The SOUREST Cotton Candy EVER!

The SOUREST Cotton Candy EVER!

Airy, sugary snack with a super-smackdown of sour.
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There’s an old saying about life to keep in mind: you can’t have the sweet without the sour. What’s true in philosophy just so happens to be true in candy, and Mega Sour Cotton Candy melds the sweet and sour into a flavor nirvana.

As you tear off a piece of the fluffy candy floss and let it dissolve on your tongue, your face will simultaneously pucker and smile as you enjoy either sour Blue Raspberry or sour Strawberry flavors. A tuft of each is represented in every bag of this super-sour sugary treat.

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64 Responses

  1. MissionQuantum Gaming and more says:

    So quick

  2. Tu Abuela says:


  3. 2Cool4Beef says:


  4. Cooke Beckman says:

    I love u guys I’ve bought a lot of things

  5. Nia Phu says:

    That intro though xD

  6. Darwin Waterson says:

    How about a like😊

  7. Nicholas Livesay says:


  8. skillful THESLAYER says:

    If deaf people are born deaf,what language do they think?

  9. Dipper Pines says:

    Sour? Cotton candy? TAKE MY MONEY!!!!

  10. A RandomOtaku says:

    Good morning and bless to all that reads this and is watching this video

  11. kevin stink says:

    I alway have to like my own comment but people don’t like my comment

  12. Daryl Catral says:

    It’s just warheads crushed and put on a cotton candy maker. Sorry.

  13. The Jdawg says:

    Rip x

  14. xShiftWreckx says:

    I love me some sour candy!

  15. Felix Nordling says:

    If these are unicorn farts, what did the unicorn eat to make it so sour?

  16. An Imposter of Justin Y. says:

    This is just unicorn farts but it’s a sour version of it

  17. Justin Y. says:

    What did your tongue ever do to you?

  18. Luminous says:

    Soo sour unicorns exist now?

  19. Nightmare Files says:

    My girlfriend taste sour

  20. ChilledCheese says:


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