The Sneaky Food Trap

The Sneaky Food Trap


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  1. Unique Video says:

    A new proverb:

  2. b says:

    Thank you for enlightening us, as I am transitioning to a vegan diet.

    • BlueLight says:

      @Noah Costa The difference is in how we percieve 5 things; pain, suffering, sentience, ability to process emotions and emotional intelligence
      1. Pain. Here I am talking about the pain both you and I feel when we get burned, a physical sensation caused by nerves being damaged. Its a defense mechanism, pain is usedby us to detect danger. Prolongued exposure to pain leads to trauma, and trauma is a very lasting thing in animals, specifically *sentient* animals.
      2 suffering is a result of pain, the suffering something feels as a result of its capacity to comprehend emotions around it. Plants can suffer, but ultimatley not as a result of pain, a plant is non sentient, nor can it communicate with complex thoughts and emotions that can signal distress. What you saw in that study is most likely a mechanism that the plant does in order to preserve itself. A plant is interesting, as we can compare them to non sentient animals, like sponges. A sponge I’m sure vegan’s wouldn’t care about killing, or a bivalve. These are all organisms with animal cells that do not posess complex enough brains and nervous systems to appreciate suffering and pain as a concept
      3. Sentience I just explained, but it goes deeper.
      If you whitnessed a dog hit with something versus a non sentient creature, how would you react? It is our instinct to protect things we love, that we see who can comprehend emotions, intelligence and feeling to a high degree. A cow bleeds red blood like us, we are mean’t to sympathize. And this doesn’t mean vegans/veggies are maniacs who hate plants, they just aknowledge in large the implications of suffering amd sentience.
      4.. Emotions process.
      We all process emotions differently and they are an integral part to animals. Emotions drive survival.
      5. Emotional intelligence. This really is more of an extension of process, but the level as to which an animal can understand and empathize with even other things shows how we can judge this. Pigs, cows, dolphins, all extremley intelligent animals.

      So i hops this providrs some perspective as to why vegans feel the way they do. I understand vegans, andI think they usually have a good heart

    • BlueLight says:

      @JoelJacobsFitness Did you even read the article? It’s straight facts and even backs you up in some places. Its an R.D for crying out loud

    • JoelJacobsFitness says:

      @BlueLight It’s not facts at all your highly misinformed and don’t get all your info from once source it’s obviously not credible

    • TB Shorts says:

      I hate vegans. Stay away from me please. Or I will have to file a restraining order against you.

    • BlueLight says:

      @JoelJacobsFitness If anyone is reading this, I have sources, please listen to registered dietitions first and foremost

  3. Kendra🐝 says:

    For the longest time I was unaware that gelatin was an animal product. I’ve had to be more vigilant while shopping for food. I don’t enjoy having to do research just to see if the food in eating is hiding animal products.

  4. Mrs. Moose says:

    As someone who used to be severely gluten intolerant, I HATE hidden foods! Gluten used to be hiding in “spices”, “smoke flavor”, some caramel, and other things you wouldn’t suspect as hiding gluten.

  5. Cido says:

    I mean, before going vegetarian I searched up everything I could about it and probably every vegan/vegetarian also did this. Literally every site tells you to be careful with these foods cause they might use gelatin or stuff like that. What I mean is that probably all of us already knew it. If you are a vegan/vegatairan and you did not know this then I think you should do a huge research about your own diet.

  6. ❄️Mocha_latte❄️ says:

    Vegan teacher after seeing this:
    Welp.. I’m gonna drink water and eat organic leaves

  7. Alliera Works says:

    I almost want to argue the moment he said everything is made of pork, when it is actually just gelatin which can come from other sources that compliant to other religion related food law like Halal and Kosher.

    Man at least this one is focused on american viewers so i can forgive that.

  8. Catsume says:

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to the store looking for vegan foods and had to look up if the ingredients were ok. Google is a savior

  9. DutchBakery says:

    The whole point of the E system is to standardize the labeling process and to make it easier to know whats in your foods. If you’re allergic to certain types of food like gluten or can’t have sugar it is much easier to look at an E number rather than one of 20 different names. Nas needs to research more.

  10. Rex Argentum says:

    *Labels that give us all the information we need like calories, serving size, vitamin percentages, allergy information, and everything that is in the food, in order of prominence: exists*

    This guy: “Get rid of labels and tell us what’s in our food!”

    He could of said anything. He could of said, “hey let’s make the labels more clear for consumers,” but no, just get rid of them.

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