. 🐸 I love you, Kermit the Frog…and sorry, but like the nature of the Raccoon, he snatched your win away from you. 🐸

  18. Mirellyz Mendoza Capois says:

    they weren’t lying when they said it was a game changer. *_the first frickin contestant to go home was KERMIT. THE. F R O G ._*

  19. Chase Bishop says:

    Since this was likely planned, they should have had Statler and Waldorf in the audience heckling him after he lost first round.

  20. MonstrousPegasister says:

    Throughout the performance, I was asking myself, “Why tf does that sound like Kermit the Frog?”

    Because it IS Kermit the Frog, you dum-dum gimme gum-gum!

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